Saturday 17 May 2008

Let's Dance, Test Icicles, Joan as Police Woman, This Quite Army , Holy Fuck, Mulheres Barbadas, Seeking You, Max Haus, Indifference

Mp3 | Digitalism - Pogo [ Cansei de Ser Sexy mix ]
Mp3 | Goose - Black Gloves [ Bloody Beetroots mix ]
Mp3 | 2raumwohnung - Spiel Mit [ Alter Ego mix ]
Mp3 | Tiga - 3 weeks [ Booka Shade Dub Mix ]
Mp3 | The Stooges - Now i Wanna Be your Dog [ Ascii Disko mix ]
Mp3 | Black Strobe - Im a Man [ Audion mix ]

" For Screening Purposes Only " - Domino - 2005
Indie Rock / Post Hardcore / Noise Rock / Art punk

Another of my favorites . Test Icicles ( R.I.P )
Deranged disco metal? Gonzo noise-punk firebrands? Genre munching mega racket? Chaotic noise-hop? Here are a band who namecheck Motley Crue, Rick James, Pharell Williams, Slick Rick and Slayer as well as an increasingly long list of future star bands like Need New Bodies and Sex Positions. At 25 (Rory Atwell) and 19 (Sam Mehran and Devonte Hynes) they listen to everything: metal, grime, hardcore, rock, hip hop, pop. It's all in there. And boy,can you tell.
Test Icicles sound like Bloc Party on drugs and in detention. Or a parallel universe Rancid wired into the touretting energy of early Beastie Boys. Or, indeed, an amalgam of almost everyone you can think of . Is a screaming, thrashing pedal-to-the-metal hardcore pop freak-out.

Mp3 | Test Icicles - circle square triangle
Mp3 | Test Icicles - whats your damage

Watch | Test Icicles - Circle Square Triangle

" To Survive " - Reveal - 2008
Indie / Singer-Songwriter

Two years after her debut solo album, Real Life, Joan as Police Woman is ready for the release of her new album , " To Survive " out June 10th via Cheap Lullaby Records.

After years of performing alongside the likes of Lou Reed, Anthony and the Johnsons and Rufus Wainwright, Joan struck out on a solo path – creating Joan as Police Woman and honing a soulful yet edgy sound that would grab critics’ and audiences’ attention immediately. Real Life was released in the UK in 2006 and US in 2007 to rave reviews, and To Survive follows in the same footsteps as its predecessor with ten new tracks addressing life, love, death, and the current state of American politics.

Mp3 | Joan as Police Woman - To be Loved

" Real Life " - Reveal - 2006

Mp3 | Joan As Police Woman - Christobel
Mp3 | Joan As Police Woman - Eternal Flame

15/06 Melkweg Amsterdam

" LP " - Young Turks - 2007
Experimental / Electronica / Rock

Holy Fuck was Hailed as one of the top 3 performances at Glastonbury Festival '07 :
"Electo-pop perverts Holy Fuck make a noise as abrasive as it is awesome ... these dark disco droogs thread every sound under the sun through their electric playground of wires. They come on like the nastiest electronic band since Suicide, or like the The Fall reworking their brains with screwdrivers, or Add N to (X) playing speed metal. They're the kind of band that could hoof a hangover to kingdome come, or wring the neck of a banal main stage performance." NME Magazine

Mp3 | Holy Fuck - The Pulse
Mp3 | Holy Fuck - Choppers

" Unconquered " - This Quite Army - 2008
Experimental / Electronic / Post-Rock

"Unconquered is a fitting name for the release – it presents unheard-of territory within the confines of the ambient-drone subgenre, and quickly This Quite Army claims it as his own. The release is so fresh, so satisfying, that it makes you wonder why no one else has tried any of this (on this scale) before. I can't answer that question, but I do know this: there will be a lot of artists following in the footprints left by this album. It may not be a perfect album, but the most adventurous ones never are – perfection requires a commitment that musical explorers cannot make, and to fault them for pushing the boundaries of genre is to have gravely mistaken priorities." The Silent Ballet , Zach Mills

Mp3 | This Quiet Army - The Sun Destroyers
Mp3 | This Quiet Army - Mercenary Flags

Jean-Julien Pous’ latest short film, “Seeking You,” is a poetically ambiguous ode to sensuality, seduction and, ultimately, the cacophonous beauty of Hong Kong. Its hybrid imagery dances between the figurative and abstract, pulling the viewer into a vortex of sensory overload inspired by the film’s subject matter. Motionographer

Watch | Seeking You

Brazilian agency W/Brasil commissioned Molho to conceive a two-minute free-form piece keeping in mind the concepts of habitat, diversity, living, and taste for Maxhaus, a Brazilian brand specializing in modular, custom lofts. Molho is a studio based in Sao Paulo, led by creative director Marcelo Garcia. The studio aims to conceptualize and produce ideas in all mediums and formats.

Watch | Max Haus

Super cool short Romanian animation featuring Alinuta, a violent but motivated little girl. Animated by Matei Branea

Watch | Indifference

Mulheres Barbadas

Watch | Mulheres Barbadas

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