Thursday 17 February 2011

Audiopleasures and Bon Esprit Presents ::

Tomorrow !!!!!! Our Favorites Rock N Rollers "THE ANOMALYS" live in the Winston Kingdom Amsterdam

Watch | The Anomalys - Black Hole Blues
Watch | The Anomalys USA Tour Video 2010
Mp3 | The Anomalys - Fatal Attraction
Mp3 | The Anomalys - Anomalys Now

DJ Jesse James (Nl), Dj Weird Beard (Irrational library/Nl),
and the infamous noisy bastards The Pocketwankers aka Punheta de Bolso (Audiopleasures/Bon Esprit/Pt/Fr)

-Live visuals based on " L'ENFER" from H.G Clouzot by Greg Duris and Dylan Glyn Jones
-Live painting by Monark
-Pictures by Mony Art
-Vodka guns by ABSOLUT Vodka