Saturday 29 November 2008

Let's Lounge,Dilinja,Who Made Who,Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Oxford Murders, Autokratz,Takeshi Murata,Born to be Cheep

Mp3 | 4Hero Feat. Ursula Rucker - Loveless
Mp3 | Bebel Gilberto - Cada Beijo [ Thievery Corporation mix ]
Mp3 | Horace Silver - wont you open up your senses [ 4 hero edit ]
Mp3 | Ivan 'Boogaloo Joe' Jones - Brown Bag
Mp3 | koop - Relaxin at club Fuckin [ Richard Dorfmeister vs Madrid de los Austrias version ]
Mp3 | London Elektricity - Rewind [ Makoto mix ]
Mp3 | Peace Orquestra - Who Am I [ Chateau Flight mix ]
Mp3 | Pendulum feat. fats and tc - Plasticworld
Mp3 | Sonic Boom - The Dub And The Restless
Mp3 | Suba - Samba Do Gringo Paulista [ ZeroDB Reconstruction,Edit]
Mp3 | Tosca - Chocolate Elvis [ Boozoo Bajou Mix ]
Mp3 | Voom Voom (Peter Kruder & Fauna Flash) - Poppen

Download full Let's Lounge

Absolutly stuning set from Dilinja last night in Haarlem , best drum n bass night i had in a long time , highly recomendable.

Dillinja, (also known as Capone, Cybotron, D-Type and Original Master), (real name Karl Francis) is a jungle and drum and bass DJ and producer from Brixton in South London. Arguably the most prolific producer on the scene, he set up Valve Recordings in partnership with long-term collaborator Lemon D, with whom he also designed and built the Valve Sound System, purported to be the most bass-heavy system in the world (contrary to rumour it is not the loudest). It is the only sound system designed and built for playing drum and bass.

Described by Goldie as “the bass explorer of the nineties” and adjudged “The Grand Master” by Grooverider, Karl Francis a.k.a. Dillinja, is one of the most famous drum n bass producers.

His first tune, “Tear off your Chest” was produced at very low cost, and being self-motivated he pressed up about 500 test pressings and sold them with the help of a close friend who worked behind the counter at Londons Black Market Records.

by the time Dillinja was 23 he had over 50 releases to his credit, making him one of the most prolific and influential drum and bass producers around today. His early supporter, V Recording maestro, DJ Brian Gee cites him as “being probably 30 or 40 per cent responsible for how drum and bass sounds today.

Mp3 | Dilinja @ Pirate Station 2008

New " Who Made Who " Single and Video , Taken from the upcoming album " The Plot " out on Gomma , March 2009.

Watch | Who Made Who - Tv Friend

Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a 2008 film by Academy Award-winning director Woody Allen. The title was announced by The Hollywood Reporter on October 19, 2007. This is Allen's fourth film in a row to be shot outside the United States and his first that was shot in Spain. The film was shot in Avilés, Barcelona and Oviedo.

The plot centers around two American women, Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson), who are vacationing in Barcelona. Once there, the two women meet an artist, and the three quickly develop a relationship. The artist, however, is still enamored of his mentally unstable ex-wife (Penélope Cruz).

Watch | Vicky Cristina Barcelona

The Oxford Murders is a 2008 thriller film adapted from an award-winning novel of the same name by the Argentine mathematician and writer Guillermo Martínez, directed by Álex de la Iglesia and starring Elijah Wood, John Hurt and Leonor Watling.

Watch | The Oxford Murders

Autokratz , video from " Stay the Same " directed by Laurie Thinot

Watch | Autokratz - Stay the Same

Watch | Takeshi Murata

Hilarious comercial from Tele2 .

Watch | Born to be Cheep

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Friday 28 November 2008

Let's Dance,!K7,Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto,Ezekie Honig ,Merz, Modul,Parts & Labors,Pygmy Lush, The Transisters,Dungen,Fabio Orsi & Valerio Cosi

reposting some of the stuff that was deleted by blogger , removed the tracks that Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA)said to be infringing upon the copyrights of others.

Because of all these problems , i've auto suspended my Let's Dance section for now .

Mp3 | Autokratz - Stay the Same [ Alex Gopher mix ]
Mp3 | Bob Rifo - kinky Malinki [ Bloody Beetroots mix ]
Mp3 | Booka Shade - Unhealthy Pleasures
Mp3 | Coldcut - Walk A Mile In My Shoes [ Tiga Mix ]
Mp3 | Daft Punk - Technologic [ Peaches No Logic mix ]
Mp3 | Dextro - Do You Need Help [ The MFA Help mix ]
Mp3 | Junior Boys - In The Morning [ Hot Chip mix ]
Mp3 | Lulu Rouge - Bless You [ Minilogue mix ]
Mp3 | Massive Attack - Special Cases [ Akufen mix ]
Mp3 | Midnight Juggernauts - Road To Recovery [ DIM mix ]

Download Full Let's Dance

Famous label !K7 records gives to everybody a 9-tracks compilation for free, including songs from Hot Chip, Carl Craig, Quiet Village, Matthew Herbert, Circlesquare, and more…

Mp3 | Milosh - Awful Game

More Info and Download Here

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto
" Vrioon " - Raster-Noton - 2003
Experimental / Glitch / Ambient

'Vrioon', quite simply, is a work overloaded with beauty. The blue, heartache solitary Piano of Sakamoto bleeding into the micro-constructions and nano-beats of Carsten Nicolai's rewired machinery. "During his first live tour in Japan, Carsten Nicolai met Ryuichi Sakamoto in Tokyo. One year later Nicolai was asked to remix material from Sakamoto for the Japanese magazine Code Unfinished. '...The material that was given to me was already layered with digital effects. From one little clean piano piece I made the first track. I combined those simple piano chords with a clear rhythm constellation. Somehow Ryuichi was very surprised and really liked my work. Weeks later he sent me another piece recorded specifically for this project ." The result is an interwieve of tracks that is quite simply breathtaking, a melange of pure cathartic piano progressions and whispering beats, a re-definition of minimalism and intelectual application into something that is quite clearly open and exposed as a spectrum of emotion and sonic loveliness. Immense. Boomkat

Mp3 | Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Uoon i
Mp3 | Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Uoon ii

Ezekiel Honig
" Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band " - Anticipate - 2008
Electronic / Experimental / Ambient

Anticipate label head Ezekiel Honig makes his initial appearance for the imprint, with his first album since 2006's Scattered Practices (released on Microcosm Music). In addition to working on the release at hand, Ezekiel has been concentrating on moving Anticipate through its first two years of existence, and Surfaces of a Broken Marching Band is as much a statement on the label as a whole as it is a reflection of his current working process.

Further developing his musique concrete influenced compositional procedure of giving emphasis to the sounds of everyday life, Honig constructs his music out of an almost incidental assembly of materials, editing and processing them into a whole which adopts the shards as if they always belonged. The low hum of a pad and ground-skimming percussion noise play off brightly distended piano chords, thick, wheezing horns, and widespread constellations of re-pitched guitar. Playing with looping and lateral progressions alike, Honig subtly hints at his background, while utilizing a broader palette of instrumentation than on his past releases. Anticipate

Mp3 | Ezekiel Honig - Broken Marching Band
Mp3 | Ezekiel Honig - Displacement

" Moi et Mon Camion " - Groenland - 2008
Indie / Singer-Songwriter

Merz, aka Conrad Lambert is back. It’s not the first time he’s been back – after walking away from huge hype and a major label deal in 1999, disappearing completely, he returned in 2005 with the critically lauded album, Loveheart. His third album, Moi et Mon Camion, is set to produce the same kind of fawning from all corners with its mixture of beautiful balladeering, heartfelt tunes, intricate production and a display of Merz’s multi-instrumental talents. Groenland

Mp3 | Merz - Cover Me
Mp3 | Merz - Moi et mon camion

" Dots " - Doodley - 2008
Electronic / IDM / Glitch

Modul is an electronic music project from Krasnodar, Russia. It consists of three persons: Evgeny Shchukin, Evgeny Fomin and Alexander Tochilkin. Since 2003 the collective is engaged in creation of electronic music in different directions: from "home electronics" to various dance compositions and also live shows. The symbiosis of tuneful idm, pieces of classical electronica and modern rhythms is a distinguishing feature of Modul. Creating productions the band uses both analog and digital equipment, as well as acoustic instruments and self-designed devices. The members consider, that contemporary musician must competently combine various facilities, use all available resources and not confine to a certain bound of one musical style. Modul is a delicate balance between complexed and coloured, simple and insipid, a compound construction of many original parts. Doodley

Mp3 | Modul - kruma 36
Mp3 | Modul - two times two weeks

Mp3 | Crystal Method - Double Down Under [ LAZRtag mix ]
Mp3 | Cut Copy - Far Away [ Hercules & Love Affair mix ]
Mp3 | Dj Shadow - Six Days [ Soulwax mix ]
Mp3 | Hot Chip - No Fit State [ Audion mix ]
Mp3 | Massive Attack - Special Cases [ Luomo's Casing Edit ]
Mp3 | Röyksopp - What Else Is There [ Vitalic mix ]
Mp3 | Superpitcher - Disko! (You Don't Care)
Mp3 | The Kills - Love Is A Deserter [ Phones mix ]
Mp3 | The Pragmatic - Circles [ Effekt mix ]
Mp3 | The Shins - Sleeping Lessons [ RAC mix ]
Mp3 | The Shoes - America [ Brodinski mix ]

Download Full Let's Dance

Parts & Labors
" Receivers " - Jagjaguwar - 2008
Alternative / Experimental / Punk

Never mind the 21st century's answer to the Tarkus on the front cover-- Receivers is Parts & Labor's most ambitious record, for sure, but they haven't gone off the deep end or made irreparable changes to their distinctive sound. They're still stubbornly reconstructing punk anthems from the same raw parts-- Dan Friel's wheezing, bagpipe-reminding keyboards chiefly among them-- but building something bigger, from stronger foundations. They aim for tension and nuance where they'd previously shouted and bludgeoned (not that anyone minded the bludgeoning, of course) and their tables of broken toys sound like tidal waves of melody and sound. Pitchfork

Mp3 |Parts & Labors - Little Ones - Asked to be removed by lable
Mp3 | Parts & Labors - Nowheres Nigh

Pygmy Lush
" Mount Hope " - Lovitt - 2008
Alternative / Experimental

Pygmy Lush, whose members have cut their teeth in some of Northern Virginia's most influential hardcore bands of the last decade including Pg.99, Majority Rule, Malady, City of Caterpillar and Crestfallen, return with their much anticipated second full-length, Mount Hope. Pygmy Lush formed in the spring of 2005 on the very day two of their previous bands, Malady and Mannequin broke up. They started out by carrying on much of the same ferocity of their previous endeavors but a massive change was afoot. Somewhere in their early practices they had started four-tracking several quieter songs with acoustic guitars and minimal percussion. Their first record, Bitter River (Robotic Empire), was noise-punk tracks mixed in with some of the quieter songs. Those more restrained songs, which had at first been an aside, began to over take the set. Mike Taylor explains, "We liked the quiet stuff so much that we decided that our next plan was to write an entire quiet album." The sound suites them. The songs feel haunted. Still filled to the brim with a sense of abandon, only here they have put down their angst for introspection, traded their aggression for a slow grit. Not bad for a bunch of punks. Taylor continues, "We have not stopped playing or touring and we are all sick in the fucking head with music." It shows. Lovitt

Mp3 | Pygmy Lush - Track 01
Mp3 | Pygmy Lush - Track 02

The Transisters
" Under Control " - Af-Music - 2008
New Wave / Post punk

The Transistors were founded in 2005 and spent the last three years in touring all over Italy. Enrico, Meson, Alberto and Matteo opened many live-shows of such greats as Kaiser Chiefs, the Raveonttes, White Rose Movement, X-wife, Disco Drive, Vincent Vincent and the Villains, One Dimensional Man, The Alps and many more.

During all that they even found the time to record two EPs in collaboration with Geoff Turner (New Wet Kojak, Girls against Boys), which were released in July 2005 and September 2007. As influences the four are naming bands as the renowned Joy Division, P.I.L., The Fall, Elvis - what results in their Electromagnetic(New)Wave, as the band call it. Af-Music

Mp3 | the Transisters - My Monkey is dead and gone
Mp3 | the Transisters - Meurons on my Mind

" 4 " - Subliminal - 2008
Alternative / Psychedelic

Dungen's fourth studio album extends the acclaimed Swedish outfit's sound past psychedelia into something far more rare. Moving beyond mere stylistic concerns, 4 finds Gustav Ejstes' focus on the extremes of Dungen's sound separating into two entities. Blazing, raw guitar workouts have their own time and place, but now, so do stirringly orchestrated, jazz-cooled compositions with cinematic undertones. Subliminal

Mp3 | Dungen - det tar tid
Mp3 | Dungen - satt att se

Fabio Orsi & Valerio Cosi
A Silent Place
Experimental / Drone / Ambient

We Could For Hours is instability. It represents the will to open the gates of unknown. It is the dark, whispered sounds and hidden truths. Chaos. And now here it starts, everything takes form, sensations rise, objects acquire colours, distorted vision but still a vision of reality. Everything dances and follows the rhythm of music, an unknown tribal dance. Silence. Sounds follow themselves but always hidden in a veil of mistery, words are mute, everything is listening attentively to the enchanting melody of nature. Mind, free from human limits, goes straight towards a long journey and meets the supernatural and then sinks into the knowledge oblivion. Everything is nothing. Nothing is the time. Time becomes memory and memory brings us to happy thoughts that rise first, then fall in the end. Hallucinations. The precariousness feeling is overwhelming us, tollings of a clock without hands are molesting our ears and they scan the slow and endless flowing of life. Too late to be back. There's no possibility. We have to live desolate countrysides burnt by an August sun. Lysergic vision. Void. Soundohm

Mp3 | Fabio Orsi & Valerio Cosi - We Could For Hours [ Part One ]
Mp3 | Fabio Orsi & Valerio Cosi - Pink Sheep Blood

Thursday 27 November 2008

Le Guess Who ? Festival

Le Guess Who ? Festival
Utrecht 27 - 30 Novembre

Thursday 27 nov | Tivoli Oudegracht | 19:00 u | 20:00 u | 14,-
MELISSA AUF dER MAUR OUT OF OUR MINDS" MAdM Project Le Guess Who? met o.a. Simon Angell en Erika Alexandersson

Thursday 27 nov | Ekko | 20:00 u | 20:30 u | 13,-
Fred Eaglesmith, Katie Stelmanis

Friday 28 nov | Tivoli de Helling | 19:00 u | 19:45 u | 10,-
Telepathe, Dragons Of Zynth, Pas Chic Chic, Beach House, Jana Hunter

Saturday 29 nov | Tivoli Oudegracht | 16:00 | toegang met Le Guess Who? kaartje/passepartout
Masterclass & expositie Jack Dylan

Saturday 29 nov | Tivoli Oudegracht | 18:30 u | 19:00 u | 13,-
The Stills, Think about Life, torngat, Land of Talk, Elfin Saddle

Saturday 29 nov | Tivoli de Helling ism Bar Weinig | 23:00 u | 10,-
The Mole, Fairmont, Pan/Tone

Sunday 30 nov | Ekko | 18:30 u | 19:30 u | 9,-
HRSTA, Shalabi Effect - (w/ Sam Shalabi & Anthony Seck) & Elizabeth Anka Vajagic

Monday 24 November 2008

Advanced Beauty,Oblong,Magnus Engsfors,Firstborn,Vitalic,JR,Women are Heroes,The Big Picture,Make Love Not Zone,Skins & Punks

The NTSC / 5:1 Surround DVD is now available for pre-order enquires. The DVD will be released with four collectible covers. For those wishing for the High Definition release, we are working on HD digital distribution when the avenues are in place in early 2009. Meanwhile onedotzero are touring the full HD film to cinemas worldwide.

Watch | Advanced Beauty Trailer

Radically condensed demonstration of oblong's g-speak spatial operating environment

Watch | Oblong

Directed and animated by Magnus Engsfors, shot by Martin Nordqvist. A short movie illustrating the moment of total mental collapse due to very difficult personal circumstances.

Watch | Magnus Engfors - Suddenly

Watch | Firstborn Reel

Watch | Vitalic - Poney Part 1

A recent large-scale project by the photographer named JR has focused attention on women - relatives of victims of violence - by displaying their large portraits in one of Rio de Janeiro's hardest hit neighborhoods. Though Rio is blessed with natural beauty and climate, it still struggles with large disparities between rich and poor, and many of the six million residents reside in hillside slums called favelas.

It was about a year ago that JR first told us about his “Women are Heroes" project, a collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières.

Taking his trusty 28 millimeter lens, for the last year JR has been traveling to such countries as Sierra Leone, Liberia, Southern Sudan and Kenya, documenting the lives of a group of incredibly courageous women.

Now, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the full documentation of the Women Are Heroes project is being launched on the web. And not surprisingly, the work is absolutely breathtaking.

This past Saturday, the faces of eight women were placed on walls across Brussels, where they will remain for a month. for more info visit - Women are Heroes

Watch | Women are Heroes Trailer

The Big Picture is a photo blog for the Boston Globe/, compiled semi-regularly by Alan Taylor. Inspired by publications like Life Magazine (of old), National Geographic, and online experiences like's Picture Stories galleries and Brian Storm's MediaStorm, The Big Picture is intended to highlight high-quality, amazing imagery - with a focus on current events, lesser-known stories and, well, just about anything that comes across the wire that looks really interesting. Recomended *****

Making LOVE from ZONE on the roads of the city Utrecht, Netherlands.

Watch | Make Love not Zone

Perhaps one of the most reviled yet misunderstood of all the youth subcultures, the skinhead look originated back in the 60s as a simple fashion statement. Sartorially proud of their working class roots, the original skinhead was a multi-cultural, politically broad-minded and fashion-aware individual. Favourite music was reggae, soul and ska and key artists included Desmond Dekker, Max Romeo and The Pyramids. Their choice of immaculate clothing and invariably Dr Martens boots was the ultimate anti-fashion statement and a badge of both power and pride. Above all else, genuine skinheads were obsessed with their presentation
The 70s saw the look adopted by the scurge of right-wing extremists and for many years was fashion pariah. However, towards the end of the 90s, the closely cropped look has been championed by a whole new generation of high profile celebrities, including David Beckham and Ewan McGregor, bringing skinhead style back into the mainstream once again.

Gavin Watson’s critically acclaimed photography of late 70s skinheads perfectly captures a snapshot of this unique youth culture. The scores of black and white shots offer a fascinating glimpse into a skinhead community that was multi-cultural, tightly knit and above all else, fiercely proud of their look. These are classic photographs of historical value.

Skins is now proudly reprinted on Independent Music Press, complete with over 30 new and previously unpublished photographs.

Watch | Gavin Watson Interview

Gavin Watson Skins & Punks are now @ artspace Helsinki
Myymälä2. Uudenmaankatu 23. 00120 Helsinki. Finland

The book can be buyed Here

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Sunday 23 November 2008

London Elektricity - All Hell Is Breaking Loose

This superb, very entertaining cartoon, co-commissioned by Hospital Records and Radar Music Videos, is a stunning diversion into videos by Kenny Frankland, who regularly providing animation and CG visuals for big-name clients like Microsoft, Dunlop Footwear, Thwaites Brewery and the NHS, from his Manchester-based studio Tin Spider.

Kenny’s background is in games animation, but he does have some music video previous though. He won the best music video prize at Aniboom with Red Ocean last year.

He made this all on his own, over 260 hours work in a single month. What an achievement Promonews

Watch | London Elektricity - All Hell Is Breaking Loose

Monday 17 November 2008

Let's Lounge , Squarepusher , Andrew Rose , Arthur Russell , Faces of Evil

Design Ferdinand G. Ris & Herbert Selldorf

Mp3 | Patchworks - Steve McQueen
Mp3 | Rootical Sound - Horny Dub
Mp3 | 45 Dip - Big Juice
Mp3 | At Jazz - Wind & Sea
Mp3 | Butti 49 - Brasilikum
Mp3 | Dzihan & Kamien - Stiff Jazz
Mp3 | Les Gammas - See The Sun
Mp3 | Louise Vertigo - Ou Est La F..
Mp3 | Marschmellows - Soulpower [ Jazzanova's Straight Dub Mix ]
Mp3 | Marvin Gaye - Got to Give it up, Pt.1
Mp3 | RJD2 - Seasons
Mp3 | Quantic Feat Alice Russel - Sound Of Everything
Mp3 | 4 Hero - 9 By 9 [ M.I.S.T. Mix ]
Mp3 | Pendulum - Hold Your Color

Download Full Let's Lounge

Watch | Squarepusher - Planet Gear

Andrew Rose , Liminal aims to communicate the sense we all often feel of being on the indistinct edge of greater understanding through an allegorically layered visual vocabulary Rose developed while he hiked distant deserts and dense rainforests and surfed lonely coasts and crowded breaks. Rose's subject matter of oceans, shores, clouds, and rain are relative to his water-based materials including gouache, acrylic, and water-color inasmuch as the content is manifested by itself to talk about itself: the subject of water is rendered in water-based media and manipulated to look beautifully fluid, wet, submerged, and misty.

Coinciding with the release of a new collection of Arthur Russell country, folk, and pop songs, Love Is Overtaking Me, comes a Plexifilm documentary on the classical cellist-cum-disco/pop innovator, Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell.

The seventy-minute film by Matt Wolf brings a cohesive narrative to the active, inspired, and somewhat spacey life of the Oskaloosa, Iowa native. Many articles have been written on the man and his genius and many posthumous albums have been released, but up until this point, we've never been delivered the full story of Russell's exceptional life that was unfortunately cut off when he died of AIDS in 1992 at the age of 40.

A crash course in Russell would run something like this: After leaving Oskaloosa, cello in hand, Russell ventured out west to San Francisco where he lived in a Buddhist commune and studied North Indian music at Ali Akbar College of Music. He met the great beat poet, Allen Ginsberg, and began accompanying his readings with cello. In the early 1970s, Russell moved to N.Y.C. to study at the Manhattan School of Music, and that's when thing got really exciting. The young man formed the Flying Hearts, a disco-leaning group that featured ex-Modern Lovers member Ernie Brooks and sometimes guest collaborator, David Byrne.

Watch | Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell


Between November, 2007 and March, 2008, we took photographs of over 350 people in Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Dresden, Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam, Moscow, Belgrade, London, Barcelona, Paris and Milan. From them emerged the thirteen FACES OF EVIL, assembled from faces of people of the same ethnic origin as the according dictators. For example, the portrait of Hitler consists of 37 people. His nose belongs to an estate agent from Berlin, his upper lip to a locksmith in Dresden. His hair is put together from the hair of an artist in Weiden and a painter in Bamberg. The chin stems from a Hamburg restaurant owner, the eyes are those of a bank advisor in Frankfurt, the lachrymal sacks are from a precision mechanic in Bautzen, the throat is that of a Viennese banker, the beard belongs to a chef from Wuppertal… Every wrinkle, eyebrow and mole has been replicated true to the original so that it is possible to get a direct and close impression of every scar, nose hair, wide pore and other fine details.

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Wednesday 12 November 2008

Let's Lounge , 99 Bricks , Lizette Greco , London Stop Motion , Lichtfaktor

Haiku Designs

Mp3 | John Coltrane - At Night [ A Poem ft.Ravi Coltrane & Julie Patton ]
Mp3 | Dubphonic - Babylon Insight
Mp3 | Bigga Bush - This River
Mp3 | Rejazz - inner city life
Mp3 | Boozoo Bajou - Take it Slow
Mp3 | Rae & Christian - Not Just Anybody [ Atjazz mix ]
Mp3 | Jazzanova - No Use [ Beanfield mix ]
Mp3 | Labi Siffre - Doctor Doctor
Mp3 | Nicola Conte - Arabesque [ Micatone Vocal Version ]
Mp3 | Serengeti - Dennehey
Mp3 | Ultra Nate - Twisted
Mp3 | Artificial Intelligence - Desperado
Mp3 | Pariah - Sky Line
Mp3 | Thunderball - The Phanter

Download Full Let's Lounge

Try to built the highest possible tower by placing 99 bricks

Play | 99 Bricks

The works of Lizette Greco + Grecolaborativo are the product of a full family collaboration, a couple creating with their young daughter and son. Our plush art is based on the children's drawings and are made using only thrifted and recycled materials. Our aim is to create artwork that celebrates a child's perspective of the world and will hopefully be passed from generation to generation.

“I really wanted to make a video of London while I was there earlier this year but I didn’t had any camcorder, so I took pictures instead. In fact, I took more then 3000 pictures and put them all together in less then 2 minutes.”

Watch | London Stop Motion

The German collective Lichtfaktor has been well known for pioneering lightart photography since 2006 after, according to, Marcel Panne - a video mixer with a background in photography - was approached to produce new material for an event themed "Energy in Motion". In the past two years major brands such as Absolut Vodka, Mark Ecko, Audi, Phillips and PlayStation have already paid Panne and his partners David Lüpschen and Tim Fehske to participate in a few innovative print campaigns.

Watch | Lichtfaktor

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