Monday 4 July 2011

mY Indie Soul # 43

mY Indie Soul # 43, the last before my summer holidays and the next one will be the new season and will be broadcast on Space Invader Radio on mY Indie Soul Radio Show.

Bits and pieces of lo-fi blues, psychedelic, surf vibes, garage bangers, epic punk anthems, lo-fi soul, c86, folk, indie, trash ... basically a classic my Indie Soul mixtape :)

This one goes to Katerina Stepankova for being so freaking supportive and enthusiastic about mY Indie Soul and for Robin Walsh for open the doors of Space Invader Radio to mY Indie Soul

mY Indie Soul # 43 by Audiopleasures

mY Indie Soul # 43

Ignatz - The Quiet Woman
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Waitin' for the Orange Sunshine
Woods - To Have In the Home
We Are Trees - Girlfriend
Guards - Crystal Truth
Chains of Love - Black Hearts
The Notes - Wishing Well
Husband - Love Song
Best Coast - Sunny Adventure
Dum Dum Girls - Oh Those Eyes (The Vagrants cover)
Weekend - End Times (Radio Edit)
She's Hit - Miriam Hollow
The UV RACE - Girl In My Head
J.C. Satan - Adventure Boat
Horses - Be my babe
Big Surr - Alright
The Mad Caps - Baby Man
Mujeres - Amusement
Bitches - Wallet
Las Señoras - Desolación
The Man - Bataille
The Oblivians - And Then I Fucked Her

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