Thursday 18 October 2007

Weekend Records

James Murphy and Pat Mahoney delve into their New York roots for FABRICLIVE 36, a hot sweaty blend of seminal disco, deep rare grooves and edgy tech-infused funk from influential artists such as Donald Byrd & 125th St, Chic, Lenny Williams, Junior Byron and Love of Life Orchestra. A delightful nod to their future, past and present (including LCD Soundsystem's own "Hippe Priest Bumout"), this mix is unashamed hand-clapping fun, full of upfront rhythms, obscure treats and heart warming guilty pleasures. fabriclondon

“We're pretty excited. We find doing mix CDs horrifying to a certain degree because there's nobody there, so it's just like, "What are we doing?!" It's like you're just yelling into the air. We bought an old Bozak for this - the first DJ mixer ever built, hand-built. It sounds incredible. Everything sounds nicer and bigger and smoother and beautiful. The mix itself will have a little bit of stuff that isn't necessarily what we'd play in a club. But we'd like it to be fun. So we'll just do it a bunch of times live. Do it until you like it, that's actually our motto.” - James Murphy & Pat Mahoney .

Top Get Physical producers Booka Shade are the unlikely choice for the latest volume in the 'DJ Kicks' series, out in October.

Are Booka Shade DJs? Well, not really. But that little fact doesn't phase !K7, who in the past have invited such non-DJs as Trüby Trio, Erlend Øye and Annie behind the decks for their 'DJ Kicks' series. As the PR puts it: "Booka Shade have an intimate knowledge of the dancefloor and the differing tools required in a DJ's arsenal, but Jeff Mills or Richie Hawtin…they are not."

But the lack of a DJ resume isn't going to stop Booka, who promise something a little different from the run of the mill DJ mix in their first foray into the format. "DJ-Kicks is the perfect project for us," says Arno Kammermeier. "It allows us to do our own thing. It allows us to make a musical statement. And that was what was appealing to us. People don't see us as hot DJs, so this isn't a snapshot of summer 2007, it's about creating something that will last."

Rather than documenting their the latest club tunes, Booka Shade mix up older gems with unreleased newies on a CD which promises to be eclectic. Amid dance music from Carl Craig, Matthew Dear and Lopazz, Booka Shade find room for French disco (Cerrone), rap (The Streets), '70s soundtracks (John Carpenter), '80s electro-pop (Heaven 17, Yazoo) and even the downright odd (Brigitte Bardot, The Tubes). "We really got into the material that we were using," explains Walter Merziger, "Putting it together was like creating a remix."

Many of the cuts are mixed together using Booka Shade rhythm tracks, while the mix also contains two Booka exclusives, 'Numbers' ("The mix inspired us to write a song with vocals. It's the first time we've had real vocals on a Booka Shade track") and 'Estoril'. "We came at it from a producer's background," Walter explains. "It wasn't just about choosing tracks that blended rhythmically, but we were interested in the harmony as well. The transition of the mixes had to be harmonically correct too. That's why there's lots of layers in there." residentadvisor

Latest mix on Kitsuné comes from club night of choice for London hipsters: BoomBox. 'Kitsuné BoomBox' arrives at the end of the month.

This is truly a collaboration of the hippest. BoomBox is the dressed-up East End party where ravers share water bottles with the likes of Naomi Campbell, and fashion-forward French label Kitsuné puts out clothing lines as well as records.

‘Kitsuné BoomBox’, mixed by resident Jerry 'JBAG' Bouthier, includes tried-and-tested maximal party-starters from Riot In Belgium and Digitalism, new material from live electro band Big Face and the junior Justice, Revolte, as well as the exclusive comeback of original acid popsters S-Express. With tracks from Daft Punk and Chromeo, and remixes from Guns 'n' Bombs and Van She, it looks set to be the soundtrack to a thousand future fashion shows. Darling. residentadvisor

This is a rich and layered new work from Prefuse 73. The album is a mix psychedelic hip hop music. a well honed work which is just stunning for headphone listening, like a dense musical puzzle, crossing genres but always harnessed back in by the rhythms of hip hop.

The album on cd also contains a bonus album called 'Interregnums' which is made up of orchestral work and the arrangements that make up the preparations album. It's a kind of shadow album that reveals part of the dense makeup and skill of Preparations. A copy of the orchestral album also comes with the double vinyl too.

22 Oct Amsterdam - Perfuse 73 @ paradiso