Sunday 16 January 2011

Karl Netherfield, Madular

Sometimes weird shit happens, i meet Karl in a almost tragic circumstances, a drunk afternoon in a Amsterdam park with a violent end, partly my falt but that is all past, what matters now is the future.

In the first hours of 2011 Karl show me a awesome track that he did with is brother back in sweden, i was gazed with the stuff he show me, it really reminds me of the sounds in these really old compilation, "Free Zone Horizontal Dancing", early IDM and all very experimental, what i see in karl is a lot of talent and vision, you can almost imagine is brain pulsations when you listen to this stuff.

I know for a fact that he his crazy about Drum n Bass but what's happening here is giving a intelligent kick and specially a lot of soul !!!!

Im very happy to bring an exclusive preview of my buddy megalicious sounds

Mp3 | Madular - Butte & log

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