Tuesday 26 April 2011

Dustin O'Halloran Interview‏

"A self-taught pianist from the age of 7, Dustin O’Halloran’s personal histories give us some clue to the thickly-woven tapestries of his music: he has lived in LA (where he studied art at Santa Monica College and formed the much-adored Devics with Sara Lov), Italy (in the depths of rural Emilia Romagna) and Berlin. His arresting, heartbreaking music is as much an elegant exercise in nuance and grace as it is a pure, intuitive, personal expression – and here is where we see some explanation into Dustin’s quiet rise to notoriety and his continued ascension."

"Lumiere is a superb addition to O’Halloran’s growing catalogue and reputation. This release sits neatly alongside some great career highs already ticked off, including writing music for Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette (2006), William Olsen’s An American Affair (2010) and Drake Doremus' 2011 Sundance winner Like Crazy and performing at New York’s Guggenheim Museum’s Kandinsky’s retrospective for their 50th anniversary gala, and of course the two Piano Solos albums released by Bella Union in 2004 and 2006 respectively."

Listen | Dustin O'Halloran - Lumiere 2011 / Buy

Witch of these styles is Dustin O'Halloran, Neo Classic, Modern Classic, Classic and why ?

well I think its difficult to say some people call it Neo Classic but I prefer to call it contemporary music. I think its hard to define what classic means so I prefer to stay away from that term. But I guess people can call it what ever they want its the music that matters.

When did you started playing the piano ? was by influence of someone close or you just felt naturally attracted to it ?

I started with just a few years of piano lessons from the church organist when i was young. There always was an attraction to the instrument when I first heard someone play Chopin, that was the moment i think I knew I wanted to play and even compose. I started writing simple pieces pretty early on and even performed one at a recital when I was your. didn't play the piano much during my teenage years as I was moving around and didn't have access to a piano. I came back to it much later when I started my band Devics with singer Sara Lov. This is what brought me back to music and the piano.

What were the dreams of a childhood playing piano ? Did you had fantasies of becoming so famous and playing in big theaters ?

No not really Maybe my mother did, hehe? but I was very interested in playing when I was young actually I was pretty petrified to perform the piano live, its so different than being up there with a band, I felt completely naked and its not until just a few years ago I really felt comfortable to perform piano live.

Who were your heroes ? Name someone that had a deep impact in your live and why ?

I think I have always been wary about having heroes they can always disappoint you in some way. But I do have tremendous respect for some artists who I think influenced me by their singular visions. People like Stanley Kubrick, Brian Eno, Mark Rothko to name a few..

How you would describe your style if you would compare it with other composers like Sylvain Chauveau and Max Richter ?

I think what we all share in common is our sense of space and minimalism. But other than that I think we are quite different. But I do have a lot of respect for them both.

Would you say that "Lumiere" is on the borderline between Modern Classic and Classic and why ? Who are your major influences from the classic world ?

Perhaps this record is the closest I have come to the classical world. I had a really amazing and accomplished quartet that recorded with me ACME, and also its the most composed pieces I have done to date.
Some composers that have been an influence have could be Arvo Part, Gavin Bryars, Debussy, Messiaen, Bach, Erik Satie..

How far did your moving to Europe affected your compositions ?

I dont think I could ever have written this music with out my move to Europe. It effected it in so many ways. First because I had the time to focus on the piano compositions and also I found people that were inspiring around me, fellow collaborators. I think Europe is a better place for composers there is more support here for new music and you have so many amazing players and places to perform. The US is still really dominated by folk and rock music ( which I also love) but it makes it difficult for anything else to exist and thrive. I feel very at home in Europe.

You have collaborated with many musician and composers all over the years, witch one would say has influenced you the most ?

I have been lucky to work with some amazing artists working with Johann Johanssonn really made a strong impression on me and I truly think he is one of the great composers of our time. I also really enjoyed working with Mark Lanagen and Soulsavers on the last record his voice has this amazing lived in quality and to be able to create music with such a soulful singer is such a rare thing. I also had the chance to do a double piano concert with Hauschka in Berlin last year. We wrote some pieces for 2 pianos and performed it together. I think he is really wonderful and important artist right now he is never afraid to experiment and try new things.

For the simple fact that "Lumiere" is released in a record label like Fat Cat will always make "Lumiere" an outsider from the classical spectrum ?

I don't think so actually as this record is the first record that HAS been recognized by the classical press. So maybe there are some barriers starting to fall and more experimental labels are becoming important to the classical world. I think in general the classical world does not recognize composers until much later in their career even Philip Glass is still a bit of an outsider. But I think the most important thing is to just compose and let time decide.

"Like Crazy" the movie you have composed the OST has recently won a prize in the Sundance Film Festival, what are the main creative differences on composition between "Lumiere" and "Like Crazy" ?

Yes this was a big surprise for me to win this award as its a small independent film. Its very different writing for yourself than film. Perhaps the main difference is time. I really take my time with my own compositions and with film you usually only have a couple months to finish so much music. Also with my own work its a blank canvas everything you must start from scratch and really find something deep in yourself. Film work can also bring out things you would never do, which I like a lot as well. Its more of a collaboration so its just a really different way to work.

” A Winged Victory For The Sullen” with Adam Wiltzie from ” Stars of The Lid” is one of your most recent collaborations, What can we expect ?

Yes I am very proud of this record. We recorded in some amazing places Italy , Brussels, Berlin. The record will come out in late August on Kranky in the US and Erased Tapes in Europe. I would describe it as a mix of what we both do...and a study in minimalism. We recorded strings in the old DDR radio studios in Berlin, and piano in the west berlin at an old church. We really wanted to try to capture some real beautiful large acoustics its one of my favorite pianos I have ever recorded and Adam has this really amazing way of working with guitar. I think we compliment each other a lot musically and we both have a love of fine food and whiskey so a collaboration was inevitable!

Detachments @ Clube Ferroviário Lisbon 28 April

For the first time in Portugal the London Noir Synth-Pop band opens the live concerts collaboration between Audiopleasures and the super Lisbon Clube Ferroviário

"This enigmatic debut album of synth pop noir from Detachments , some two years in the making, more than distinguishes the band from their contemporaries. The promise and intrigue in the potent jagged Detachments sound that drew such creative luminaries as Andrew Weatherall, Trevor Jackson and Tim Goldsworthy to work with the band has been fully realised here.

Working with James Ford, the bands creative force Bastien Marshal has delivered an album of eleven tracks that belie any comparison with contemporary artists or bands. The eleven tracks included illustrate the Detachments ascendance to a pure synth group."

Watch | Detachments - Audio/Video
Watch | Detachments - The Flowers That Fell
Watch | Detachments - Holiday Romance

"Culled from almost 40 songs, Bastien worked day and night over a ten-day period in Hackney in the bitter snow-dusted cold of late February 2010 (our coldest in some 40 years) an experience which brought to mind the bleakness of Berlin in the midst of winter, a well trodden destination of Bastien’s.

The mutual love Minimal Wave and also the sonic experiments that emanated from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop informed the decision to fully utilise a vast array of vintage synth gear. This direction finessed the sound that seeps through every pore of their album." This Is Not An Exit Records

Damage 7 Euros
Rua de Santa Apolónia nº 59, 1100 Lisbon, Portugal

29 April Detachments at Body Rock Crew @ Armazém do Chá in Porto

Monday 25 April 2011

Juan Francisco Casas

Absolute stunner work from Spanish born artist Juan Francisco Casas

Sun Glitters - Love Me (:papercutz Remix)

Excellent remix to Sun Glitters from one of the most interesting electronics sounds coming from Portugal these days ... :Papercutz vibes will please anyone in touch with the Dream Pop movement. :Papercutz remix is out on an album also featuring Teen Daze, Blackbird Blackbird, NIVA, Essay and many more.

Mp3 | Sun Glitters - Love Me (:papercutz Remix)

World Press Photo 2011 Amsterdam

The 2011 World Press Photo Exhibition as opened its doors in Amsterdam at the Oude Kerk on 22 April and this year edition will stay untill 19 June.

"Among the works on display is the haunting image of the Afghan woman, Bibi Aisha. Depicting both the struggles of women in the Middle East region as well as highlighting the strength of their endurance, the photo earned top prize.

“Part of what the World Press Photo contest does is take pictures to a wider audience, an audience that is going to ask why,” said Aidan Sullivan, one of the 19 picture editors, curators and photographers that judged the contest’s thousands of submissions in an interview with Time Out Amsterdam.

“What on earth? What’s going on? What has happened? For me, this was the picture that asked the most important questions.”

South African photographer, Jodi Beiber shot the image as part of a Time magazine spread on Afghan women. she says the picture may be discomforting, but that it highlights the strength of Afghan women."

Sunday 24 April 2011

Taro Horiuchi 2011 A/W collection

Simply breathtaking state of the art Genki Ito film and the scenery of Taro Horiuchi 2011 A/W collection for the Japan Fashion Week

Watch | Taro Horiuchi 2011 A/W collection

Friday 22 April 2011

Black Box Red @ Sonic Connections Amsterdam 21 April

Amazing discovery last night during Sonic Connections in Amsterdam ...
Black Box Red are Eva van Netten Guitar/Vocal/Synth and Stefan Woudstra Drums/Vocal from Leeuwarden in the North Holland.
Their sound its taken from the DIY dance punk with the right dose of electro and their influences sounded like a mix of Blood Red Shoes, Dutchess Says, Kap Bambino, We are Wolves, Death from Above and i was extremely impressed with their live performance ... the drums are insanely cool and Stefan doesn't give it a rest and bangs it frenetically and everything moves in perfect harmony with the synth and guitar riffs from punky vocals and attitude from Eva. Basically their music is Noisy, Sexy, Raw and Loud and something you have to see live.

They have a couple of tracks on their soundcloud and watch out for the awesome The Clash cover that really makes justice to their talent.

Watch | BlackboxRed - Howling Wolf (Live @ De Brakke Grond Amsterdam 21/04/2011)
Listen | Black Box Red - Brand New Cadilac (The Clash Cover)
Listen | Black Box Red - She Pulls Her Gun

upcoming NL & UK gigs

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Teenage Bad Girl - Backwash

One of my fav Parisian Electro bangers Teenage Bad Girl have announced a new album in june ... i don't know what they are doing these days but many moons ago they made some freaking mindblowing electro ... Break Out The Wheel is a absolute CLASSIC !!!

Listen | Teenage Bad Girl - Break Out The Wheel

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Room40 10 years free compilation anniversary

"On March 31st 2011, Room40 officially ends its tenth anniversary and to wrap things up we’re celebrating with a free 40 track sampler created by friends and family. It’s a summary of music and sound that has occupied our ears...past, present and future.

We’re very proud to offer work from as far away as Iceland and Antarctica. Pole to pole Room40 says thanks to all our supporters, friends and artists for such a great first ten years and we look forward to the next ten!"

featuring among others Ben Frost, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Taylor Deupree, Koen Holtkamp, Lawrence English, Grouper etc ... free download Room40

Deerhunter - Nosebleed

Amazing new track from Deerhunter, "Nosebleed" is taken from the new "Memory Boy" ep out on 4AD.

Listen | Deerhunter - Nosebleed

Digitalism - 2 Hearts

New Digitalism track .... very indie very dance and very much a hit !!!!

Listen | Digitalism - 2 Hearts

Sunday 17 April 2011

Wheedle's Groove Movie

Smashing documentary "Wheedle's Groove Movie"
The story of Seattle's forgotten soul and funk scene of the 1960s and 1970s

Watch | Wheedle's Groove Movie

watch it in full one week only @ Pitchfork

Black Sunrise Nick Cross

This looks really amazing ... the trailer for the upcoming animation by Nick Cross. Nick needs funds to complete Black Sunrise and a fundraising is taking place Here

Watch | Black Sunrise - Trailer

"Black Sunrise is the story of two different people attempting to survive in a world embroiled in tyranny, war, and environmental degradation."

Luc Braquet Photography

Super amazing work by French creative Director and self-taught Photographer Luc Braquet

Thurston Moore - Benediction

Listen | Thurston Moore - Benediction

New single from the Sonic Youth legend !!! the new album "Demolished Thoughts" will be released on the indie lable Matador 24 May

WhoMadeWho - Every Minute Alone

New music video from the Danish trio ... "Every Minute Alone" is taken from the forthcoming mini-album "Knee Deep" available April 25th on Kompakt.

Watch | WhoMadeWho - Every Minute Alone

mY Indie Soul # 40

Yeahhhhh ... 4 years = 40 Mixtapes.

A new collection of awesome 2011 tunes ... Alternative, Shoegaze, Garage, Noise-Pop, Punk-Rock with a Lo-Fi psychedelic touch.

mY Indie Soul # 40 by Audiopleasures

Get it here

mY Indie Soul # 40
Sister Crayon - Here We Never Die
Tv On the Radio - Forgotten
Bill Callahan - Frees
Beach Fossils - Calyer
Vivian Girls - Lake House
Sonny and the Sunsets - The Bad Energy From LA Is Killing Me
Crystal Stilts - Half a Moon
Shapes Have Fangs - Ghost In the Mirror
Bass Drum of Death - Get Found
Young Prims - Feel Fine
Ringo Deathstarr - Two Girls
Ceremony - Not Tonight
Bibio - Take Off Your Shirt
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Girls Of 1000 Dreams
The Death Set - I Been Searching For This Song Called Fashion
Tyvek - Time Change

all tunes released in 2011 ...
if u like it show some love and leave a comment :)

Deep Heaven Now 3 Compilation

Excellent free compilation

"A sampler of bands playing deep heaven now 3 slotted for 4/15-4/16 in union square, somerville at precinct & pa's lounge both nights."

Thursday 14 April 2011

Nike 6.0 Presents: Leave A Message – A Women’s Surf Film

Sublime all girls surf film with a killer trailer ... "Leave A Message" featuring six amazing top women surfers ... this is not just another surf movie !!!!

Watch | Nike 6.0 Presents: Leave A Message

Leave a Message will be available for free download on May 24, 2011 at Nike 6.0 Leave A Message

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Lcd Soundsystem - Live Alone (Franz Ferdinand cover)

Brand new Lcd Soundsystem cover of Franz Ferdinand, "Live Alone" is part of a EP of very cool people covering songs from their latest album feat Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt, Peaches, Blondie's Debbie Harry, and ESG.

Retired but not dead are they !!

Listen | Lcd Soundsystem - Live Alone (Franz Ferdinand cover)

Sub Pop : Terminal Sales Vol. 4

Awesome compilation from the superb indie label featuring great bands like Dum Dum Girls, Lower Dens, Low, Mogwai, Pissed Jeans etc ...

"Each year, or sometimes every third year or so, we try fairly hard to put together a compilation of songs from the many much better than average, we think, bands, artists and comedians currently regretting signing a life-long and punishingly unfair recording contract with Sub Pop Records."

Listen | Sub Pop : Terminal Sales Vol. 4

Ana Salvador Dolls

Truly amazing dolls by Ana Salvador , born in Barreiro Portugal and currently working and living in Amsterdam ... in her website are loads of awesome dolls.

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Black Lips at Trouw Amsterdam 16 May

The super awesome band in a super Amsterdam venue Trouw ... the Atlanta Garage/Punk-Rockers have a brand new video "Modern Art" and a new Lp "Arabia Mountain" out June 7th on VICE Music.

Watch | Black Lips - Modern Art

Watch | Black Lips - Go Out and Get It!

Monday 11 April 2011

We Trust - Time (Better not stop)

WE TRUST - Time (Better not stop) | Official video from Rickard Bengtsson on Vimeo.

very cool new sounds from the Porto band and awesome Stop Motion work by Rickard Bengtsson. Time (Better not stop) is taken from the Portuguese new Ep and its FREE

Chunky Move's Connected

One of the finest dance companies in the world, the Australians internationally acclaimed Chunky Move's is showing the world their stunning new work. I saw them two years ago in Amsterdam and i can tell you that they are absolutely breathtaking

"Chunky Move's Connected It’s a collaboration between director/choreographer Gideon Obarzanek and sculptor Reuben Margolin, performed by Stephanie Lake, Alisdair Macindoe, Marnie Palomares, Harriet Ritchie and Joseph Simons, with music from Oren Ambarchi and Chunky Move regular Robin Fox."

Watch | Chunky Move's Connected

Ryan McGinley 'Somewhere Place' exhibition Amsterdam

One of my favorite photographers as a exhibition in AMSTERDAM, the super amazing Ryan McGinley will show a selection of new works at 'Galerie Gabriel Rolt' Amsterdam ... super UÁUUUUU.

"Youth, liberation and the joy of losing yourself in the moment are elements that feature throughout Ryan McGinley’s work, from his early roots in documenting the urban adventures of his downtown Manhattan friends to his subsequent cross-cou...ntry travels in utopian environments throughout America to his most recent studio portraits. McGinley’s elaborate and rigorous process of photo-making creates moments of breathtaking beauty: naked feral kids poised in ecstatic abandon. The lack of clothing and other contemporary signifiers along with the archetypical landscapes give the photos a sense of timelessness in which the viewer can project his or her own story.

Over the years McGinley’s work has evolved from documenting reality toward creating settings where the situations are choreographed. The process of carefully staging and directing ‘happenings’, often in beautiful rural landscapes, is increasingly more cinematic in tone, while retaining the spontaneity of his early work. This particular series is perhaps the most cinematic yet. The photos have developed a surreal, action-film quality— people ricocheting through unknown spaces, a couple starting up at an apocalyptic sky, figures falling from trees in wet darkness. They’re dramatic and moody, full of storms and rushing rivers and night skies"

Apparat - Ash/Black Veil

First flavour from the German producer Sascha Ring, aka Apparat new album.

Mp3 | Apparat - Ash/Black Veil

Saturday 9 April 2011

Moss Brigade Day Madrid

Madrid must be the capital of the cool skateboard movies !!! Lots of skateboarders around 6 skateparks in Madrid under the theme 70`s and 80’s skaters style

Watch | Moss Brigade Day

Nike Amsterdam Destroyer

Superrrrrr Nike Amsterdam Destroyer ad, wonderful work of Amsterdam based Director Paul Geusebroek and delicious track "Tunnel of Love" by Wanda Jackson.

“Nike Sportswear awarded Amsterdam’s Precinct 5 running team with their very own Nike Destroyer jackets (which will not be for sale) and documented the crew in a short video feature. The P5 running crew is made up of many colorful members. People from the fields of retail, music, design, and some just live the nightlife whenever possible. What they all have in common though is a positive energy and persistence. This point of view is strongly reflected in their running, in their style, in their business and ultimately, in their lives. As documented in this video, this is what unites the Precinct 5 Running Crew”. HypeBeast

Watch | Nike Amsterdam Destroyer

Dustin O'Halloran - We Move Lightly

Wonderful and Wonderful, yes two times ... "We Move Lightly" is taken from "Lumiere",basically one of my favorite Modern Classical albums of the year ... breathtaking music from the American Berlin based composer and pianist. "Lumiere" is out on Fat Cat and an interview on Audiopleasures in the coming weeks

Watch | Dustin O'Halloran - We Move Lightly

Twin Shadow - At My Heels Video

New Twin Shadow music video, "At My Heels" is taken from the massivly acclaimed 2010 "Forget" debut LP on 4AD

Watch | Twin Shadow - At My Heels

In case u missed that wonderful album you can get it here for 1USD

zZz @ Red Light Radio Amsterdam

While we wait for the Amsterdamers sleazers zZz new album their is a brand new mixtape with some of their favorites and super dupper zZz cover of "Born to be Alive". brought to live by Red Light Radio

Listen | zZz @ Red Light Radio 04-04-2011

and if u like this and appreciate the work of independent radio pop in at the OT301 Amsterdam next saturday for the station benefit party

A Day With Daytrotter: Capturing the Unique

A wonderful documentary by Time Video about Daytrotter , a blog that got famous for its live recordings, free music from loads of cool Indie bands and illustrations.

Watch | A Day With Daytrotter: Capturing the Unique

Listen | Best Coast @ Daytrotter

No Age @ The OT301 Amsterdam 7 April

No Age live is also some sort of orgasm, a wild and violent too !!!
There were Women/Men/Shoes/Beer and all sorts of strange objects flying around the 301, all this madness was happening just a few inches from the band ... im quite surprised that no one crushed with none of the No Age.
Apart from the awesome crowd madness but well behaved much respect how they handle the situation, The freaking awesome drummer Dean Spunt spoke several times with the excited and very sweaty crowd to be careful with their heads and genitals.

Basically was the concert of the year ... i got a lot to concerts but this was from another planet, extraordinary entertainment.

Hats off for the Subbacultcha team for bringing such a awesome band to a small venue ... after all these bands belong here, if these concert would have taken place in the Paradiso or at the Melkweg i think half of the wonder of this was gone.

Also really liked the opening band These Foreign Kids , Dutch duo that make a sounds that combines Death From Above and Sonic Youth ...

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Sex Beet and Human Eye Scion a/v split 7″

Another super 7" on the garage bands series of Scion A/V ... Super London trio Sex Beet with Detroit's Human Eye ... free download

Scion A/V Garage: Human Eye / Sex Beet by ScionAV

Nastya Tailakova Photography

Very cool work from Nastya Tailakova , from St. Petersburg, Russia.