Tuesday 6 May 2008

Vladislav Delay, Deus, Crystal Castels, Entia Non, Maria Hinze, A Perfect Place, Akroe, The Burma Campaign

Im drowning in Vladislav Delay , i utterly and completely love is latest album " Whistleblower " and everything that comes from his direction.
Here are some news from his latest projects , on the mean time only have to wait with some patience to his visit to Amsterdam on the 23 Jun @ Bimhuis

Mp3 | Vladislav Delay - Whistleblower - [ Whistleblower - 2007 ]
Mp3 | Vladislav Delay - Recovery Idea - [ Whistleblower - 2007 ]
Mp3 | Vladislav Delay - Recovery Idea - [ andy stott remix ] ***
Mp3 | Vladislav Delay - The First Quarter - [ The Four Quarters - 2005 ]
Mp3 | Vladislav Delay - Live - [ demf-28.05.07 ]

*** [ andy stott remix ] Via caucasian-tabloid

Vladislav Delay currently plays various liveshows with Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel) and Max Loderbauer (Sun Electric, NSI). Moritz von Oswald is a pioneer presenting a new, and possibly one-off take on the dub formula. After early collaborations with Thomas Fehlmann, von Oswald’s recordings with Mark Ernestus as Basic Channel, Maurizio and Rhythm & Sound – dub-inflected synth, slow modulation and deep beats – are revered classics that have deeply influenced a huge range of producers. Since 2008 he also teams up with Vladislav Delay and Max Loderbauer. A full lenght record is planned for 2008.

Watch | Vladislav Delay “Lumi” Video by Timothy Jaeger 2007
Watch | Vladislav Delay w/ Moritz von Oswald Trio
Watch | Vladislav Delay @ Luci D’Artista, Torino 2007

The Vladislav Delay Quartet includes highly acclaimed artists such as Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) on electronics, Derek Shirley on double bass, Lucio Capece on saxophones & bass clarinet and of course, Vladislav Delay on drums. It is one of Vladislav Delays’ latest group performances with him on drums.

The debut performance by ‘The Vladislav Delay Quartet’ is scheduled for April 11th 2008 as part of the 2008 ‘My Favourite Thing’ Festival at Radialsystem, Berlin. The event has been curated by Hanno Leichtmann (Static, Vulva String Quartet tec.).

" Vantage Point " - V2 - 2008

While it’s unlikely to ever be held as closely to the hearts of long-term fans as their career high watermark LP The Ideal Crash, of 1999, Vantage Point nevertheless captures Belgian quintet dEUS at somewhere close to their best. Their fifth album in all, and second after 2005’s Pocket Revolution since they returned from a four-year hiatus, this collection showcases the band’s sonically adventurous take on mainstream radio rock, doffing a cap the way of Radiohead and Muse when it suits their own progress. Drowned in Sound - Tony Robert Whyte

Mp3 | Deus - The Architect
Alternative / Rock

" Trash Trash Trash " - Last Gang - 2008
Trash / Electronic / Experimental

While this full-length offering from the Crystal Castles relies upon the arcade-like sounds generated from their altered keyboards in every song, the progression of each track and the direction of the following track remain completely unpredictable throughout the album. There is the sonic barrage of "Alice Practice," the upbeat pop influenced "Good Times", the, intricate momentum guided instrumentals like "1991", and as the album comes to a close, Crystal Castles have one more surprise install for the unaware listener. "Tell Me What to Swallow" completely alters the sound dynamic that has been manipulated on every other track on the album. Here the digital effects are exchanged for acoustic guitars and ethereal vocals, demonstrating that this duo can move beyond their thrash-pop sound, but they don't necessarily need to. Stereo Subversion

Mp3 | Crystal Castels - Alice Practice
Mp3 | Crystal Castels - love and caring

" Lilt " - Test Tube - 2008
Ambient / Experimental

«As promised, we're back with another excellent work from Entia Non - aka James McDougall from Australia - called 'Lilt' (check out the previous one released last year). Like the previous one, expect to listen to lots of juicy field recordings from australian whereabouts artfully mixed with soothing ambient tones and drones of rare beauty, and also organic backgrounds to complete. For this release, James went to capture new sounds to some well known 'sand islands' located on the eastern coast of his enormous country, namely 'Stradbroke Island'. Pedro Leitão

Download Here

Mp3 | Entia Non - Oxide Pearl

Maria Hinze , Painted the amazing Apparat album cover "Walls" , she was has some of her wonderful works online.

Originally from Jura, center of France, Akroe lives and works in Paris. He designed records and identities for majors and small underground labels alike. He has been the art director for electro/hip hop label Institubes. He drew logos and motifs for clothing brands, such as Sixpack who he colaborates closely with. He was given carte blanche for a month by the Galeries Lafayette department store, designing the windows of the flagship store in Paris, and creating interior decoration for the whole chain. His personal work is frequently exhibited, in France and abroad. Two Akroe monographies were published by Pyramyd, in its Design&Designer series.

Watch | Akroe - Abundance

The Burma Campaign

I think this new :90 PSA for the people of Burma is my favorite Shilo piece to date. This collaborative effort was conceived with Carl Le Blond, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam, John Jackson, Director of Social Responsibility, MTV Networks and Suki Dusanj, Founder of The Burma Arts Board.

Every scene is full of beautiful details. From the modeling down to the grain pass, everything is coordinated to create a lush visual experience perfectly coordinated with the music. My favorite moment of choreography comes as the flowers catch the wind, visually echoing the piano’s accents as both the flowers and the music downward. Motionographer

Watch | for the people of Burma

Short film directed by Derrick Scocchera and features an original full-length soundtrack by Mike Patton.

"Our story begins with a poker game gone bad... a lifeless body on the floor, hand still clutching its cards... whacked on the head with a bass guitar. In the background, Mike Patton's haunting film score crescendos over the radio waves as the other two poker players argue over what to do with the body. Incinerator? Garbage disposal? They haven't a clue."

Watch | A Perfect Place

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