Monday 24 March 2008

Minimal Abstract Soundscapes # 1

Pictures & Artwork by Camille Rose Garcia

Ambient / Abstract / Electronic / IDM

" Light Years " - tube'112 - 2008
Mp3 | Lee Rosevere - Deathless

«The dazzling state before the magnanimous perspective of space is something that affects most people. The infinite, the fascinating void… the senses numbed by the impossibility to explain everything that surrounds us… these are the first images that ‘Light Years’ - a new release by Lee Rosevere , awake in our mind.» Pedro Nunes

" American Case Study " - tube'|106 - 2008
Mp3 | Norman Fairbanks - Specifically

'American Case Study' helps us to explore an unusual side of Norman's creations, namely the ambient/spoken word approach. 'Element One' through 'Element Five' gathers some speeches from whatever - including the late Allen Ginsberg - and serves them with some of Norman's trademark spacious beats and drones. Pedro Leitao

" Skuba " Ep - skm 011 - 2006
Mp3 | Daniel Maze - Something Green

A few days after the acceptable but finally forgettable "elementary ep", Daniel Maze is giving us :: Skuba, 5 ambient tracks for the electronic label, Standard klik music. Faithful to ambient spirit on construction, Maze developps interestings "granular" atmospheres ( blinded by the sun ) then confirms this interest on textures and coming rythmics drones with the major piece of the release "foodcourt". After a classic "needles", :: Skuba ends with two colored different tracks called "something", one blue and the other green, and as usual, primary color wins. thierry massard

" Musicamorosa " - Crónica 029 - 2007
Mp3 | The Beautiful Schizophonic - Music For Lonely People

Marcel Proust has been one of the main sources of inspiration to me in the last years. His ideas devoted to the affections of the human heart, his approach deeply rooted on the long literary French tradition in which love can only be lived in sadness, is something that goes much beyond pure aesthetic. So it came only natural that somehow I would try to convey this literary and philosophic interest with the sound aesthetic I pursue. Jorge Mantas

" For Waiting, For Chasing " - Mosz 010 - 2006
Mp3 | Pan American - From Here

Following on from the magnificent 'Quiet City' album for Kranky (to this day one of the biggest selling titles on Boomkat), Mark Nelson finally returns with a new album under the Pan American moniker - and it's another triumph of sublime understatement. "For Waiting, For Chasing" is underpinned by delicately caressed and manipulated Flugelhorns, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Chinese Cymbals, processed, weaved and loved into a throbbing mass of neon.

" Transmutation Primer " - SKM 023 - 2007
Mp3 | Parataxis - Atomos

Newly arrived in the U.S., a former UK/European native sets to work identifying the specific neural arrangements that give rise to ontic structure and implicate order, though use of tuned frequency stimulation and synaesthesic elicitation of an optimally stimulated ganzfeld state. dip down into the unconscious and intangible aspects of your enformed self...

" The Dead Texan " - KRANK 072 - 2004
Mp3 | The Dead Texan - The 6 Million Dollar Sandwich

The Dead Texan is a collaborative audio-visual release that contains a compact disc paired with a DVD containing seven video pieces designed to accompany the music on the album. Adam Wiltzie is a sound engineer and musician who has done live sound and recording work for numerous bands. He is best known as one half of the noctambulant drone duo Stars of the Lid. That group that has already collaborated with painter Jon McCafferty on one album, Per Aspera ad Astra, and plays with the stunning film accompaniment of Luke Savisky. This experience makes Wiltzie uniquely qualified to create videos for the music he makes under the name The Dead Texan.

" Small craft exercise caution " - one030 - 2007
Mp3 | Relative q - Man your Battle Stations

Just over three years ago, Relative Q (Paul Zyla) was the first solo artist at One, so it is very befitting for us to present his latest work as our milestone 30th release. We have been sitting on this release for quite some time now and are excited to finally bring it to fruition.

Composed during the majority of 2006, 'Small Craft Exercise Caution' is a heady, personal affair with moods seeming to play with optimisim and inspiration through, well, troubled waters. Paul has crafted a wide and lush sound combining the worlds of smokey lounge, electronica and etheral shoegaze with lively instrumentation, rhythmic interplay, driving synths, and a certain melodic finesse.