Wednesday 10 October 2007


Taking the earth-shattering beauty of the most delicate post-rock moments, Jeniferever complete the difficult task of making the music accessible without losing the expansive impact fans of the genre demand.

For listeners this is not simply an exercise in testing patience, grabbing attention in the manner of the catchiest rock tunes and making Choose a bright morning one of those rare things - an experimental album that could crack the mainstream.
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Jeniferever are definitely on the top of my favourite artists. „Fragile guitars and an even more fragile voice making way for some gorgeously textured music as their songs develop. The band completely lose themselves in their music as they play…“ (Stayfun). Hushed and whispering vocals that evoke the atmosphere of hauting beauty. Thrilling melodies, emotive, intense and infective sound.

Whatever the reason, the latest band to attempt the Sigur Ros/Explosions in the Sky formula of taking the three seconds of orgasm and stretching them out to fill an album are five angular and interesting looking Swedes called Jeniferever. In common with the aforementioned Icelandic/Texan purveyors of wonderment, Jeniferever fashion long drawn-out bliss-fests out of echos, chimes, sparkly bits and Mogwai's early classic Helicon 1 (given that the 'gwai have been having far more fun indulging their darkside since then, this seems fair enough). In contrast, they ditch the no-vocals/
funny-falsetto-choirboy-vocals-in-made-up-language approach in favour of Kristofer Jonsen's hushed breathy tones and even the occassional traditional song structure. The results are fucking great, songs that are light and airy but somehow rumblingly powerful, calling to mind many adjectives you can't use in a music review without sounding like a twat: magical, bewitching, fluffy.

Mp3 | jeniferever - marks
Mp3 | Jeniferever - swiming Eyes
Mp3 | jeniferever - kapfarvel

Video | Jeniferever - Alvik


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