Thursday 17 November 2011

Catholic Spray - Amazon Hunt , Hate my Soul Video

France is probably the biggest exporter of amazing trashy lo-fi garage rock bands in Europe and Catholic Spray debut lp "Amazon Hunt" out on the French/Belgian Teenage Menopause records 1st release few weeks ago is among my current favorites, This Parisian thrashers caught my attention some months back with the super cool "Ouija Drunk Party" and i was sure more serious bangers were on the way now proved with their more than excellent debut lp, "Amazon Hunt" will be a true delight for the trash surf lo-fi garage fans with a dark twisted noisy psychedelic taste.

Oh and Catholic Spray is probably the coolest name ever for a band !!!!!

Stream in full the album and watch the brand new video for the track "Hate my Soul"

Watch | Catholic Spray - Hate my Soul