Saturday 9 April 2011

Nike Amsterdam Destroyer

Superrrrrr Nike Amsterdam Destroyer ad, wonderful work of Amsterdam based Director Paul Geusebroek and delicious track "Tunnel of Love" by Wanda Jackson.

“Nike Sportswear awarded Amsterdam’s Precinct 5 running team with their very own Nike Destroyer jackets (which will not be for sale) and documented the crew in a short video feature. The P5 running crew is made up of many colorful members. People from the fields of retail, music, design, and some just live the nightlife whenever possible. What they all have in common though is a positive energy and persistence. This point of view is strongly reflected in their running, in their style, in their business and ultimately, in their lives. As documented in this video, this is what unites the Precinct 5 Running Crew”. HypeBeast

Watch | Nike Amsterdam Destroyer