Thursday 13 January 2011

Portraits of American Firing Squads‏

Was listening to some of the stuff that i got on my email and found this rather funny name.
Portraits of American Firing Squads has a really odd name and i thought it was literally pics of firing squads, that would give a nice post for sure, but no, Family in the Armed Forces is the drone/ambient/experimental project of Brooklyn based Austyn Sullivan.
Best drones i heard in along time and as a reference the best way to explain it is going back to awesome drone project from New Orleans "Belong", same sort of vibe, its like swimming all the way down to the bottom of the ocean and listen to all sorts of magical sounds full of reverb and the waves crushing against the shore and the sounds that would come back all the way into the ocean, Austyn Sullivan drones are so rich that its not to far from being a tremendous shoegazer.

Listen to the fullness of Family in the Armed Forces