Monday, 25 April 2011

World Press Photo 2011 Amsterdam

The 2011 World Press Photo Exhibition as opened its doors in Amsterdam at the Oude Kerk on 22 April and this year edition will stay untill 19 June.

"Among the works on display is the haunting image of the Afghan woman, Bibi Aisha. Depicting both the struggles of women in the Middle East region as well as highlighting the strength of their endurance, the photo earned top prize.

“Part of what the World Press Photo contest does is take pictures to a wider audience, an audience that is going to ask why,” said Aidan Sullivan, one of the 19 picture editors, curators and photographers that judged the contest’s thousands of submissions in an interview with Time Out Amsterdam.

“What on earth? What’s going on? What has happened? For me, this was the picture that asked the most important questions.”

South African photographer, Jodi Beiber shot the image as part of a Time magazine spread on Afghan women. she says the picture may be discomforting, but that it highlights the strength of Afghan women."