Friday 24 December 2010

Black Tambourine Cassette

"The short-lived Black Tambourine endure among the truly seminal American indie pop bands of the 1980s, creating a dark, feedback-rich sound that predated the shoegazer movement of the decade to follow -- a period when the now-defunct group's members all went on to enjoy even greater recognition within the flourishing Amerindie scene. Formed in Washington, D.C., in 1989, Black Tambourine were comprised of vocals from Pam Berry and music by Velocity Girl's Archie Moore and Brian Nelson and Whorl's Mike Schulman. In defiance of the D.C. scene's predominantly punk aesthetic, the group drew inspiration from Phil Spector's classic Wall of Sound productions of the 1960s as well as contemporary British noisemakers like the Jesus and Mary Chain and the Shop Assistants." All Music

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"These mixes were transferred from a copy of the original Black Tambourine cassette. The songs were recorded at Upland by Barrett Jones, then mixed at Inner Ear by Don Zientara. Soon after the first Black Tambourine single (By Tomorrow) was released, the master tape containing all of the original studio mixes was stolen from a car. The songs that weren't included on that single were quickly remixed by Mike & Archie at a home studio, so that they could be quickly released as a second single and compilation track."

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