Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Detachments @ Clube Ferroviário Lisbon 28 April

For the first time in Portugal the London Noir Synth-Pop band opens the live concerts collaboration between Audiopleasures and the super Lisbon Clube Ferroviário

"This enigmatic debut album of synth pop noir from Detachments , some two years in the making, more than distinguishes the band from their contemporaries. The promise and intrigue in the potent jagged Detachments sound that drew such creative luminaries as Andrew Weatherall, Trevor Jackson and Tim Goldsworthy to work with the band has been fully realised here.

Working with James Ford, the bands creative force Bastien Marshal has delivered an album of eleven tracks that belie any comparison with contemporary artists or bands. The eleven tracks included illustrate the Detachments ascendance to a pure synth group."

Watch | Detachments - Audio/Video
Watch | Detachments - The Flowers That Fell
Watch | Detachments - Holiday Romance

"Culled from almost 40 songs, Bastien worked day and night over a ten-day period in Hackney in the bitter snow-dusted cold of late February 2010 (our coldest in some 40 years) an experience which brought to mind the bleakness of Berlin in the midst of winter, a well trodden destination of Bastien’s.

The mutual love Minimal Wave and also the sonic experiments that emanated from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop informed the decision to fully utilise a vast array of vintage synth gear. This direction finessed the sound that seeps through every pore of their album." This Is Not An Exit Records

Damage 7 Euros
Rua de Santa Apolónia nº 59, 1100 Lisbon, Portugal

29 April Detachments at Body Rock Crew @ Armazém do Chá in Porto