Monday 30 January 2012

Free Demos : The Happy Demons

Very promising demos from the Amsterdam based psych garage rock The Happy Demons

Video : The Band In Heaven - Sludgy Dreams

Check out the new awesome stop-motion/collage music video directed by Alice Cohen to the Florida indie shoegaze band The Band in Heaven, "Sludgy Dreams" is taken from their newest 7" released on Hozac.

Watch | The Band In Heaven - Sludgy Dreams

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Video : Brown Brogues - Anyone But You

Brown Brogues return with the next single 'Anyone But You', to be released on 7" through one of London's most exciting new labels Italian Beach Babes.

The video, directed by Plastic Zoo - founders of Manchester video blog MCR Scenewipe - sees the duo take to the beach, and feels like equal parts Cormac McCarthy's The Road and a lost VHS of a forgotten family holiday. As a follow up to the much loved "Treet U Beta" video, this was lovingly filmed through a 17 year old Hitachi VHS Camera.

Sunday 22 January 2012

LP: Troller - Troller 2011 (S/R)

Every year there are a couple of albums that i think how the f*ck did i miss that last year ? The first one this year is Troller, a dark synth-wave duo from Austin TX where is also from another band that fits this sound Sleep 8 Over.
There is not a lot of info about the band or the release but i can assure you that you're into the dark synth music you will go wild with this one, there are a few instrumental tracks but all the others are sweet sweet sweet ... Troller S/T is highly recommended and a must for Tropic of Cancer, HTRK, Sleep 8 Over and Cocteau Twin fans ... etc ...

Saturday 21 January 2012

Austin Psych Fest 2012

Kick as line up for the Austin Psych Fest 2012 and as bonus a supa sick free mixtape !!

Sampler : Hozac Records 2012

Excellent 2012 sampler from the Chicago, Illinois independent record label Hozac Records


EP : Polozov - Peace (Outlier Recordings)

Pretty swell bass electronic ambient with lots of experimental abstract beats and glitchy soundscapes debut from Russian based artist Polozov on the super cool Brooklyn based record label and artist collective Outlier Recordings.

Video : Bleached - Searching Through The Past

Brand new music video from the Los Angeles based garage rockers Calvin Sisters, the "Searching Through The Past" 7" is out on Suicide Squeeze.

“We had to wake up at 4 a.m. to get to Santa Clarita by 5 a.m. for sunrise and got to see the eclipse on the way up. Originally we had wanted horses in the video so that’s why this spot was chosen. There was a graveyard there I had known about, but didn’t know if we would be able to get in it. We did by crossing a barbed wire fence and climbing a huge hill. When we got up there the gates swung open on their own. By the last shot my heel had completely broken off so I was balancing on one heel trying to make it look normal. My sister and I agreed that climbing over mountains in four-inch heels is the hardest workout we’ve ever had.” Jennifer Calvin

Watch | Bleached - Searching Through The Past

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Interview with Pierre Catholix

We interviewed Pierre Catholix, member of one of the best current garage bands on the alternative scene, Catholic Spray. But this French doesn´t comply with having only a band, he prefers 4 o 5. One of this bands is La Secte Du Futur, about what we have asked too. This guy is an example of hyperactivity.

 Well, first of all, maybe not everyone who reads this interview knows about Catholic Spray, so could you tell us how and when the band was started up?.

We can say that the band has been existing since June 2010. We were all playing in different bands at this time but we always went at gigs organized by our friends of Inch Allah label, so that's where we met.

Maybe we can say that since the appearance of Black Lips, among other bands, the American scene, as well as the European one, has been filled with great garage bands, such as yours, what do you think about this boom on garage music?.

I guess it's often dangerous when any boom is happening, but whatever, if garage music means to record a bunch of songs in your bedroom through cheap stuff, then it can't be bad that a lot of dudes start to make it.

In the case of France, there is an important emerging wave of garage bands and with some of them, you share the record label. What is your opinion about these other bands?.

We don't know all of them but a bunch are friends of us, we especially enjoy to play with Crash Normal, JC Satàn, Yussuf Jerusalem for example, or White Ass which is a brand new one with members of Pierre & Bastien and Teenage Moonlight Bordeliners, you really should take a listen to this one, it kicks ass. It's cool France scene can be appreciated, it makes things easier to tour through foreign countries.

Great! I take note about some bands that I didn't know.
In 2011, you released your first album, Amazon Hunt, but we found some songs that were already known such as: "Ghost from my grave" or "Waiting for the sun".Why did you decide to rescue some of the old songs from Fruits Of The Moon and include them in the album?.

Well, our debut album is kind of a compilation of our first recording sessions. We mixed three different ones and then we wanted to have some from Fruits of the Moon, what has been only released through split tapes. We thought people who would buy the 12" perhaps didn't know the split tape with Zyklon Beach. Our second album that we've just started to record will be only composed of brand new tracks.

We just mentioned a split for which you collaborated with Zyklon Beach. Are you planning any more collaborations? Who would you most like to work with?.

We'd be okay to collaborate with a lot of bands, that's always a good way to have a new release. Since a fucked up party we had with JC Satàn, we have some good reasons to make a split with them, hope sooner or later. We all got stoked when we saw the Rent Boys from Leeds, that's an awesome band we'd be happy to work with too.

We'd love to see a collaboration between JC Satàn and you!
Side projects are something which you obviously know about, but how do you actually set about playing with Catholic Spray along with other bands such as La Secte Du Futur?.

From my point, it's pretty much the same process, I try to compose one track, then I share it with either one band or the other. Within Catholic Spray we have more a team process cause every member is making his own composition, but anyway we could all be making music all day long. Some of us are involved in about 4 or 5 bands.

Especially one of the bands where you collaborate and get our attention is La Secte Du Futur and it´s precisely with this one that we find another sound, maybe more psychedelic and quiter than Catholic Spray, but keeping on the garage lo-fi style. Is that the genre where you feel more comfortable?.

I feel comfortable on the lo-fi style indeed, it's cool to record stuff on your bed. Actually, except the lyrics i'm doing almost the same composition with Catholic Spray, the thing that changes is that every other band mate adds his own touch and that turns the song into something maybe more nervous or trashy. La Secte Du Futur is more switching from pop songs to calm ones though you're right.

At La Secte Du Futur´s bandcamp we can find differents demos of what we suppose will be your next album. What plans do you have with this band?.

Our first plan is to flee the planned end of the world of course, we know the good people... But we're also recording our debut LP, songs from the bandcamp will most be on it but we're trying to make something less lo-fi this time. It must be released on our favourite Parisian label XVIII records, what has already released the Catholic Spray 7" split. We hope it'll be out this coming spring.

Maybe many people, including me, are wondering when we'll see you in a Europe tour with some of the groups that we have discussed...

We're going for a new euro tour with Catholic Spray, we do it with Fag Cop (Kansas City). We start on the 17th of February and we'll go through eastern and northern countries. Can't wait to see again people we met on our last euro tour.
We'd plan to play in Spain this summer, we have a couple of plans to go there and we have already some gigs booked here and there in France and close countries. Also maybe we'll tour a bit through Europe with La Secte du Futur in July. We're travellers.

We hope to see you! Finally, could you recommend some of the bands that you are listening to?

Yeah, random mix from band mates, Lenguas Largas, Tonstartssbandht, Ratas del Vaticano, UV Race, Cccandy, Bazooka, the LP of Iceage is awesome too... And France finest, The Dreams, Sida, Human Pest, Pierre & Bastien...

Documentary : BBC Everything and Nothing by Professor Jim Al-Khalili

" The greatest achievement from the Human kind was to discover everything we know from nothing "

Everything and Nothing is a stunning 2011 BBC two part documentary presented by Professor Jim Al-Khalili about mind-bending questions like What does the Universe actually look like and how the Quantum world shaped our Universe ? Highly Recommended !!!!!!

Watch | Teaser - The Light from the Big Bang

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Single : Lower Dens - Brains

First taste for the upcoming album from Jana Hunter and the Lower Dens, the Baltimore indie-rockers generated a lot of attention with their 2010 debut "Twin-Hand Movement" and saw Jana Hunter got her cult status increased. The 2nd LP Nootropics is out on Ribbon Music in the spring.

Mp3 | Lower Dens - Brains

Sunday 15 January 2012

EP : The Anomalys - Retox (Slovenly), Italian Tour

Brand new single bomb from the Amsterdam favorite Rock n' Rollers The Anomalys, "Retox" is the follow from the 2010 stunning S/T on Slovenly ... so get ready for two kick ass garage-punk stunner's the way only these wild boys can do it and go watch them live cause they rock big time !!!!!!!


26 Mon BE
27 Tue DE
28 Wed Konstanz - TBA
29 Thu Trento - TBA
30 Fri Venice - Popcorner
31 Sat Milano - LO-Fi Club

1 Sun Rome - MUZAK
2 Mon Napoli - PERDITEMPO
3 Tue Tuscany - TBA
4 Wed HELP!
5 Thu HELP!
6 Fri Torino - VELVET CLUB
7 Sat CH / FR
8 Sun BE

If you want The Anomalys to trash your city please contact:

Friday 13 January 2012

Trailer : Shut Up And Play The Hits, Lcd Soundsystem Documentary

"On April 2nd 2011, LCD Soundsystem played its final show at Madison Square Garden. LCD frontman James Murphy had made the conscious decision to disband one of the most celebrated and influential bands of its generation at the peak of its popularity, ensuring that the band would go out on top with the biggest and most ambitious concert of its career. The instantly sold out, near four-hour extravaganza did just that, moving the thousands in attendance to tears of joy and grief, with NEW YORK magazine calling the event "a marvel of pure craft" and TIME magazine lamenting "we may never dance again." SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS is both a narrative film documenting this once in a life time performance and an intimate portrait of James Murphy as he navigates the lead-up to the show, the day after, and the personal and professional ramifications of his decision."

Watch | Shut Up And Play The Hits

Wednesday 11 January 2012

New Single : Mind Spiders - Wait For Us

New garage "wall of sound" rock bomb single from Mind Spiders ... the follow up from the sick S/T debut by the Texas boys and on my top 50 2011 albums ... the 2012 LP "Meltdown" out next February on Dirtnap ...

Listen | Mind Spiders - Wait For Us

Ty Segall - Pretty Women (Roy Orbison Cover)

They should have called this cover "Trashy Women" ... Im curious to see what Ty will pull next, continue grungy or back to the fuzz !! This cover was taken from the Roy Orbison 2010 garage punk tribute "Our Boy Roy” on Telephone Explosion Records

Listen | Ty Segall - Pretty Women (Roy Orbison Cover)

Free New Single : Disappears - Replicate

New Disappears single !!!!! one of the most underrated bands out there ... The Chicago band 2010 debut on Kranky "LUX" was completely overlooked and was a freaking BOMB !!!!!! This is a delight for any THE FALL and groovedelic krautrock fans, the new LP "Pre Language" is out on Kranky 1st of March. "Replicate" is free on Soundcloud

Listen | Disappears - Replicate

Vintage Love - Round Robin - I'm the wolfman 1965

Swinging rockabilly horror stunner from Round Robin with a lot fuzz and sexy back from the grave growls from 1965.

Watch | Round Robin - I'm the wolfman

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Video : A Place to Bury Strangers - So Far Away

New video from the New York noise-gazers A Place to Bury Strangers, "So Far Away" is taken from the upcoming EP "Onwards To The Wall" out next month.

Watch | A Place to Bury Strangers - So Far Away

New : Orcas - Carrion

Sweet sweet track from the collaboration between ambient/modern-classical composer Rafael Anton Irisarri and the super cool drone/folk-indie Benoît Pioulard ... already looking forward the full release on Morr next April !!!!

Listen | Orcas - Carrion

Monday 9 January 2012

Concert : Magnetix + The Anomalys single release 02 Feb Winston Kingdom Amsterdam

A Slovenly records riot with two giants clashing in Amsterdam 02 February at the Winston Kingdom ... Magnetix sleaziness from Bordeaux with a fresh new Slovenly album on their sleeves and The Anomalys Amsterdam's favorite garage punkers releasing their new single after their smashing 2010 debut on Slovenly.

Sunday 8 January 2012

Burger Records Sampler

Check out this freaking awesome sampler with 70 tracks from the independent record label and store based out of Fullerton, California Burger Records, this mega bandcamp delicatessen includes one song from each band released on burger ... priceless !!!

Holy Wave - Knife Hits LP

picture by Kori Bearden

First 2012 music tip comes from Austin Tx, pretty cool debut garage psychedelic rock album from Holy Wave out today.

Mixtape : mY Indie Soul # 48 - New Garage Rock Explosion Deluxe

First mixtape of 2012 - mY Indie Soul # 48 is a collection of garage rock, psychedelic, lo-fi, trash, surf and garage-punk bangers, 90% released in the mindblowing 2011 music year.

mY Indie Soul # 48 - New Garage Rock Explosion Deluxe by Audiopleasures

Le Pecheur - Apocalypse
J.C. Satan - Odyssey of Love
Jerry Tropicano - Yoga
Fungi Girls - All Night Blues
Allah-Las - Catamaran
Indian Wars - George Ellis
TEENS - White Devils
Lab Coast – Astronaut Like Me
Coasting - Portland
Heavy Cream - Summer Bummer
Strange Hands - Last Time Around
Bleached - Electric Chair
Girlfriends - Gov't Seizure
Fidlar - No Ass
Toto & The Bad Eggs - Little Naked
Magnetix - Drogue Electrique
Ty Segall - Skin
TRMS - The World
Mind Spiders - Don't Let Her Go
OBN IIIs - Kick Me Out
Pangea -No Feelin
Sex Beet - Dirty Boots (Sonic Youth cover)
The Dictaphone - A Close Shave (alt take)
Thee Oh Sees - opposition
Catholic Spray - Teenage Policy
Iceage - Youre Blessed
Cola Freaks - Ader Ord
GG King - Incendiary Device
The Spits - All I Want
The Mad Caps - Wild Wild Lover

get it

Videos : Amsterdam NYE houseparty w/ Strange Hands + Le Pecheur

Happy New year folks, hope you all add a good and safe arrival in 2012.

2011 was the sickest NYE party ever and the two French garage rock bands Strange Hands and Le Pecheur rocked big time and a lot of our friends that came to celebrate the ending of 2011 ... there was a special time when someone switched all the lights in the house and everybody was jumping to Le Pecheur and we could see the lights from the fire works coming from the curtains ... magical considering the fact that this all happened in a 2nd floor with no elevators with difficult neighbors and tiny stairs to carry all those freaking heavy amplifiers .

Watch | Strange Hands - NYE Houseparty in Amsterdam
Watch | Le Pecheur - NYE Houseparty in Amsterdam