Saturday 30 July 2011

Fur Gobelins 2011

Graduation short from highly reputed French school of animation.

Watch | Fur Gobelins 2011

Post Panic 2011 Showreel

Another batch of awesome motion creativity by the Amsterdam studio Post Panic

Watch | Post Panic 2011 Showreel

The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love Video

Video from the first single from the upcoming album on DFA

Watch | The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love

Thursday 28 July 2011

Slumberland Records Summer Sample '11

Awesome summer sampler from Slumberland, most of it comes for FREE so get it while you can.

SLR Late Summer '11 Sampler by Slumberland Records

Brian M. Viveros Sensual Fetish Army

"Celebrated fetish artist Brian M. Viveros is internationally embraced for his erotic paintings of doe-eyed beauties with Marlboros dangling seductively from their lips and has also recently been utilizing the medium of film to capture the dark and evocative debris that radiates from his mind. His paintings are a drunken mix of oil, airbrush, acrylic, and ink. In his work Viveros shines a light on his own inner world and society at large and aims to captivate even the most jaded eyes." Think Space

Scion A/V Presents: Lost Sounds - 1620 Echles St.

New music video for a dead garage rock fallen hero ... Jay Reatard

" Born out of the wreckage of the REATARDS and the rubble of the short-lived CLEARS, Memphis’s LOST SOUNDS began in March 1999 in an orange 70’s kitchen with an oversized space-aged 50’s refrigerator. They were a 3-piece made up of Rich Crook on drums, Jay Reatard on synth, guitar and vocals, and Alicja Trout also on synth, guitar and vocals.

With a stockpile of analog keyboard at hand (previously collected for use in the new-wavy Sid barret-esque CLEARS) the three created a sound from a ship-wreckage of influences. The forged something from Killed by Death/Bloodstains compilations, Norwegian black metal (like Emperor, Ashes, and Darkthrone), and the then self-combusting Memphis 90’s garage rock sound(Oblivians, 68 Comeback). Rich, Jay and Alicja added an “I don’t care if it’s what’s cool, I’m gonna try it anyways” attitude to make a pile of songs that were strange and curious for a group from Memphis, Tennessee. " In The Red Full story here

Watch | Lost Sounds - 1620 Echles St.

Vivian Girls - Take It As It Comes music video

New music video from the garage rock Brooklyn darlings.

Watch | Vivian Girls - Take It As It Comes

Wasted Rita T-Shirts

Colossal t-shirts from the rebel Portuguese graphic designer Wasted Rita ... get them here

Davila 666 - Hanging On The Telephone ( The Nerves Cover) Video

Music video for the Puerto Rican Davila 666 The Nerves Hanging On The Telephone cover.

Watch | Davila 666 - Hanging On The Telephone ( The Nerves Cover)

Fidlar - Wait For The Man video

New music video from Fidlar, the LA band is one of my favorites revelations from 2011 !!!

Watch | Fidlar - Wait For The Man

Friday 22 July 2011

Alice Rosati Photography

Super sensual and mysterious work from the Milan based self-taught photographer with a degree in Art History Alice Rosati

Thursday 21 July 2011

A Winged Victory For The Sullen

SMASHING ... finally the first full track from the eagerly awaited collaboration between Adam Wiltzie "Stars Of The Lid" and the amazing pianist Dustin O'Halloran.
The S/T debut is out on Kranky and Erased Tapes in September.

Listen | A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Steep Hills Of Vicodin Tears

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed video

Music video "Eyes Be Closed" is the first single from the debut album from the dream popper Ernest Greene aka Washed Out, "Within and Without" is already out on Sub Pop.

Watch | Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed

Vintage Love - Fontela Bass

"The 1965 classic "Rescue Me" is widely regarded as the greatest record Aretha Franklin never made. The song in question was instead cut by singer Fontella Bass, who like Franklin channeled the power and passion of her gospel roots to create some of the finest music of soul's golden age. Born in St. Louis on July 3, 1940, Bass was the daughter of gospel vocalist Martha Bass, a longtime member of the renowned Clara Ward Singers. Her grandmother Navada Carter was also a professional gospel performer, and it was inevitable that Fontella follow suit, making her church choir debut at age five. Nevertheless, during the mid-'50s she rebelled against tradition, sneaking out of the house to sing secular R&B at local fairs and nightclubs. By 16, Bass was the house pianist at the St. Louis nightspot the Showbar, and in 1961 she joined local blues great Little Milton Campbell, later marrying the band's trumpeter, fledgling jazz titan Lester Bowie. Bass first earned notice for her vocal on Little Milton's 1962 hit "So Mean to Me," soon followed by her Bobbin label solo debut, "I Don't Hurt Anymore." But when Campbell and his pianist Oliver Sain parted ways, Bass exited along with Sain, who named her lead vocalist of his Oliver Sain Soul Revue. Her second single, the Ike Turner-produced "I Love the Man," followed on Turner's Prann label in 1963. Bass then cut "Poor Little Fool," a duet with Tina Turner issued on the Vesuvius imprint. And when she wasn't performing with Sain and his group, she moonlighted as a solo act, playing gigs across East St. Louis under the alias "Sabrina." All Music

Watch | Fontella Bass - Rescue Me (1965)

Chloe Early Paintings

Amazing urban abstract and surreal full of colors and movement paintings by the talented UK based Chloe Early

Dum Dum Girls - Coming Down

First single from the LA Dum Dum Girls upcoming new album, "Only in Dreams" out on Sub Pop late September.

Listen | Dum Dum Girls - Coming Down

Black Lips - New Direction video

Scion A/V presents the new music video from the Atlanta flower punk stars Black Lips. New Direction is taken from their fresh new album "Arabian Mountain"

Watch | Black Lips - New Direction

Sunday 17 July 2011

Teens - Teens

These year is been so wild on music that its difficult to pinpoint the best releases cause the quality is been so overwhelming but these Teens for sure will be part of it . Teens quartet s/t debut is a Fantastic mid-60’s psychedelic lo-fi garage fuzz rock album from the Boise Idaho band, very simple and effective sounds for Black Lips, Indian Wars, Ty Segall fans etc ...

Spooky Campers - Tape # 2

Excelent FREE ep from the Halifax trio Spooky Campers, psychedelic lo-fi garage surf that is almost a crossover between Ty Segall and Indian Wars, the track "Blue" has the dead Kurt Cobain vibe all over it.

Wooden Shjips - Lazy Bones

New stoner BOMB from the San Francisco based psych-rockers Wooden Shjips, "Lazy Bones" is the first single from the upcoming new LP out in September via Thrill Jockey.

Listen | Wooden Shjips - Lazy Bones

John Maus - Maniac live at Glassland

John Maus proves that the hysteria and hype around his music his well deserved, the man is a stage animal !!!!

Watch | John Maus - Maniac live at Glassland

Jacuzzi Boys - Cool Vapors

First single from the eagerly awaited new album from the Miami garage rockers. "Glazin" is the follow up from the 2009 acclaimed debut "No Seasons" and is out on Hardly Art late August.

Listen | Jacuzzi Boys - Cool Vapors

Soft Metals - Soft Metals

Stream on full the debut album from Soft Metals, the s/t album is out on capture tracks and its a psychedelic synth dark wave from the Portland duo Ian Hixx and Patricia Furpurse.

Listen | Soft Metals - Soft Metals

Teen Suicide - Bad Vibes Forever

FREE debut album from the guy that hates himself.
Teen Suicide is the side project from Maryland's Sam Ray, Sam's also known as the experimental lo-fi hip hop Ricky Eat Acid that now has shifted into the lo-fi garage surf vibes with quite good results.

Listen | Teen Suicide - Bad Vibes Forever

Vintage Love - Wanda Jackson

"Born Oct 20, 1937 in Maud, OK. Wanda Jackson was only halfway through high school when, in 1954, country singer Hank Thompson heard her on an Oklahoma City radio show and asked her to record with his band, the Brazos Valley Boys. By the end of the decade, Jackson had become one of America's first major female country and rockabilly singers. Jackson was born in Oklahoma, but her father Tom - himself a country singer who quit because of the Depression - moved the family to California in 1941. He bought Wanda her first guitar two years later, gave her lessons, and encouraged her to play piano as well. In addition, he took her to see such acts as Tex Williams, Spade Cooley, and Bob Wills, which left a lasting impression on her young mind. Tom moved the family back to Oklahoma City when his daughter was 12 years old. In 1952, she got won a local talent contest and was given a 15-minute daily show on KLPR. The program, soon upped to 30 minutes, lasted throughout Jackson's high school years. It's here that Thompson heard her sing. Jackson recorded several songs with the Brazos Valley Boys, including "You Can't Have My Love," a duet with Thompson's bandleader, Billy Gray. The song, on the Decca label, became a national hit, and Jackson's career was off and running. She had wanted to sign with Capitol, Thompson's label, but was turned down so she signed with Decca instead.

Jackson insisted on finishing high school before hitting the road. When she did, her father came with her. Her mother made and helped design Wanda's stage outfits. "I was the first one to put some glamor in the country music - fringe dresses, high heels, long earrings," Jackson says of these outfits. When Jackson first toured in 1955 and 1956, she was placed on a bill with none other than Elvis Presley. The two hit it off almost immediately. Jackson says it was Presley, along with her father, who encouraged her to sing rockabilly." Rockabilly Hall of Fame

Watch | Wanda Jackson - Hard Headed Woman

Megunica presents BLU's incredible journey through South America

"Wired Italy is very proud to present to the world two of Italy's finest artists. Lorenzo Fonda is now an acclaimed film and video director: having started work with the skateboarders in his neighborhood he now lives in Los Angeles creating material for one of the best production firms in the world: English Warp Films.

"Blu is maybe the biggest street artist in the world right now. Not many years ago he was famous for his enormous (and illegal…) drawings on the walls of Bologna, he has just painted the tower of Tate Modern in London and stormed the Internet with his epic animation named Muto, one of the biggest events in Youtube history.

Megunica , produced by Mercurio, is the story of their meeting and their travels through South America: Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Argentina. It’s a unique documentary film about the incredible journey of one of the most interesting and mysterious artist of our times, directed by a raw talent mixing together different media: graphics, animation, and digital effects."

Watch | BLU's incredible journey through South America

Monday 11 July 2011

Myscha Oréo Lighthart Photography Exhibition at Sample District Amsterdam

" Sampledistrict , a new underground style shop in Amsterdam, presents Myscha Oréo's latest photographic series devoted to Life.

The series of photos show Myscha Oréo's work of the last year featuring her travel photography in Asia and highlights from the projects she is and has been working on. Myscha Oréo has a singular vision that she relentlessly pursues. Her work often starts with an idea, a theme, a story, which she then purposely develops into a photo shoot. She controls all aspects of her work; styling, make-up, mise-en-scene, location- and model scouting... Myscha always has a close personal relationship with her models; something she feels is necessary to get to that directness, that inner core of life and soul that she seeks to grasp. Myscha Oréo finds her inspiration in Life and it is her dedication to “capture Life”.

Myscha wouldn’t have an exhibition without a line up of DJs. So get ready to have a fabulously blitz evening of art while listening and dancing the beats of these great DJs:

Date: August – October 2011
Opening: 22 July 16.00 – 22.00
Location: Kinkerstraat 68

Sunday 10 July 2011

Jesse Ruins

Jesse Ruins is a enigmatic producer from Tokyo that makes fantastic sexy dreamgaze, Jesse still needs to reveal is real identity and whatever it might be for sure wont affect the quality of the music that is high class.

Watch | Jesse Ruins - Sofija

Latest tracks by Jesse Ruins

Fungi Girls - Velvet Days

New music video from the teenage Texas psychedelic garage rockers Fungi Girls, "Velvet Days", is a wonderful surf-vibe lo-fi gem from forthcoming LP "Some Easy Magic" out later this month on Hozac

Watch | Fungi Girls - Velvet Days