Wednesday 30 April 2008

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Enjoy the fantastic Wanderlust video! This is the 2d version, the 3d version will be available in physical format later in April.
Wanderlust is Björk's next single. The video was done by Encyclopedia Pictura.

Watch | Björk - Wanderlust (2D Version)

Like the desolate yet majestic plains of the arctic north, Tunturia’s sound is at times both harsh and beautiful combining elements of post-rock, ambient soundscapes and experimental noise. Formed in late 2005 the band quickly became a vehicle through which it’s members were able to explore concepts and ideas through music. Intricate without being technical, grand in scope without the pretension, lush without losing intensity, the band forged ahead writing new material that at times teetered between the edges of progressive and hauntingly minimal

Mp3 | Tunturia - Panic Attack
Mp3 | Tunturia - Cast Shadows on Clouds

Record label Ghostly International and modern cult classic programmers [Adult Swim] have paired up for a compilation of new music and art.

A genre-busting 19-song collection, stretching the entire Ghostly International galaxy, Ghostly Swim explores the Avant-Pop style that the Ann Arbor/New York City label has been been championing for the past 9 years. Ghostly Swim features artists like Matthew Dear, Dabrye, Tycho and Aeroc and features new signings like UK cult band The Chap and NYC producer Michna.

The free collection also includes favorite friends of the label like School Of Seven Bells, and Detroit’s Deastro, Milosh (Plug Research), FLYamSAM (Warp’s Flying Lotus and SAMIYAM), and Dark Party (Mush). Along with the new music, BoyCatBird (Ghostly’s mascots) make their animated debut in the awesome “City Suckers” video by Daniel Garcia/Superfi.

Download the entire album Here

Mp3 | Kill Memory Crash - Hit and Run

Daniel & Geo Fuchs: STASI – Secret Rooms
14 March - 4 June 2008
Foam Fotografie Museum Amsterdam

From 14 March 2008 Foam presents STASI – Secret Rooms by the German artist duo Daniel & Geo Fuchs. The exhibition opens up the hidden rooms once used by the STASI, the infamous East German secret service, in a series of monumental photos. While much of the former DDR infrastructure has been destroyed, or given an entirely new function, the clandestine spaces that Daniel and Geo Fuchs photographed are still in their original condition. Offices, cell complexes, bunkers, living quarters and interrogation rooms: everything is exactly the way it was before 'Die Wende'. The typical East European interiors, with their functional furniture and sober colours seem remarkably stylised in retrospect. Yet above all, what this large, intriguing project shows is the symbiosis of architecture, power and impotence.

Sam Francis (1923) - (1994) | Ace Gallery

Sometimes considered a second-generation Abstract Expressionist, Francis’ work of the 1950’s and 1960’s was abstract, luminous and painterly rather than gestural. Influenced by the works of Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still, Francis’ “signature” paintings of the early 1950’s are overlays of serial but asymmetrical biomorphic forms saturated with color.

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