Saturday 13 October 2007

Luomo vs. Uusitalo vs. Vladislav Delay

Sasu Ripatti, conspicuously enigmatic for ten years, is coming out of his shell. Despite his notorious wariness of the publicity machine, he has agreed to do an interview in the lead-up to the release of his new Uusitalo album ‘Karhunainen’. Even more surprising – I've been invited to his house.

It’s a rainy, late-summer morning in Berlin when Ripatti opens the door of his Prenzlauer Berg home studio, apologises wryly for the mess, and ushers me past the bathroom, kitchen and into his living room/bedroom.

Friendly and relaxed, he makes tea and makes small talk easily, that is until a camera is pulled out. He flinches, and refuses any photos. "Last week I had a photo shoot – it was a horrible experience, I really wouldn’t like to repeat it now."

Ripatti is a shy boy from Oulu in Northern Finland, a remote city best known for metal bands and as the birthplace of the Air Guitar World Championships. He began making music in Oulu before moving to Helsinki, and then to Berlin, soon after the Luomo album ‘Vocalcity’ (Force Tracks) and the early Vladislav Delay explorations on Chain Reaction and Mille Plateaux. Janet Leyton-Grant @ residentadvisor read full article here

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