Saturday 25 December 2010

The Irrational Library "Christmas Crapshoot VII"

Irrational Library is a night in Haarlem organized by the enigmatic Joshua Baumgarten, some know him as the awesome cooker or the beard Rabi, i know him as the dude that always puts some rad music nights in Haarlem.
Tonight started with the awesome Cello by Bonno Lange and the fantastic Dancer Sophia Maria Kienhuis and finished with the sensational Haarlem punk outfit "De Aanslag", in the middle played synth prog "Treasure of Grundo" and "Die Chord und Discord" which i believe to be a Indie/Post Rock crossover.

The electrifying De Aanslag have announced the released lp party in the fabulous Phoenix 13 next february !!!!! Hell Yeahhhh !!!!