Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Anomalys live @ The Winston Kingdom

Champs and Champetes ... last friday was a total blast and The Anomalys proved once and for all they are a class apart.
A full house with loads of friends from all sorts of nationalities a great ambient and loads of awesome music by really good Dj's and a surprisingly excellent Vj-Set, i would say perfection of the highest level.

For a lot of people this was their first gaze at The Anomalys live and the reactions were of total wonder, until now they only had access to net videos and my reviews, they totally fired a blasting set from the first second. it was the 3rd time i've seen them live and i can say that their set now evolved into a superior good old fashion Noisy Trash Garage, i'm always stunned with the drummer Menmen, he doesn't stop for a second and gives Bone (Vocals/Bass) and Gilian (Guitar) a frenetic rhythm and complete freedom to party away, i would say that in another country they would be stars by now, around here the separation between the underground and the world above its almost as Earth and the Moon ... its good that is keeps that ways because it will be a well kept secret and the music will be raw, honest and fun above all.

For me they are the real Amsterdam ...