Monday 5 May 2008

The Whip, Booka Shade, Sun Kil Moon, Maxim Zhestkov, Mark Schoening, The Black Ghosts, Shinique Smith, Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra, Apparat

" X Marks Destination " - Southern Fried - 2008
Alternative / Punk / Electronic

Manchester's The Whip finally release their long awaited debut album. Last year filled under nu-rave and now happily filled under the electro banner, The Whip certainly wear their influences not just on their sleeves, but on their entire neon wardrobe.

If New Order had a penny from every band who stole from them, they'd be able to build at least two new Haciendas. Unfortunately for them everyone seems to prefer rip-off bands than the real deal and New Order seem to be on the skids. So it's down to acts like The Whip to prove that they can step up to the plate and judging by 'X Marks Destination' they fall way below the mark. Even with stand out tracks as good as 'Divebomb' and 'Blackout', the album feels somehow lacking. Even with production by Jim Abbiss they find it hard to sound like a real rock band and more like a band not sure which clique to hang on to - electro, indie, new wave? Though on the up side, at least the album is less one dimensional as say a Fray album. Francis Jolley - Click Music

Mp3 | The Whip - Trash
Mp3 | The Whip - Throw It In The Fire

" The Sun And The Neon Light " - Get Physical - 2008

Though they've spent the last couple years mixing, remixing, being remixed, and, uh, being sampled by, it's been a little while since Booka Shade's Movements, their last full-length of twitchy, funky Berlin microhouse, came out in 2006.

But Booka Shade are back and as luminescent as ever, if Get Physical's May 27 release of their third LP The Sun & The Neon Light is any indication. The album will be released as a regular CD and as a limited edition double CD, which will contain an extra disc of "club versions" of the album's tracks. The added tracks will also be available digitally. Pitchforkmedia

Mp3 | Booka Shade - Control Me
Mp3 | Booka Shade - Psychameleon

" April " - Caldo Verde - 2008
Indie / Folk / Alternative / Slow Core

Mark Kozelek has been turning over the same obsessions – for so long, and with such rigor, that on his new record he creates a kind of nostalgic feedback loop. Lyrics about “growing up Ohio mornings, sleeping in late” (“Lucky Man”) and the ghosts of departed lovers following him down halls (“Unlit Hallway”) reach evocatively back, both to specific moments in his catalog as well as to the memories signified. There’s never been an especial breadth to Kozelek’s music, nor has there needed to be, but an unmistakable break did occur when the Red House Painters left 4AD. The gauzy reverb, crisp snare rolls, and claustrophobic dissonance of the first records receded in favor of supple acoustic arrangements, cycling harmonies, and foregrounded vocals – accompanied in places by flannel-clad electric guitar. April, the second proper Sun Kil Moon record, is very much a product of this late phase. But in the same way that Kozelek’s songwriting compulsively works through the raw pain and ecstatic joys of youth, April pulls from the places where those memories first found expression. Nathan Hogan - Dustedmagazine

Mp3 | Sun Kil Moon - Moorestown

New Video from Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra

Watch | Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra - Where He At [ Apparat Remix ]

video installation by Maxim Zhestkov
22 years old, director and designer based in russia, ulyanovsk.

Watch | Video by Maxim Zhestkov

inFLUX is an evolving “fusion” experiment that took place over the course two months at the Laconia Gallery. Artists Mark Schoening and Linda Price-Sneddon will brought their respective materials and tools together to create an installation that would pulse with the energy of both the individual and the collaboration. Mark and Linda worked together in the space for the week prior to the first opening. The results of that exchange was on view during the month of March. Prior to the final opening event in April, the artists reentered the space to continue the conversation.

The exhibition of recent bundled sculptures of clothing, fabric, accessories and household items is inspired by the overt use and disposal of materials that line streets in machine compacted bundles; the surplus value of used clothing being exported to Third world countries in 1,000 lb bales and recent world events which have displaced people and caused them to lose their belongings. Shinique Smith

The Black Ghosts Kick Ass video

Watch | The Black Ghosts - I Want Nothing

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