Wednesday 17 October 2007

Poni Hoax @ Conclub Rotterdam 20 Oct

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Poni Hoax are an electronic music outfit from Paris. A five man army of ´jeunes gens modernesª, great musicians and extremely talented composers. Their lead vocalist, Nicolas Ker tackles an ambitious and unique style that walks the thin line between a decadent Morrissey or an elegiac Jim Morrisson. This quizzical dandy with an exotic touch (born from French-Cambodian parents in Egypt). The symbiosis he shares with the band's lead composer, Laurent Bardainne is brilliant. Next to this ubiquitous duo, Arnaud Roulin (keyboard/bass), Nicolas Villebrin (guitar) and Vincent Taeger (drums), partners in crime and ¸ber-accomplished musicians who have co-oped with the gotcha of French ´ variÈtÈs ª (Feist, Romain Humeau, etc.). Together they fuel the fire of an iridescent musical flame laced with infectious, nearly fatal melodies. Their influence is a extatic mix of rock 'n roll music, goth disco, post-rock, italo disco, and noisy garage murderbalads (ý la Nick Cave) as in in their song Budapest, from the self-titled album released by Parisian label Tigersushi. The song itself received a remix by electro disco Dj and producer Joakim. In Paris, Poni have played a series of exclusive gigs in as prestigious venues as Agnes B's GalÈrie du Point du Jour or the more dance inclined scenes of RESPECT and Nouveau Casino. Such a wide array of taste is something quite unprecedented this side of the Atlantic and recalls the exceptional musical genius of the likes of Roxy Music or Sonic Youth.

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