Sunday 26 April 2009

Nam,Datarock,A Million Little Pictures, Ólafur Arnalds,Lesley Flanigan,Fink,Body Paint, Justice of the Unicorns,Sofia Coppola,Invisible Children

Nam is a Japanese graphic collective , founded by Takayuki Nakazawa and Hiroshi Manaka .
Their aim is to experiment and search for new forms in the world of visual art
" A fantasy in Life ".

Datarock's first video from their new album "RED". Watch as the boys in red suits bust some moves in a battle that will leave you wishing you could do the same.

Watch | Datarock - Give It Up

A Million Little Pictures: Documentary

1,000 artists documenting 1,000 lives from around the world

Art House is looking for 1,000 people from around the world to receive 1000 disposable cameras. We'll mail the camera to you to document your life in 24 exposures and then you simply send us back the prints. Not only will we have the exhibition here in Atlanta, we will also travel to the city with the most participants. Soooooo, tell your friends, mom, sister, cousin, or whoever to sign up. The exhibition will be home to 24,000 photographs of 1,000 peoples lives all over the world.

For more information on the project and to sign up, please go to: Art House Co-op

Ólafur Arnalds to record and release one song per day.

With the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Eulogy for Evolution’ and follow-up EP ‘Variations of Static’ – both released on the cinematic music label Erased Tapes – under his belt, Icelandic neo-classical composer Ólafur Arnalds embarks on a brand new collection of tracks entitled ‘Found Songs’. Each track from this series will be created and released within 24 hours and made exclusively available online as a free download Here

Bioluminescence is an experimental electronic audio/video collaboration between vocalist Lesley Flanigan and laptop artist R. Luke DuBois. The performers (one singing, one processing) create a dense palette of sound and imagery, all derived entirely from the voice of the singer. Bioluminescence has been performed internationally with regular shows in New York City.

Watch | Bioluminescence

The brand new video from Fink for the track 'Sort Of Revolution' taken from the forthcoming album of the same name, released on Ninja Tune in May 2009.

Watch | Fink - Sort Of Revolution

Body Paint is an interactive installation and performance, using the body as an instrument to paint on a virtual canvas and interpreting gestures and dance into evolving compositions.

Watch | Body Paint

"The Dragon's Claw"
The official music video for Justice of the Unicorns from the album "Angels with Uzis".
Animated in Flash, then exported and composited in a 3D environment in Combustion.

Watch | Justice of the Unicorns - The Dragon's Claw

The writer-director who shot her "Lost in Translation" at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, practically making a character out of the antiseptic structure, will set her next film at the iconic Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning will star in the Focus Features dramedy "Somewhere," which Coppola penned.

Story centers on a bad-boy actor stumbling through a life of excess at the Chateau Marmont. With an unexpected visit from his 11-year-old daughter, he is forced to reexamine his life.

The filmmaker, who said she has been looking to make "an intimate story set in contemporary Los Angeles," received permission to shoot at the hotel, which has become notorious in recent years as a popular address for tabloid-friendly celebs. Film will lense in L.A. and Italy in June and July. Variety

SAN DIEGO- On April 25th, Invisible Children, a media-based organization dedicated to ending Africa’s longest-running war is going global for their third and largest Awareness Event to date: a 100-city, nine country rally called the RESCUE, to demand attention for the plight of children abducted and forced to fight as soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army, terrorizing Central East Africa over the last two decades.

For 23 years, the region has been consumed by conflict. Despite a ceasefire called between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and Ugandan government, efforts toward peace were stalled on several occasions by Kony’s refusal to sign the final peace agreement. In early 2009, the Ugandan government and surrounding countries launched a military operation intended to defeat the LRA and capture the rebel leader. The LRA retaliated by murdering and displacing thousands of civilians, while abducting hundreds of children to fight amongst its ranks. A war originally contained within Uganda’s borders has now evolved into a widespread regional crisis, prompting massive international attention.

The RESCUE is a radically unique event, unlike Invisible Children’s previous events ‘Global Night Commute’ and ‘Displace Me’ that had 150 000 collectively sleeping in the streets across the country for the displaced people of northern Uganda. The RESCUE requires participants to ‘abduct themselves for the abducted’. Thousands of people will travel by foot to a location in each city that will become their ‘LRA’ base, where they will refuse to leave until a senator, politician or public figure ‘RESCUES’ them by making a public statement on behalf of child soldiers. Invisible Children

Watch | Invisible Children

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Friday 17 April 2009

mY Indie Soul # 29

Before the arrival of our next guests , Konntinent , How to Cure Dyslexia and Codes in de Clouds , a new Indie Soul .
With a large German flavor and with an incredible amount of different music influences and styles.

Anyway today im felling a bit sick , was the whole week kinda tired and at my work only 120% is acceptable , i'm very happy with it.

I've decided to make this Indie Soul in the memory on my lovely beautiful mobile that lies in the bottom of a canal together with the keys from my house , car , work locker , my bank pass and my favorite party pants that i had almost for 8 years.

Experimental | IDM | Micro Funk | Glitch | Electronic | Indie | Alternative | Italo Disco | Disco | Soul | Post-Rock | Drum n Bass | Krautrock | Soul | Hip Hop | Breaks | Electro | New Rave | Audiopleasures

mY Indie Soul # 29
Listen \ Download

Konntinent - Nassau Tree
Great record , what i like more about is how he can combine textures in a very relaxed and simple way , Nassau Tree is a great track that in some ways is a reminder of the smashing Ben Frost Theory of Machines.
There are some other ideas , Drone and Glitch with post-rock splashes , not easy to easy find . So we could call it "Post-Somewhere".

Kurt Vile - Songs for John in D
Really like the simplicity and strings arrangements of this song , a simple idea is always the best.

Ametsub - Faint Dazzlings
Another great record , lots of lovely piano with a arcade of beats and kicks in Idm shape

Cheju - Scattered [ Electricwest Remix ]
I was listening to the last Cheju album , what i liked most about it , was the Electricwest remix , fantastic piece of electronic music and better Idm.

Bop & Despot - Song About My Dog
Got my attention because of the tags of the record , Drum 'n Bass and Idm , i'm not gonna miss that one , hoping to year more from this guys if they follow this direction.

Flying Lotus - Visions of Violet 1
Another great mash of Steven Ellison aka Flylo , did you know that his great-aunt was Alice Coltrane ?

Damero Feat. Apparat - Passage to Silence
Apparat is probably the artist with more presences on mY Indie Soul , always welcome for more.

Padded Cell - Beautiful Gloom
One of my favorites records from 2008 .

Woolfy VS Projections - The Chase
Top Fav from last year , magisterial track , must listen .

Moderat - Porc#2
Apparat vs Modeselektor , my fav track from the album , funny think , the first track of the album also has that theory of machines sort of rambling bass ben frost type. To be honest i guess i expected a bit more of these gentleman.

Siriusmo - Nights Off
Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary aka Modeselektor have started a brand new label , Monkeytown Records , Siriusmo 6track ep is a warm up for a album debut later this year.

In Flagranti - Pick a Trick
Super track , fresh , has nothing to do with the rest of the album.

Das Bierbeben - Dunkle Tage
Recently released on Shitkatapult , really nice piece of album , entertaining and not boring at all.

Kap Bambino - Acid Eyes
The return of the bad ass , one thing is different , the pitch is lower witch is kinda strange.

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Monday 13 April 2009

5 Days Off,Warp 20,Kitsune 7,Eno Henze,Velvære Circle,Bendito Machine,Kapcom,The Kickdrums,Fight Like Apes,We live in public

So this is the first message in a while concerning the infamous 5 Days Off Festival in Amsterdam which will be from 15-19th of july. The first performing artists have been confirmed and needless to say we are all stoked on the line-up so far. Check out our friendslist to see who will be performing in Amsterdam at the festival. Seeing as this is only the tip of the iceberg, you will not (I repeat NOT) be disappointed when you see the complete line-up which will be made public somewhere in the near future.

Info on the tickets can be found on our website 5 Days Off FestivalFor now only the passepartouts are on sale, tickets for the various programms will also go on sale in a few weeks but no date is confirmed so far.

Stay tuned for more information!

Simian Mobile Disco, Crookers, Santigold, Black Rose (Henrik Schwarz & Jesse Rose), Diplo &Mad Decent Soundsystem (Fake BLood, Major Lazer, Boy 8-Bit), Magnetic Man, Gui Boratto, Moderat, Jamie Lidell, Crystal Castles, Wearables Live Design, Kindred Spirits Ensemble presents 'Strings of Life'.

Warp records is celebrating 20 years.
Create The Definitive Warp Album. Vote for your favourite ever Warp tracks here. Your top 10 (by different artists) will combine with our top 10 to make a historic album for release this Autumn. Leave personal messages and memories and the best will be printed in the album art.
We Are Reasonable People. Here

Warp20 (Paris) - Full Lineup & Tickets
We can now announce the final lineup for Warp20 in Paris taking place at Cité De la Musique on 8th-9th May 2009 - less than a month away now!

Friday 8th May
Chris Cunningham - Live , !!! , Pivot , Seefeel ,
Andrew Weatherall , DJ Mujava , Jackson , Warp DJs

Saturday 9th May
Aphex Twin & Hecker , Plaid , Leila - Live , Clark ,
Flying Lotus , Hudson Mohawke , Rustie , Luke Vibert

Ampitheatre - both nights
Warp Films, Warp Vision and video installation by Dalbin

Get tickets Here

The seventh Kitsuné Maison compilation, the lucky one....
with a constantly expanding network and always more news, discoveries, talents soon to blow-up, hopes, love, happiness and he-do-nism.

All clothes are extract from the new Kitsuné Fall Winter 09 collection : "The Graduate".
All music to be feature on KITSUNE MAISON 7, out beginning of June.

Watch | Kitsune 7 Teaser

Cerenkovs Dream by Eno Henze
Technological objet trouvé with 4 Led Panels, power adaptor and image processor.

Art piece for pickwick. music: Andreas Steen Sørensen

Watch | Velvære Circle

Everything you need, first episode of Bendito Machine , Created by jossie malis.
Watch | Bendito Machine

Excelent video by Takcom for Aux.

Watch | Aux - With Rain.

The Kickdrums are offering a free mp3 for their new video.

Watch | The Kickdrums - When I Come Down
Mp3 | The Kickdrums - When I Come Down

A music video for Fight Like Apes’ “Tie Me Up in Jackets,” directed, produced and filmed by Eoghan Kidney. More then 1300 paintings on paper were created for this video.

Watch | Fight Like Apes - Tie Me Up With Jackets

On the 40th anniversary of the Internet, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC tells the story of the effect it is having on our society as seen through the eyes of the greatest Internet pioneer you’ve never heard of, visionary Josh Harris. Award-winning director, Ondi Timoner (DIG!), documented his tumultuous life for more than a decade, to create a riveting, cautionary tale of what to expect as the virtual world inevitably takes control of our lives.

Watch | We Live in Public

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Monday 6 April 2009

I So Wish,International Pillow Fight Day,Boys Noise Records,Moderat,Art Brussels, Foam, Springdance,The Disposable Film Festival, Lillevan,Black Rain

What's your wish for 2009?

I So Wish is a place where you make a wish and the community of other wishers helps to make it come true.

Make your wish, and who knows, it might just happen

Boys Noise Records are next friday @ Melkweg Amsterdam to showcase some of their label acts.

I guess no need a lot of introducions , Electro , Indie , Dance , a great night in prespective.

Boys Noise , D.I.M , Les Petits Pilous , Shadow Dancer

Mp3 | Bloc Party - Banquet [ Boys Noize vox mix ]
Mp3 | The Faint - The Geek Were Right [ Shadow Dancer mix ]
Mp3 | Heartsrevolution - Ultraviolence [ Les Petits Pilous mix ]
Mp3 | Fischerspooner - Danse en France [ D.I.M mix ]

Picture by K.

Short movie from the International Pillow Fight Day in the Dam Square Amsterdam , Images that i got from my mobile during the afternon and @ the after party , video edited by Miguel , Soundtrack , Blood in Your Hands by Death From Above with a great Justice Remix.

Watch | International Pillow Fight Day Amsterdam

It was a twist of fate that brought about Modeselektor and Apparat’s reunion in the spring of 2008. Szary and Bronsert, both proud fathers, were on their way to the "Stadtbad Mitte" (Berlin-Mitte City Pool) with their children for their regular Monday swimming lessons when they ran into Ring, a devout bachelor who happened to be accompanied by several dubious females. After a battering of verbal abuse, the three gentlemen quickly made peace and decided to get back to work on their collaborative album post haste. Thus, Moderat was reformed.

In recording Moderat’s self-titled album, the three men began by renting studio space at the legendary Berlin Hansa Studios (where Bowie recorded Heroes) in order to record the album in analog with the help of the studio’s vintage tube technology and an old EMI console from 1972, restored especially for Moderat. American software designer, Joshua Kit Clayton, was hired to program a superb reverb algorithm s! pecifically for the recording process of this album. This exquisite sound design is one of the reasons why the promotional copies can be listened to only in mono. Finished copies will, of course, be in full stereo.Bpitch

Mp3 | Moderat - A new Error

Every year in April, Art Brussels opens its doors and welcomes more than 30 000 professionals, collectors and art lovers from all over the world. artbrussels is the European platform for upcoming talents in the field of contemporary art and focuses as well on strong established galleries representing a selection of their highest-quality paintings, sculptures, photography, video and installations .
Save the dates for the upcoming 27th edition of artbrussels, as from 24 till 27 April 2009 !

Are you a young and talented photographer? This is your changce to get your work published in Foam Magazine, a distinctive and highly regarded international photography magazine. Foam Magazine is scouting young talent for its annual ‘Talent’ issue due in September 2009.

For more information on the submission requirements, interviews and tips from previous talents go to Foam You can submit your work until the 18th of May.

Every year in April Springdance brings the international world of contemporary dance and performance to Utrecht in a two-week festival with shows, performances, installations, and debates, presented at different locations throughout the city. The festival presents work of independent dance artists from the Netherlands as well as abroad, from up-and-coming young talent as well as more established artists.

Springdance presents dance in all its different contexts, inside the theatre as well as site-specific, from performance to installation, in order to extend the definition of what dance is, or could be. The artists at Springdance explore the boundaries of dance, offering a unique perspective on this form of art and of the world around us.

The Disposable Film Festival was created in 2007 to celebrate the artistic potential of disposable video: short films made on non-professional devices such as one-time use video cameras, cell phones, point and shoot cameras, webcams, computer screen capture software, and other readily available video capture devices. With people everywhere posting videos online, we felt the time was right to draw attention to the creative potential of this new mode of filmmaking. Far beyond its initial roles for video blogging and documentation, the DFF offers a forum to display how disposable media can be used for creative purposes. The DFF hosts screenings, competitions, and other events to showcase the best work within the disposable genre.

This video includes footage of crystallization experiments in my studio in 2008, filmed through a microscope, and images of Morroccan sand photographed near Marrakesh through a telescope in the late 90ies.
Video by Lillevan , Music by Vladislav Delay

Mp3 | Lillevan & Vladislav Delay - Otan Osaa / Crystals & Sand

Black Rain is sourced from images collected by the twin satellite, solar mission, STEREO. Here we see the HI (Heliospheric Imager) visual data as it tracks interplanetary space for solar wind and CME's (coronal mass ejections) heading towards Earth. Data courtesy of courtesy of the Heliospheric Imager on the NASA STEREO mission.

Working with STEREO scientists, Semiconductor collected all the HI image data to date, revealing the journey of the satellites from their initial orientation, to their current tracing of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Solar wind, CME's, passing planets and comets orbiting the sun can be seen as background stars and the milky way pass by. Semiconductor

Watch | Black Rain

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Sunday 5 April 2009

Let's Lounge,Pillow Fight Day,Multitouch Barcelona,Arcade Fire, I Amsterdam, Bloc Party, Populous, Sylvain Chauveau, Barletta,Erica Kobren

Luz Difusion

Let's Lounge

Mp3 | Air - Modulor [ Etienne De Crecy mix ]
Mp3 | Aqua Bassino - Welcome Home
Mp3 | Beanfield - Tides [ Beanfield chant mix ]
Mp3 | Black Science Orchestra - Save Us [ Ashley Beedle's mix ]
Mp3 | Curtis Mayfield - Little Child Runnin' Wild [ King Britt mix ]
Mp3 | Furry Phreaks feat. Emilie Chick - Lament For A Dead Generation
Mp3 | Kemetic Just - Do You Remember [ Charles Webster mix ]
Mp3 | Milosh - Awful Game [ Troublemaker mix ]
Mp3 | Minus 8 - Runaway [ tweaks mix ]
Mp3 | Nina Simone - Sinnerman [ Luciano Edit ]
Mp3 | Stereotyp - Take the Weight [ Peter kruder mix ]
Mp3 | Tosca feat. Anna Clementi - Me and Yoko Ono

Download Full Let's Lounge

Great fun yesterday in the pillow fight , Dam Square Amsterdam.

And in the after party :-)

Designed for the Red Bull Music Academy 08, Guten Touch is an interactive installation that involves people into a natural relationship with technology. A two projected display system plus a 3m x 2m multitouch wall showcase applications designed to engage us into human friendly experiences rather than flashy and jaw-dropping visualizations. Space Invaders hitted by foam balls, pixel paintings created with brushes and digital objects holded by hands try to blur boundaries between real and digital.

Watch | Multitouch Barcelona

70-min experimental Arcade Fire doc lensed by Vincent Moon and directed by Vincent Morisset. catch it while it's up.

Watch | Arcade Fire - Miroir Noir

Shot in Vondelpark and Museumplein in Amsterdam.

Watch | I Amsterdam

It was on an October night, in Paris. We went to a pub, made some noise outside with a German band. Kele, Bloc Party's singer, went out. We asked him to sing. He said no. We asked again, he said 'yes but'. Then, we asked again...

Here it is, just one song, an old song, played acoustic for the first time. From Bloc Party, a Take Away Show.

Watch | Bloc Party - This Modern Love

A music video created for Populous called Man overboard taken from their album Drawn in basic!

The vid took around 9 weeks to make using Maya and After Effects I kind of went a bit crazy with the plugins but hell im pretty pleased :)

Watch | Populous - Man Overboard

"Touching Down Lightly is a new full-length (surprise) album out on the Creative Sources imprint. This is not the song-based album , started early 2007 (still unfinished for now). "Touching Down Lightly" is the result of one day of improvisation at Soma Electronic Music Studio late November 2008: a way to create fresh, intuitive music, to play instantly, to avoid thinking during months before recording a single sound. This CD will be just one long piano piece (47 minutes), described as "full of silences, soft piano notes, and very long sustains".Microsuoni

Mp3 | Sylvain Chauveau - Touching Down Lightly (Excerpt)

Got on my mail a very cool remix of Warp by barletta

Mp3 | The Bloody Beetroots - Warp [ Barletta Edit ]

At SVA, everyone graduating has to complete a thesis. As Computer Art majors, we started the process at the beginning of our junior year.

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to have my thesis about dreams and lucid dreaming. (The subject has always fascinated me. My AP Art portfolio in high school was also about dreams!) Coming up with a story, however, was hard. I wanted to make it about my own dreams, so it started out as someone just traveling through all these random dreams. After coming up with concept art and storyboarding it all out, I realized that it was just too long and confusing.

So, I picked out one of my favorite dreams, where I'm flying, and transform into a hawk. It needed some sort of storyline, so I incorporated another dream where I "wake up" and fly out my bedroom window.

Watch | Erica Kobren - Oneironaut

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