Saturday, 9 April 2011

No Age @ The OT301 Amsterdam 7 April

No Age live is also some sort of orgasm, a wild and violent too !!!
There were Women/Men/Shoes/Beer and all sorts of strange objects flying around the 301, all this madness was happening just a few inches from the band ... im quite surprised that no one crushed with none of the No Age.
Apart from the awesome crowd madness but well behaved much respect how they handle the situation, The freaking awesome drummer Dean Spunt spoke several times with the excited and very sweaty crowd to be careful with their heads and genitals.

Basically was the concert of the year ... i got a lot to concerts but this was from another planet, extraordinary entertainment.

Hats off for the Subbacultcha team for bringing such a awesome band to a small venue ... after all these bands belong here, if these concert would have taken place in the Paradiso or at the Melkweg i think half of the wonder of this was gone.

Also really liked the opening band These Foreign Kids , Dutch duo that make a sounds that combines Death From Above and Sonic Youth ...