Sunday, 30 January 2011

Katzwijm Records, Label Night at the Patronaat

uÁu, there's are a lot to tell about this two gentleman.
The Pignose Whilly's are Haarlem's Club Tarantula boys Joost Varkevisser and Pieter Kamp, both played in one of the Dutch greatest Garage bands Pussycat Kill Kill Kill, Joost is also the front man in my favorite Dutch Band ET Explore Me, Joost and Pieter also share the turntables under the name Pietertje Pep & Gijsbert Versgemalen celebrating the whole Dirty Trash Rock N Roll Blues Garage music.

Pignose Whilly is a raw, dirty and trashy Blues, its awesome fun to see them play together, that last Harmonica feedback from Pieter was epic and Joost as ever a stage monster, whatever they are into as a quality seal on it.

" Dirty down blues trash from the city streets of Haarlem."

Mp3 | The Pignose willy's - Bam Bam
Mp3 | The Pignose willy's - Woke up This Morning
Mp3 | The Pignose willy's - Hummingbird

Last night my head blew up with the Dutch Sonic Shoogazers Space Siren .
Before the how's and why's a little retrospective, Sonic Youth is, was and it will be one of my favorite bands, now the problem always was that their shoes were never filled properly, they were a couple of good bands, Autolux, Electro Group and Airiel that filled my head with sonic distortion but could neve replace the sacred monsters. Last year Autolux "Transit Transit" was quite a disappointment because they went to soft and forgot the noisy formula that made them a cult band.
Back to the blow my head of last night, Space "Sonic" Siren blasting in a small room and unloading their noisy striped out of any fancy flourish sounds supported with the wonderful shoogazing melting voice of Gwendolien that seriously sounded like Kim Gordon on stage, uffff u gotta love this !!!! Just straight forward laboratory psychedelic magic pills. These guys know what they are doing and a great future for this band fo shu, Just keep the noisy floating and everything will be alright !!!!

Mp3 | Space Siren - This radar
Mp3 | Space Siren - (wrong)
Mp3 | Space Siren - The next room

Mp3 | Electro Group - Bikini States
Mp3 | Airiel - Thinktank
Mp3 | Autolux - Plantlife

Avant-Garde Lushus make a combination of sounds that goes from Funked New Wave to almost Jazzy Punked, at same point i felt in the air a present of a Belgium ghost called Deus and their first album "Worst Case Scenario", not very often that i experience that ... two bass girls definitely entertaining

Mp3 | lushus - Bending knees
Mp3 | lushus - Your Sweet
Mp3 | lushus - Zebra Striped

All songs from the LP Barefoot out on Katzwijm Records

Watch | Lushus - Kill

Accadians were the last band and started with some Dubspet beats that later evolved into a more Electronic Radiohead.

Watch | Accadians - Like u Are

These night was put together by Katzwijm Records , Katzwijm will be back in the Patronnat on the 11 of March with Split Milk, Ac Berkheimer, Starring Lisa and Cereal