Monday 15 October 2007

Ursula "the goddess" Rucker


There, that place, deep, inside, up and above, where she carves emotion with piercing lyrical cadence. There, where poetry and music intertwine, melodies and words mingle. On her third album, Rucker sets her sights There, aspiring towards an ancient Egyptian kemetic principle, the foundation of universal order and balance maat truth. Hence the album title: maat mama. Ma'at is also the name of the goddess whose power works to keep this truth, this balance, ever present and functional, she muses at home in Philadelphia, surrounded by her four children, all under age of 12. Some believe she is at the top of the hierarchy of Egyptian gods and goddesses, for without universal order there is nothing but chaos and destruction. Mother of four, Rucker has reached a personal balance that is evident in maat mama. It has been something I keep in my heart, something that is beautiful, simple, powerful and a guide through this crazy life, she explains of the balance between motherhood and living as an artist. Now that I am a mama of four black boys in America, I need all the strength to raise them and do my best to achieve good human being-ness, so I can show them the way. Supa Sista has evolved into ma'at mama. From her native Philadelphia, Ruckers affinity for crafting words catapulted her message into hungry ears when she began to read publicly in 1994 at Zanzibar. The Temple University journalism graduate struck a chord in Phillys soul that reverberated around the world with her mezzo-soprano speak.Read More Here

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Ursula Rucker