Thursday 1 May 2008

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On June 10, Flying Lotus will release Los Angeles, his second album and highly anticipated debut for Warp Records.

"Los Angeles is a special place to me for obvious reasons, but for the majority of my life, I hated living here," he says in a press release. "I only realized that by leaving and being able to check out new places, new vibes, and to chill with different folks." Flying Lotus doesn't feature many guests on Los Angeles -- the best known vocalist, relatively speaking, is Daedelus' longtime collaborator and wife Laura Darlington. "With my projects, I try to have a visual narrative happening. I like the idea of my albums being movies," he says.

Album Sampler
Listen Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish
Listen Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack

My Brightest Diamond announces the birthdate of the new album, A Thousand Shark's Teeth, June 17th on Asthmatic Kitty Records!

Originally meant to be a more classical, string quartet affair, A Thousand Shark’s Teeth slowly evolved and refined itself over a period of six years. The record, which was mixed by Husky Höskulds (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello), was recorded in Berlin, Los Angeles and New York City, and features twenty different players all contributing little bits of musical magic. Influenced by artists such as Tricky, French composer Maurice Ravel and Tom Waits, in addition to the star exploration themes of Anslem Kiefer's paintings, the imaginary landscapes of photographer Robert ParkeHarrison, films by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and Alice in Wonderland, A Thousand Shark’s Teeth is a musical snowglobe that sparkles each time you touch it. The songs, whose themes broach intimacy, kisses by moonlight, laundry, lost friendship and more, marry vast instrumentation – marimbas, harps, clarinets, French horns, rabid guitars, vibraphones to name a few – to create an unequaled amalgamation of style and color. In simple terms: it’s beautiful, and there’s nothing else quite like it.

Mp3 | My Brightest Diamond - Inside A Boy

Sankt Otten
From the opening track of ‘Wunden gibt es immer wieder’ Sankt Otten make their intentions known. Stephan Otten`s echoing rhodes piano falls over golden drones as Oliver Klemm drapes his elegant trademark guitar through the track like a neon waterfall.
The album represents a marked progression from the bands earlier output. It draws upon the heart of their previous forays into dark melancholic trip hop yet discards the form. In doing so the band have managed to present a musical vision that is even more epic, cinematic and noirish and distinctly their own.

" Wunden gibt es immer wieder " - Hidden Shoal - 2007

Mp3 | Sankt Otten - Mit Guter Laune Ins Elysium

The Blackbird video is a collaborative music visualization project by Katjas Chweiker and Thomas Frenzel. Both are working with an experimental approach on intermedia projects, striving for content generated designs.

This artwork was done for Michael Fakesch audio-visual project called VIDOS—a collection of music visualizations based on Michaels latest album DOS. The video‘s design is based on visual samples that quote Michaels auditory style and mixes analog with digital elements—metaphors of the real and the immaterial. It‘s about trying and failure—trying to leave behind, trying to live in a forward-turned way, trying not to resign or surrender, trying to get aware

Watch | Thomas Frenzel - Blackbird

Old Punk Will Murai

If you are on the prowl for some fine inspiration today look no further then Diego Maclean. Diego’s work is refreshingly different and experimental. He has somehow managed to create a reel that doesn’t look like all the countless others out there. Currently residing in Vancouver finishing up his last year at Emily Carr University where he is (obviously) studying animation. If this is any indication of the work going on at Emily Carr then we already in the industry may have to step up our game! Motionographer

Watch | Diego Maclean

This piece inspired the login illustration that vimeo commissioned from me for their redesign earlier this year; it is still in use throughout the site. The video is a condensed time lapse of screenshots over a several month period. Total physical drawing time is close to 40 hours and I'd add an equal amount of time for concept time and readying the print. A screenshot was taken every 5 seconds, which actually results in a full 18 minute video. I'll upload that for posterity later. Chad Pugh

Watch | Chad Pugh - Science Machine

United Visual Artists have created a new site specific work for the Oyane Plaza, in the Roppongi Hills district of Tokyo, to mark the opening of UK-Japan 2008. Contact is a responsive floor based installation which allows visitors to use their kinetic energy to generate audiovisual forms that will interact with the user, and communicate with each other. Contact marries advanced computer vision techniques, physics simulation and a unique display surface to create an experience that aims to highlight the results of peoples interactions with each other, and their environment.

Watch | Video of the installation in situ.

My name's Valerio Spoletini.
I'm a graduating student at the University of Art & Design Lausanne in Media & Interaction unit. V-scratch is my diploma project. As i've been into scratching and vjing for several years, I had the opportunity to combine these interests in one : V-scratch

Watch | Valerio Spoletini V-Scratch

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