Wednesday 29 February 2012

Winter Mini-Break Vila Nogueira de Azeitão, Portugal

Tomorrow im leaving the Dutch winter and heading to Portugal more precisely to my family summer house in Vila Nogueira de Azeitao the lovely village that i love so much and the place i was born 40 years ago next Sunday, yes age is caching up and im celebrating this quite astonishing barrier with lots of friends, family and if the weather allows it will jump on those glorious blue waters of my favorite beach Galapos !!!!!

Monday 27 February 2012

Video : Pussy Riot, Russian Punk band protest Vladimir Putin in street concerts

Total support for the Russian bad ass girl punk band Pussy Riot in protests against the established corruption and challenging the authorities with illegal concerts and a lot of confusion ... hell yeahh rock on gal's !!!!

Watch | Pussy Riot, Russian Punk band protest Vladimir Putin in street concerts

Mixtape : mY Indie Soul # 49

After delays and forbidden hangovers mY Indie Soul # 49 is ready !!!!!
The longest and most psychedelic of all previous editions, the best way to describe it is a acid iceberg melting into ur brain to the sounds of 60s Psychedelic, Garage-Rock, Post-Punk Dark-Wave and ear pricing shoegaze all released in 2011-2012 with the exception of the Merchandise dark classic that i can't really understand why it took so long to appear on my mixtapes.

mY Indie Soul # 49 by Audiopleasures

Shimmering Stars - Suns going down
The Haiduks - A Tide Through The
Omma Cobba - Greet Us
Amen Dunes - Christopher
Die Jungen - The Way Down
Allah-Las - Long Journey
White Hex - Holiday
The War on Drugs - Dont fear the ghost
White Fence - Who Feels Right
Keel Her - Boner Hit
M Women - Tense Hands Talk
The Kvb - Passing by
TV Torso - No Idea Why
Sam Flax - Fire Doesn't Burn Itself
Merchandise - I Locked The Door
Novella - Santiago
Porcelain Raft - Unless You
The Shrapnelles - My Mom Is Hot
Woollen kits - In Between
Odonis Odonis - ledged up
Silver Dapple - Swann Song
Young Prisms - If Don't Get Much
Rayon Beach - Staring out of an
Bos Angeles - Beach Slalom
Fidlar - No Waves
Eagulls - Mystery (Wipers Cover)
A Place to Bury Strangers - So Far Away
Soviet Soviet - Lokomotiv
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin - Suffragette City

Music Hack Day - Amsterdam 24/25 March @ NIMK

" The Amsterdam Music Hack Day is a full weekend of hacking in which participants will conceptualize, create and present their projects. Music + software + mobile + hardware + art + the web. Anything goes as long as it's music related.

Music Hack Day has been a great way to demonstrate the creativity and innovation around music that comes from the tech community. The past three years have seen multiple Music Hack Day events take place. Starting in London, it has spread across the world to Berlin, Amsterdam, Boston, Stockholm, San Francisco, Barcelona, New York and Montreal. It’s been exciting to watch over 2000 participants taking part, building hundreds of hacks and with over 125 music and tech companies’ supporting the events."

Video : Terry Malts - I Do

New video from San Francisco catchy power-pop trio Terry Malts, "I Do" is taken from their LP debut "Killing Time" on Slumberland Records.

Watch | Terry Malts - I Do

Exhibition : God Save The Queen, Punk in the Netherlands 1977-1984 Utrecht Central Museum

" God Save the Queen will be on display in the Centraal Museum from 3 March 2012 to 10 June 2012. This exhibition covers the period from 1977 - 1984 when Dutch youth decided to break free from a dire situation of crisis, high unemployment, housing shortage and nuclear bomb threat. Having lost all faith in the government, it was time for them to take charge. They occupied empty buildings in the cities, and in these squats started small new businesses. Their motto being ‘Do-it-yourself’. This young generation also gave music and art a boost of new life: punk got rid of the artificial symphonic rock of the seventies, and artists once again dirtied their canvas and clothes with paint. Over the past years, the eighties have received great interest worldwide. The revival is clearly noticeable in music and fashion and, internationally, there have been various exhibitions high-lighting this decade. Until now, such an exhibition had not yet taken place in the Netherlands."

Saturday 25 February 2012

New : Hunx - Private Room

New Hunx video from his upcoming solo album "Hairdresser Blues". Cassette tape in the works!!LP/Cd out on Harly Art!!

Friday 24 February 2012

Remix and Animated Video : Bonobo - EyesDown (Machinedrum Remix).

Absolutely genius Bonobo remix by the Berlin based electronic wizard Machinedrum and the animation from another world directed by Anthony Francisco Schepperd.

Watch | Bonobo - Eyes Down (Machinedrum Remix)

Video : Black Marble - Backwards

Excellent video and track from the Brooklyn’s synth-wave-duo Black Marble taken from the debut EP "Weight Against the Door" out on hardly art.

Watch | Black Marble - Backwards

Remix : Wool and Cerebral Vortex - Erotic Dancer (B-Ju Remix)

Fresh & dope future bass new remix from the German producer B-Ju to Wool & Cerebral Vortex.

Listen | Wool and Cerebral Vortex - Erotic Dancer (B-Ju Remix)

Thursday 23 February 2012

Skifcha the Russian Cat

The super cool "Skifcha" the Russian Cat and its almost surreal adventures by xgabberx

Watch | Stereo Skifcha
Watch | skifcha/sky

Documentary : Outside In – The Story of Art in the Streets

"OUTSIDE IN is a celebratory and historical look at street art and graffiti through the lens of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s groundbreaking exhibition Art in the Streets. The film features renowned artists Shepard Fairey, Lee Quiñones, Swoon, Futura, Mister Cartoon, Revok, Martha Cooper, Invader to name a few. Director Alex Stapleton (Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel) documents the artist’s creative process, their pitfalls with the law, the poetic impermanence of their craft and the artists’ evolution from the back seat of a cop car to the walls of a well-respected institution. Filmed at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) in conjunction with the exhibition Art in the Streets."

Watch | Outside In – The Story of Art in the Streets

Wednesday 22 February 2012

LP : Shapes Have Fangs - Dinner In The Dark (2011)

Finally Austin's Shapes Have Fangs stunning 2011 garage rock banger debut "Dinner In The Dark" is to stream in totally, enjoy cause this is a real treat and was one of my favorite albums on the year !!

Listen | Shapes Have Fangs - Dinner In The Dark

Video : Autolux - The Science of Imaginary Solutions

New surreal video from the Los Angeles cult trio Autolux, "The Science of Imaginary Solutions" is taken from the 2010 LP "Transit Transit"

Watch | Autolux - The Science of Imaginary Solutions

Remix : Emika - 3 Hours (Mushy Remix)

Super cool remix from the dark synth wave Mushy to the Ninja Tune lady Emika from Emika "3 Hours" Rework Competition

Listen | Emika - 3 Hours (Mushy Remix)

Live Video - Savages @ Pop Noire night The Shacklewell Arms, London

This is completely new to me but one thing im sure this looks and sounds pretty wild and filled with sexual bass, horny drums and the frontlady is just stunning, The "Savages" are 4 London girls that like to make beautiful dark noise and from this clip it sounds incredibly promising !!!!!

Watch | Savages LIVE - Pop Noire night @ The Shacklewell Arms, London

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Free LP : Dailon - As the Veil Dissolves​

Super cool collection of abstract beats, future bass, 8-bit and glitch hop with lots of soul vibes and funky delights by San Francisco producer Dailon.

Video : Still Corners - Endless Summer

Official video from "Endless Summer" taken from the 2011 indie pearl "Creatures of an Hour" on Sub Pop, the dream-pop Londoners Still Corners charming debut albums was on Audiopleasures top 50 2011 albums.

Watch | Still Corners - Endless Summer

Listen | LP : Still Corners - Creatures of an Hour

Remix : Sam Sure and Giacomo - Dark Inside (Bobby Tank Radiated Refix)

Fresh new marvelous remix from "Bobby Tank" to the "Sam Sure & Giacomo" track "Dark Inside", i discovered Bobby Tank in the end of 2011 and his mixing of bass, 80s synth waves and glitchy abstract beats are simply irresistible and since than im always on the watch for the London producer new sounds.

Listen | Sam Sure & Giacomo - Dark Inside (Bobby Tank Radiated Refix)

Monday 20 February 2012

LP : M Women - Faithful (2011)

Another obscure finding in the 2011 lost gems ... M Women is a Seattle trio and im quite fond of the miscellaneous of sounds that came from the "Faithful" LP which comprises of a mix of influences from the 90s alternative as predominance with a strong Sonic Youth accent but also heavy shoegazing and some sweet garage surf waves in the middle, most definitely worth checking out.

Video : Joana Sá's - Through this Looking-Glass

Joana Sá's is one absolute mindblowing Portuguese avant-guard experimental pianist and i can't find the proper words to describe this !!!

"Trailer for the film "Through this Looking-Glass". Directed by Daniel Neves it captures the surreal and experimental sounds of Joana Sá's piece for piano of the same title by guiding the viewer to the sources of the sounds and to the world of childhood and dreams in classic black and white. The full-length film will be released on blinker in autumn 2010."

More info about the Pianist works and bio Joana Sá's

Watch | Joana Sá's - Through this Looking Glass

Video - Drug Machine - Killer

Pure sickness, astonishing dark synth wave and video by the obscure Japanese band Drug Machine, there is not much information but apparently this is the first song, in case you now Japanese theres a lot of info on vimeo video description.

Watch | Drug Machine - Killer

Friday 17 February 2012

Illustrations : Tanya Miller

Stunning surreal illustrations by Russian born and Montreal, Quebec based Tanya Miller

New : Teen Demon - Not Alone 7"

Its been quite a while since i heard such refreshing beauty noisy bangers, Teen Demon are a punk rock Brooklyn duo formed by Randolph Riback and Chris Brignola that unleashes monster sick beats, aggressive riffs and all with a serious cool DIY vibe, something that will surely please thirsty No Age fans.

Video : Lamb - Butterfly Effect

Was pretty blown way with this black and white video, its so stylish and yet so simple that on the beginning took it for a fashion clip, this wonderful piece of work was produced Revolver Media and directed by the Amsterdam based photographer Claudia Crobatia, "Butterfly Effect" is taken from the upcoming S/T EP by the British electronic duo and marks the return of Lamb after an eight-year absence.

Watch | Lamb - Butterfly Effect

Video : Mint Julep – To The Sea

Like everything about this, the song is super cool and the video is just rad !!!!
"To The Sea" is taken from the Portland, Oregon husband/wife shoegaze duo 2011 LP "Save Your Season"

Watch | Mint Julep – To The Sea

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Documentary: Krautrock - The Rebirth Of Germany

Krautrock - The Rebirth Of Germany is a documentary produced and broadcast by BBC4 about the origin of the underground scene in Germany, especially the Krautrock genre. Narrated by its own main characters through interviews with members of Can, Amon Duul II, Neu! or Kraftwerk.

Metalheadz 100th Release : Goldie - Freedom Feat Natalie Duncan

legendary and pioneering London Drum n Bass'ers Metalheadz has reached the 100th release and to celebrate the milestone a new single from label boss Mr Goldie himself out 2nd April !!!

Listen | Goldie - Freedom Feat Natalie Duncan

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Video : Vrouwen zijn OK - Vrouwen zijn OK

Mega cool debut video and single from the Amsterdam sexy power girl rock band Vrouwen zijn OK fronted by the Awesome Kiki Weerts from the punk rockers Malle Pietje and the Bimbos.

Watch | Vrouwen zijn OK - Vrouwen zijn OK

Photography : Yougo Jeberg

Super interesting and wild work by the New York based French photographer Yougo Jeberg , his photographies are presented as anti-mainstream, against establishment and the Troubled youth with a cool stylish edge.

Video : Coasting - same Old Same Old

New amazing retro collage motion video from Coasting animated by the stunning Alice Cohen, "Same Old Same Old" is taken from the Brooklyn/New Zealand garage surf duo debut LP "You're Never Going Back" out on M'Lady's September 2011

Watch | Coasting - Same Old Same Old

A day in Amsterdam : The Anomalys "Retox" videoshoot, Regal live at House of Rising

Few weeks ago received a sick invitation from the Amsterdam garage punkers The Anomalys to be part of the videoshoot for "Retox" the upcoming EP on Slovenly, the video filming took place in Amsterdam's NDSM island at a little place that used to be a underground hangout with some quite peculiar surroundings and decoration, the best way to describe the place is some sort of naval bunker and the place was so tiny but we manage pretty fine ... it was complete sickness, 6 or 7 takes from "Retox" and each one getting wilder and crazier than the previous one and with lots of free booze to warm up the spirits cause it was sooooo freaking cold, the video is coming out if im not mistaken 13 March and i can't wait to see it !!!!!

After the Retoxing sick afternoon went to Miguels place to have dinner with some local friends and the French garage rock band Regal on transit to a concert at The House of Rising ... Miguel is soon to be my flatmate cause after 4 years in Haarlem im finally moving to Amsterdam on the 15 March .. whop whop whop ...

REGAL was a freaking blast, the sound was far from perfect and the voice was like at the end of the tunnel but like i said to the guys "This is not a symphony", they played really tight, fast and loud, they used the minimum resources and made it fun for everyone inside ... a real tribute to a garage rock concert ... well done boys :)

Mercie to the Stephane Serra from "L'apero Du Patron" best French delicatessen in Amsterdam and for helping put up the gig for Regal ... and Mercie also to the girls behind the bar all perfect too ... and for everybody that came on a freaking freazing night THANK YOU !!!!!!