Wednesday 30 November 2011

The Coathangers - Sicker Live at Lovebird Recording

Speaking of crazy asses here is a new video taken from a live recording by the Atlanta post-punkers wild hotties The Coathangers at the Lovebird Recording.

Watch | The Coathangers - Sicker Live at Lovebird Recording

Kap Bambino - Rise video

Bordeaux electro punkers Kap Bambino return with a new video taken for the fresh EP "Resistance/Alpha" ... "Rise" is not as loud, crazy, fast as usual and moves from their crazy ass hardcore bangers to a chilled synth-wave with a witch house twist, but these are not news at all cause we are so super used to see Caroline Martial and Orion Bouvier breaking all the rules and forging always new exciting and fresh music.

Watch | Kap Bambino - Rise

Congorock - Ivory (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Whop Whop ... new kick ass remix from the bad ass electro bangers The Bloody Beetroots, very glad they didn't lost their touch !!!!

Listen | Congorock - Ivory (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Monday 28 November 2011

Peaking Lights - Hey Sparrow Video, 3 December @ Occii Amsterdam + The Sandwitches

New music video from the Wisconsin psychedelic dub-pop couple Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis Peaking Lights. "Hey Sparrow" is taken from the 2011 album "936" out on Weird World And Not Not Fun

Watch | Peaking Lights - Hey Sparrow

Peaking Lights + The Sandwitches 3 December @ Occii Amsterdam

The Avant/Garde Diaries - Bending Time

New episode from the always excellent The Avant/Garde Diaries feat Montgomery Knott and a inspiring Adam Wiltzie that talks about his new project A Winged Victory For the Sullen.

Watch | Bending Time

Sunday 27 November 2011

mY Indie Soul # 46

mY Indie Soul # 46 : 2006-2010 ... A collection of cutting-edge experimental electronic music based on Field Recordings, Drones, Glitch, IDM and is the visualization of a Modern Dance company dancing over Jackson Pollock masterpieces.

mY Indie Soul # 46 is the fragmented concrete reality that hides the micro secret abstract language of the senses, is the evolution into sub-logic and subsequent pure-logic behavior, is a visionary answer to the puzzle between everything and nothing where perfect imperfections rule under logic, reason and common sense decapitated.

mY Indie Soul # 46 by Audiopleasures

Hannu - Universumin Tomu
Offthesky - Birds Eye View
Vladislav Delay - I saw a Polysexual
Morgan Packard - I Think I
Goblin Glasses - SFO
Tipper - whomi
Christian Fennesz & Rryuichi Sakamoto - Mono
David Sylvian feat. Christian Fennesz - Transit
George Michael - Freedom (Robert Lippok Feat. Caroline Thorpe remix)
Atom - Wellen und Felder ii
Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker - hymn to the idea of night
Nils Frahm and Anne Muller - Show me your teeth
The Flashbulb - Once Weekly
Apparat - Steinholz (Monolake Remix)

grab it

Saturday 26 November 2011

David OReilly - Story of Genki

New bizarre animation by the genius David O'Reilly, as always controversial, surreal and stunning ... ...

Watch | David OReilly - Story of Genki

Eight and a Half - Scissors (Tokimonsta Remix)

New remix by the undisputed Los Angeles warm and abstract beats Queen Tokimonsta.

Listen | Eight and a Half - Scissors (Tokimonsta Remix)

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Sebastiaan Bremer Surreal Photography

" Sebastiaan Bremer is renowned for transforming ordinary snapshots into grandly baroque and surreal tableaux by a careful process of retouching and enlargement. Since his first solo show, in 1994, he has exhibited in venues such as the Tate Gallery, London, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York, and the Aldrich Museum, Connecticut. He has been based in the United States since 1992."

"Although Bremer has always been interested in photography, it wasn’t until the late 1990s that he began to draw directly on the surface of photographs. He has been inspired in part by nineteenth century spirit photography, and fin de Symbolists such as the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, and painter Odilon Redon, but his methods partake of advanced photographic techniques. Often he will begin with a simple snapshot of friends or family or familiar places, and after enlarging it far beyond conventional dimensions, he will begin altering and embellishing the image with India ink and photographic dye. He has often used the ink to produce fine patterns of lines reminiscent of cobwebs, or readings from seismographs. Photographic dyes also enable him to blur and mute some forms while accentuating others, and make some colors bloom while others recede into mysterious darkness. The result is an image that seems to literally vibrate with hidden consequence, as if the subject matter has sent cracks across the surface of the picture. Whilst Bremer’s choice of images inevitably grounds his work in his own biography, his imagery also makes reference to alchemy, art, and the occult, establishing unexpected connections between ordinary life, history, and the unconscious.

"Sebastiaan Bremer lives and works in New York. He studied at the Vrije Academie, The Hague, and Skowhegan School of Art and Sculpture, Maine. He has published two major catalogs: Monkey Brain (2003), and Avila (2006). His work is included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, among many others." Orange Alert

John Maus - Hey Moon Video

Brand new video from the former Ariel Pink John Maus, "Hey Moon" is taken from the fantastic 2011 LP "We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves" and the video footage from the gig @ The Dome, Tufnell Park, London 17th November 2011.

Watch | John Maus - Hey Moon

Fidlar - Got no Money

I believe this to be a brand new FIDLAR jam ... The Los Angeles quartet is by far Audiopleasures best and favorite garage surf trashers in 201.

Listen | Fidlar - Got no Money

Monday 21 November 2011

Vladislav Solovjov - Stellar

Magnificent motion graphics by Saint-Petersburg based Vladislav Solovjov, the short piece is a stunning view of the planet Earth and the Universe in its complete wonder that easily could be the intro to a epic sci-fi film. Vladislav Solovjov work is a serious reminder of another amazing Russian artist, the Ulyanovsk based motion graphics mega talent Maxim Zhestkov.

STELLAR from Vladislav Solovjov on Vimeo.

Sunday 20 November 2011

Dauwd - Whats There

New BOMBASTIC future bass track from Dauwd, stunner after stunner puts the Uk resident amongst Audiopleasures 2011 favorite and most exciting producers. If you're into bass-amphetamines do yourself a favor and go immediately to his soundcloud

"Whats There" is taken from the upcoming vinyl on Pictures Music.

Listen | Dauwd - Whats There

Halls - I Am Not Who You Want video

This is one incredible gorgeous music video, "I Am Not Who You Want" is taken from the London based Halls debut EP "Fragile" on The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing out January 2012. The incredible stunning video is a hypnotic nebula of colors that slowly unveils a subtle rose was directed by Sebastian Nevols from the BBC’s Blue Planet.

Watch | Halls - I Am Not Who You Want

Myscha Oréo Lighthart Photography

Myscha Oréo Lighthart is a photographer, artist and art director based in Amsterdam that grew up in the Netherlands, New Zealand and Asia. This pictures are a selection of Myscha Voyages around the globe where the eclectic nature of the artist is felt on the warm colors, naturality and simplicity of her subjects.

Black box Red - Battle The Sparrows EP

This week got on my mail a super cool present, the new EP from the Leeuwarden North of Holland dance punk duo of guitarist punk at heart Eva van Netten and the insanely good drummer Stefan Woudstra, i was quite happy to hear that who ever recorded the ep had the good sense to capture their super energetic spirit that after all is the band trade mark signature, all the way a excellent ep that will please for sure fans of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Blood Red Shoes ... One of my favorites in Holland and live are super HOT HOT, highly recommended *****

Listen | Black box Red - Battle The Sparrows EP

Thee Oh Sees - Carrion Crawler/The Dream FULL stream

Sunday garage awesomeness, stream in full the second Thee Oh Sees 2011 LP Carrion Crawler/The Dream, the rumors were 100% right ... it is the BOMB.

Listen | Thee Oh Sees - Carrion Crawler/The Dream FULL stream

Veronica Falls - Back Page

New single from London favorites Veronica Falls, "Back Page" is the b-side from the recently released “Bad Feeling”.

Listen | Veronica Falls - Back Page

January 12 Rotown Rotterdam
January 14 Ekko Utrecht ... FREE for the Subbacultcha subscribers

Rites Wild - Rites Wild EP

Following the minimal dark synth-wave trail found the wonderful Adelaide-based Stacey Wilson moniker Rites Wild that makes hauntingly beautiful echoed hypnotic psych pop that is amongst the new weird Australia favorites. Its all very DIY and the cosmic simplicity makes it sinister and charming, Rites Wild bandcamp is loaded with FREE gems and its a must for Tropic of Cancer fans !!

Rites Wild are released on the Adelaide label Faux Friends where Stacey Wilson is also curator and released one of my favorite infectious post-punk jams from last summer, "Dom Juan" by Terrible Truths where Wilson is currently a band member.

Watch | Rites Wild - Seasonal Shine
Watch | Rites Wild - Rites Wild Theme

Saturday 19 November 2011

Modern Witch @ Occii Amsterdam 17 December

The audiovisual collaboration between Denver's Mario Zoots and Amsterdam Kristy Foom contemplate the exploration of the dark side with drag/witch house elements of dark synth wave and doom electro, 17 December live at Occii one the coolest underground hangouts in Amsterdam for the Hallo Gallo experimental electronic music night.

Watch | Modern Witch - Not The Only One
Watch | Modern Witch - Black Curtains
Listen | Modern Witch - In Your Eyes

Friday 18 November 2011

Sex Beet - Greatest Hits

News from SEX BEET Audiopleasures favorite lo-fi garage surf thrashers from London, the greatest hits are a compilation of the band early recordings now available on Bandcamp, go get them bangers while we wait for the upcoming debut lp next year.

Normally Luke and the boys would gladly give this for free but the guys are in urgent need of dollars to record their debut on King Khan's Moon Studios in Berlin next January ...

Niabi - We’ll Always End Up On Fire

Strangely beautiful video and track by Niabi, starts with an innocent dream pop and them moves into a heavy drone sort of Hecker/Frost that at same stage sounds also like Sonic Youth Kim Gordon drowning bass !!!!!!

"We'll Always End Up On Fire" is free on bandcamp and its taken from Niabi's forthcoming EP Forest Fires.

Watch | Niabi - We’ll Always End Up On Fire

Thursday 17 November 2011

Erased Tapes News, Ólafur Arnalds - Living Room Songs, Peter Broderick – Old Time Video, Nils Frahm - For

Lost of new wonderful music and projects coming from the stellar London/Berlin label Erased Tapes , after their recent stunning albums from Nils Frahm "Fetlt" and everyones favorite A Winged Victory For The Sullen S/T featuring Dustin O'Halloran and Adam Witzie here are more news form the label.

Following the 2009 "Found Songs" where Ólafur Arnalds released during a week a free song everyday, now the Iceland composer presents from his own living room in Reykjavík the "Living Room Songs", this time the songs will be preform live and recorded for your complete audiovisual pleasure experience ... stream the videos and grab the free mp3 here

Wonderful new single and video from the newest Berliner resident the multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick, "Old Time" is taken from the upcoming documentary score "Music for Confluence".

"I had been asked to make the score for a documentary film called Confluence. The film is based in the Lewiston, Idaho area, not too far from where I grew up in the USA, and it chronicles several mysterious cases of young girls found murdered or gone missing around 1980, all of which seem to lead back to one man who for a variety of reasons has not been able to be charged with these crimes"

Watch | Peter Broderick – Old Time
Listen | Peter Broderick - Music For Confluence (album teaser)

The Berlin composer Nils Frahm is probably still flavoring his amazing new album but its time go back to work and his fans are eager for more releases, the new EP comes in shape of a thank you to his label mate Peter Broderick ...

"This session was recorded in just one night sometime in the beginning of 2010. Peter Broderick loved the sound of this synthesizer so much, he asked me to record some solo sketches with it. This is what I came up with. I didn't use any overdubs or punch-ins. See it as a synthesizer solo performance." – Nils Frahm

Listen | Nils Frahm - For

Kyle Bobby Dunn

I've been quite disconnected from the drone-zone but its always a pleasure to welcome back to Audiopleasures the gorgeous ambient drones from the Ontario born and Brooklyn based Kyle Bobby Dunn, on his souncloud are a batch of Kyle unreleased songs and for the drone genre fans this is a must and a definitely wonder.

Listen | Kyle Bobby Dunn - Statuit

Pieces of Berlin Photography

" Pieces of Berlin is an unagitated photo blog about the world’s most marvelous city and its inhabitants. it attempts to lay out and capture a profile of berlin’s everyday life in its entirety by way of approaching random people on the street, shooting a portrait and quizzing them about their homes. online since march 2010, pieces of Berlin documents both the current bustle and the constant change of our metropolis."

Black Mekon - Comeback Kitty video

Complete and utterly killer blues punk track and video by Black Mekon from
Eastside, Birmingham UK.

Watch | Black Mekon - Comeback Kitty

A Place To Bury Strangers - So Far Away

New brutal single from the New York dark noise-gazers A Place To Bury Strangers, "So Far Away" is taken from the "Onwards to the Wall" EP out on February 2012.

Listen | A Place To Bury Strangers - So Far Away

Vintage Love - The Fall 1994 Unreleased Documentary

" The Fall is one of the greatest and strangest rock groups to emerge from the British post-punk scene of the late 1970s. Occupying cult status on the fringes of mainstream success, the Fall has gone through many permutations during its long and turbulent career, but the one constant is its iconic front-man, the renegade genius Mark E. Smith. "

Watch | The Fall 1994 Unreleased Documentary

Catholic Spray - Amazon Hunt , Hate my Soul Video

France is probably the biggest exporter of amazing trashy lo-fi garage rock bands in Europe and Catholic Spray debut lp "Amazon Hunt" out on the French/Belgian Teenage Menopause records 1st release few weeks ago is among my current favorites, This Parisian thrashers caught my attention some months back with the super cool "Ouija Drunk Party" and i was sure more serious bangers were on the way now proved with their more than excellent debut lp, "Amazon Hunt" will be a true delight for the trash surf lo-fi garage fans with a dark twisted noisy psychedelic taste.

Oh and Catholic Spray is probably the coolest name ever for a band !!!!!

Stream in full the album and watch the brand new video for the track "Hate my Soul"

Watch | Catholic Spray - Hate my Soul

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Anika - No One's There Video

Pretty Awesome video from Anika's 2010 S/T debut lp, the Multi-instrumentalist and political journalist that lives between London and Bristol pallet of sounds ranges from poetic synth dark wave, acid post-punk to a totally sick industrial punk-dub in a almost surreal 70s Nico psychedelic trip. Seriously inspiring, wild and hot !!!

Watch | Anika - No One's There

Nov 24 Le Guess Who Festival Utrecht
Nov 25 Tivoli De Helling Utrecht

Black Lips - Raw Meat Video

New music video from the Atlanta flower punk everyone's favorites the Black Lips, "Raw Meat" is a Cop parody and the track infectious like a Ramones classic, its taken from the critically acclaimed Arabia Mountain and i already lost count of how many amazing music videos came out this year but securely 4 or 5.

Watch | Black Lips - Raw Meat

Dont miss the last chance to see them this year in Holland, 15 December Den Haag @ the State-X New Forms festival

Tropic Of Cancer - The End Of All Things

Just few days ago was praising Tropic of Cancer and here they are again, Camella Lobo and Juan Mendez announced the departure from Downwards with a CD compilation of Ep's and early demos that include some tracks i already knew except a Soft Cell cover and the smashing Chrome Vox. The Dark Synth Wave Duo are now sign to the London label Blackest Ever Black that released the superb EP The Sorrow Of Two Blooms early in the year, the ep includes the simply stunning A Color that is amongst the most precious from this year.

The End Of All Things
Listen | Tropic of Cancer - Chrome Vox
Listen | Tropic Of Cancer - L.O.V.E. Feelings (Soft Cell Cover)

The Sorrow Of Two Blooms
Listen | A Color
Watch | Tropic of Cancer - A Color

Sunday 13 November 2011

Tropic of Cancer - Be Brave Video

The California based duo Juan Mendez and Camella Lobo are most definitely amongst some of my favorite discoveries from 2011, their project Tropic of Cancer is a hauntingly beautiful hypnotizing dark synth wave and stunning almost industrial lo-fi dreamgoth.

Here is the video from the single "be brave" that came out early on the year.

Watch | Tropic of Cancer - Be Brave