Wednesday 31 October 2007

Ellen Allien , Live @ Club 11 Amsterdam

As a DJ I have always tried to connect genres, styles and audiences. I want to feed people new music and capture their interest. I want to fill the room with sound. And I have always been searching for an acceptance of what exists. We all live in the here and now! And it was that common thread that I wanted to share with the audience. When I DJ, body and music become one, they become brainy. To me, music was always the only way to soar through epic parallel worlds, to relax, to experience excess, to find myself. Music is both my motor and my outlet.
As a producer, music is a playback of my emotions and moods. I tease them out of me with alternating technical devices. Music becomes a chronicle, each album is a work from a period of my life, which grounds me after the stress of DJ-jetting. Albums are like diaries. With my first album “Stadtkind” I wanted to express my close relationship with the city I live in. It was like an explosion. “Stadtkind” is my homage to Berlin. The testing, work and experimentation with the structures and the sound spectrum of electronic music then became more and more crucial for me. I used my various compilations and remixes to beam myself into the musical cosmos. With my next album “Berlinette” I processed what I had experienced after the release of “Stadtkind”. It was like a flash of lightning, I was everywhere and everyone around me was euphoric and supportive. “Berlinette” illustrates all that and it is also my very personal discourse on what is possible in the world of pop music and abstract sounds. Then I released my third album “Thrills”. It moves back and forth between constant excitement and playing the ARP 2600 and other analogue instruments.Ellen Allien

Mp3 | Ellen Allien Live @ N.A.M.E. Festival, Rubaix(22.o9.o7)
Mp3 | Ellen Allien - Down

Video | Ellen allien - Stadtkind
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Ellen Allien

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