Thursday 30 December 2010

Keith Fullerton Whitman - Pyramid Atlantic live

A wonderful 20 minutes piece recorded from a live performance by Keith Fullerton Whitman in DC as just surfaced, its not everyday that we get treated with this sound quality.

Watch | Keith Fullerton Whitman - Pyramid Atlantic

"For the last decade or so, Keith has been one the most consistently innovative figures in American electronic music. His discography is as variegated as it is voluminous. For years he dished out a righteously furious mix of breakbeats and esoteric cut-up experiments under the moniker Hrvatski (the one pseudonym that stuck out of a gaggle of many that he used on 1998’s wonderful (and hellaciously eclectic) Attention: Cats! LP). Eventually, though, he all but abandoned the breaks for more abstract terrain and began releasing records under his given name exploring a broad range of styles and techniques from ambient guitar drone to musique concrete, krautrock to early electronics. In recent years, his work—at least in the live context— has centered increasingly around modular analog synthesizers with often extraordinary results." Rare Frequency