Tuesday 27 May 2008

Warp Light District @ WaterFront Rotterdam 06 Jun

Warp Light District Presents :
Friday 6th of June
WaterFront Rotterdam
Electro-Visual Night

Dubstep/Grime/Electronica/IDM/Visual night

Mary Anne Hobbs (Planet Mu/BBC 1 Radio)
Mary Anne Hobbs is regarded as a pioneer of contemporary underground sounds , Her 'Breezeblock' show ran for almost a decade and in it's time featured exclusive live perfromances & interviews from some of the most forward thinking names in contemporary music. Bjork, The Bug, Squarepusher, DJ Shadow and Skream have all found themselves championed as part of Hobbs' fresh new counter culture contributing to what has become considered a landmark in progressive broadcasting. In September 2006 the Breezeblock name was dropped for the title 'Experimental', but the show retained the name of its host in the title as well as the groundbreaking musical remit of it's predecessor.

Milanese (Planet Mu/Warp) feat. Ben Sharpa
World premiere live collaboration between Milanese , Birmimgham's major producer from Warp and Planet Mu, and Ben Sharpa , South AfricanMC exclusively touring Europe this summer.

Since his debut release, Cognac on Various Productions in 2003, Milanese has appeared on Warp, Arcola, Planet Mu, Seed, MG77 and Combat Recordings. His first full-length album, Extend, dropped like an anvil on Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu imprint, pulling together vicious grime workouts, haunting techno and gritty sound design. The end of this month sees tracks from Extend chopped up and reconstructed by the likes of Clark, Hrdvsion and DJ Distance, and released on Planet Mu as a remix EP entitled Adapt.

Steve personally describes his music as a mash-up of jungle / garage / ragga / electro / techno... twisted robot music that sounds like a computer game gone horribly wrong but this description belies the fierce, raw aggression of his rumbling beats and the sinister emotional tone and sophisticated panache of his production, or as UK Bass Music.

Kgotso Semela aka Ben Sharpa aka Oh Kaptain My Kaptain ( South Africa) is a veteran underground rapper and music producer. Considered by many as one of South Africa's most accomplished lyricists, Ben Sharpa is a founding member of cult crews GroundWorks and Audio Visual.

Cane vs Funckarma (Colony/Warp)
Cane is the Techno-Acid-Electro alter ego of brothers Don and Roel Funcken, Funckarma, Shadow Huntaz & Quench. Where FUNCKARMA has an experimental focus within electronic music, CANE takes aim at the dance floor, interlacing Acid, Electro, and Techno infusions with an IDM flavour.
Cane distinguishes themselves within the Techno world by their intermittent use of the 4/4 pulse, having it constantly morph into alternating rhythmic forms without ever abandoning that pulsating dancebeat. With releases on the worldwide renowned WARP records from London (Arcola series), Manchester's SKAM records (home base of giants Autechre and Boards or Canada), Oscar Mulero's WARMUP recordings, Colony Records (Dave Tipper), Athens' Creative Space and Utrecht's own 030303 ACID posse, CANE has proven to be no fly-by-night act.

Emotional Spy (Warp Light District)
Often dark, always possessed and looking for a direct mental reaction. Finding inspiration from lack of sleep, his own hyper sensitive reactions or misunderstood feelings and happenings, Emotional Spy music is all about manipulating electronics to soundtrack our cracked souls, the unsaid, what you try to read between the lines or from the silence, these feelings that can't be expressed. It's probably there that raises this clinic dimension of descriptiveness in his music, making his tracks leaving in you this taste of soundtracks of non existing movies.


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