Saturday 13 October 2007

Ran Slavin

Ran Slavin is a cross media audio-visual artist from Tel Aviv. Working with digital and acoustic music, experimental cinema, video art and live sound and video performances.

Working between the contemporary art world and the experimental music scene, his visual work often probes and scrutinizes intense urban scenarios, fabric and panoramas, texture text and motion, with a sensibilty and perception of a fragmented fast contemporary culture.

His audio work is a culmination of processed acoustic sources, error music and sonic panoramas often guitar/piano based/derived.

Known for his videos, music and live performances that present audio-visual realms unfolding between the urban and the abstract, super impositioning the real and hyper real.

His diverse catalogue of videos blurs distinctions between present and future, documentary digital and fiction and presents a hybrid of moving images, stills in motion, at times on the threshold of digital painting, resulting in dream like sequences, intense suspension and altered states. cronica electronica

Trailer | Insomniac City - Ran Slavin

This edgy, inventive film from cutting-edge Israeli audiovisual artist Ran Slavin is ongoing and ever-changing; in its current incarnation, it is 40 minutes long, and explores a variety of philosophical issues as it presents a shifting, fragmented narrative about a Tel Aviv man who, unable to sleep, struggles to separate reality from confusing hallucinations, and tries to remember exactly how he got shot.

Ran Slavin

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