Sunday 28 June 2009

Anne Taratiel,Audiopleasures Mixtape, Carousel,Autokrats,The Black Cab Sessions,Apple Hyperwall,Peter Vogel,Sci-Fi-O-Rama,Paul Hoc,Heartbreaker

Anne Taratiel

Audiopleasures Mixtape

Mp3 | Death From Above - Black History Month [ Alan Braxe & Fred Falke mix ]
Mp3 | Figurines - Hey Girl
Mp3 | Hot Chip - Boy From School [ Erol Alkans Rework ]
Mp3 | James Yorkston - Woozy With Cider
Mp3 | Karen O (Feat. Peaches) - Backass
Mp3 | Mikael Simpson - Koldt [ Lulu Rouge mix ]
Mp3 | Pony Hoax - She's On The Radio [ Radio mix ]
Mp3 | Robocop Kraus - All The Good Men
Mp3 | Starbuck - A Fool In Line
Mp3 | Sufjan Stevens - damascus
Mp3 | Tom Barman & Graig Ward - Magic Hour
Mp3 | UNKLE & Portishead - Coffeehouse Conversation [ Plaid Mix ]

Download Full Audiopleasures Mixtape

Created for Tribal DDB, Amsterdam, Stink Digital and Director Adam Berg deliver this interactive campaign for Philips new CINEMA 21:9 TV. The cinematic proportions of the display became the theme of this piece. Adam responded with an idea for an epic frozen moment cops and robbers shootout sequence.

This 2:19 film runs as an endless loop, allowing viewers to control their moves through the scene. The film also contains embedded hotspots, which, when triggered, give us a behind-the-scenes look at some of the shots. More info Here

Watch | Philips - Carousel

AutoKratz highly anticipated debut album "Animal" is out now in Europe (Kitsuné / Cooperative) and Japan (Kitsuné / Traffic).

First single from the album released worldwide on vinyl + digital on June 29th with remixes from Yuksek, Goshi Goshi, His Majesty André and Shadow Dancer.

Watch | autoKratz - Always More


AutoKratz and Kitsuné announce remix competition

Make a giant leap in your music career with the chance to remix autoKratz on Kitsuné records. To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated debut album from autoKratz ‘Animal’, the band invite you to remix the aggressive and impassioned ‘Can’t Get Enough,’ taken from the album. All info Here

Inspired on The Take-Away Shows from La Blogotheque , The Black Cab Sessions take artists on a cab ride around london while they play of one of their songs.

The project started in 2007 and here are a few pics from their shows.

Watch | Ane Brun , Beach House , Charlie Seim , Death Cab for Cutie , Grizzly Bear , The National

In a rare treat for developers at this year's WWDC, Apple is showcasing 20,000 of the most popular iPhone apps on a massive hyperwall built out of Cinema Displays -- one that pulses in sync with each and every App Store download.

The array, mounted on a wall inside San Francisco's Moscone Center West, is made up of twenty edge-to-edge 30-inch Apple Cinema Displays, each of which are powered by a Mac Pro running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. One eyewitness says the systems are pooled together in one large, monolithic black box.

Apple's intention with the grid is not just to show the popularity among developers of the App Store -- which has swelled to over 50,000 apps in total -- but to illustrate that many of the apps they publish are frequently downloaded. The company reminds WWDC attendees that 3,000 apps are downloaded every minute, guaranteeing that the influx of developers descending on San Francisco this week are very much in demand. Apple Insider

Watch | Apple Hyperwall

Peter Vogel is a pioneer in the field of interactive electronic sculpture. He was formally trained in physics, and has explored technology's intersection with dance, musical composition, and visual art since the late 1960s. Vogel's interest lies in both interactive and musical structures. The interactive sensitivity of his constructions utilizes photocells and microphones that react to spectators, creating an experience of seeing and hearing unique improvisations triggered by light and shadow. Merging form and function, the delicate electronic circuits in Vogel’s artworks are elegantly arranged. ©Peter Vogel, bitforms

Watch | Peter Vogel at Bitforms

Super cool blog , "Sci-Fi-O-Rama" , Art, Design & Illustration with a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Slant.

Paul Hoc is not a robot, he is a skater and like any skater he runs a program. Paul Hoc is a sensitive electronic being. Paul Hoc is not a printer, it wanders through the paper to write his own movement like a seismograph. Paul Hoc is an experiment conducted during the 2008 Saint Etienne International design biennial on the concept of traces. These traces will be his logbook.

Watch | Paul Hoc - Drawing Machine

What happened to your heart, baby ?
A film by arph , Image Maker from Paris.

Watch | Heartbreaker

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Thursday 25 June 2009

Processing,Anna Taratiel,Realtime 3D Airtraffic, Avatar,The Beatles,WeAreWaves,I Am A Chain Reaction,Thom Puckey,Mail Box

Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is used by students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists for learning, prototyping, and production. It is created to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context and to serve as a software sketchbook and professional production tool. Processing is an alternative to proprietary software tools in the same domain.

Free software download and more info Here

“Dynamic Equilibrium”
Cool installation by Spanish Anna Taratiel for ROJO® presented during Milan Design Week.

See more of Anna's fantastic work

"In the flight control tower of the Lufthansa Brand Academy Frankfurt-Seeheim visitors learn about the local and global connections of international air traffic. A 14 meter wide 180 degrees projection let´s the visitors dive into the fully navigable, realtime 3D visualization of 16000 daily Lufthansa and Star Alliance flights. The intuitive navigation interface provides 6 degrees of freedom. Additional time and content filters can be activated with extra buttons and sliders. In just a few seconds of flight the user can move from a macro view of a local hub to a global overview of the worldwide air traffic routes." White Void

Watch | Realtime 3D Airtraffic

Avatar is an upcoming epic 3-D science fiction film directed by James Cameron, due to be released on December 18, 2009.
Avatar is set during the 22nd century on a small moon called Pandora, which orbits a gas giant, and is inhabited by the tribal Na'vi, ten foot blue humanoids that are peaceful unless attacked. Humans cannot breathe Pandoran air, so they genetically engineer human/Na'vi hybrids known as Avatars that can be controlled via a mental link. A paralyzed Marine named Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) volunteers to exist as an Avatar on Pandora, falling in love with a Na'vi princess and becoming caught up in the conflict between her people and the human military that is consuming their world.Wikipedia

Watch | Avatar

Directed by Pete Candeland and produced by Passion Pictures , super cool animated film with some of z Beatles greatest hits , awesome graphics , to bad that its not longer.

Watch | The Beatles Opening Cinematic

"We Are Waves" is an interactive installation which invites the participant to explore the qualities of sound based on the body’s movement and forms. In other words, it is a space for considering the concept of timbre as a specific quality of sound waves, using the interface that human beings are most familiar with: their own body. Using a camera, "WeAreWaves" takes the points making up the silhouette of the bodies in the image and converts them into sound. A wave consisting of hundreds of particles is created. These are projected onto a screen and create the image. The wave seen and the wave heard are therefore the same, and both are the same as the silhouette of the user or users. Questions quickly arise, such as what if there are two of us? Or five of us? And what about if we are holding an umbrella? Only the experience and curiosity of those taking part provide answers. The space provides the flexibility needed to compose shapes of waves between several people and even to include objects. "WeAreWaves" allows viewers to experiment with the feeling of seeing and listening to themselves, and to stop for a moment to reflect on a universe in which everything and all of us are waves. WeAreWaves

Watch | WeAreWaves

This is an excerpt from 'I Am A Chain Reaction' which is one of seven works that make up the dance/animation/programming hybrid project, Smashup.

Smashup is the outcome of an ongoing collaboration between artists James Paterson & Amit Pitaru ( Insertsilence ), and dancer/choreographer Dana Gingras ( Animals of Distinction, The Holy Body Tattoo ). Smashup premiered in its complete form, an hour long performance, at the Festival Transamérique in Montreal in the summer of 2008.

Watch | I Am A Chain Reaction

British sculptor Thom Puckey creates work that interestingly treads between old aesthetic sensibilities and materials and new content. Not unlike Renaissance sculptors, Puckey’s pieces are large, constructed out of marble, and often involve female nudes. Yet at the same time the objects presented in the sculptures are fiercely contemporary - his nudes are holding AK-47s, or are donning the hoods of Abu Ghraib prisoners (edit: of which likenesses Thom went back into the future to collect as the pieces existed before Abu Ghraib). Beautiful Decay

New Arrivals

Mp3 | Autokratz - Can't get enough [ Lapse mix ]
Mp3 | Azary & III - Hungry
Mp3 | Barletta - Slide
Mp3 | Heads We Dance - When The Sirens [ Geek Chic mix ]
Mp3 | Hot Chip - Ready For the Floor [ Vis a Vis Mix ]
Mp3 | Mount Eerie - Stone's Ode
Mp3 | On Horse - Camp Out [ Mansion mix [
Mp3 | Robot Disaster - Guitars Are Overated [ Suxx mix ]
Mp3 | Synth Girl - Huricane [ Jeuce Rework ]
Mp3 | The Glass - Wanna Be Dancin' [ Manclub Remix ]

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Sunday 21 June 2009

Martijn van Dam,Oceansize,Celluloid Remix,Fluid Architectures,City Sonics, Michael Joaquin Grey,Grid Index,The Fiery Furnaces,Wild Beasts,

Smashing work of Dutch graphic designer Martijn van Dam with a killer Black Sun Empire track.

Watch | Spacecraft Illustration

Oceansize is a short 3D movie made by 4 students of Supinfocom Arles in 2008, Romain Jouandeau, Adrien Chartie, Gilles Mazières and Fabien Thareau.

Watch | Oceansize

The Filmmuseum Amsterdam and Images for the Future launch Celluloid Remix, an online remix competition with films from the beginning of Dutch film history. Professionals and amateurs are invited to remix exceptional Dutch cinematographic material from the period 1917-1932 into new short films with their own soundtrack.

More info visit Celluloid Remix

Fluid Architectures
Netherlands Media Art Institute
Opening 29 May 18:30 hrs
From 30-05-2009 until 16-08-2009
Annja Krautgasser, Walter Langelaar, Jan Robert Leegte, Dirk Lüsebrink/Joachim Sauter, Mader Stublic Wiermann, Michael Najjar, Mark Napier, Marnix de Nijs, Stanza, Pablo Valbuena

In the movie Metropolis from 1926, director Fritz Lang created the vision of a futuristic 21st century mega-city. Now that we have crossed the threshold of this century our reality makes that vision seem strangely old-fashioned as new sets of factors unconsidered by Lang move to shape the future of our urban spaces. It is now ubiquitous computer networks, information delivery in real time and new display technologies which are the key elements transforming the face of our urban living spaces. Through them a space is taking shape whose manifestations merge the virtual and the physical. Essayist Florian Rötzer talks in this context of a “digital urbanism” whose salient features are „dispersal, decentralisation, valorisation of interiority, globalisation, individuality and mobility“.
These factors shape a networked society and a 'space of flows” which generate new dimensions for imagination and action no longer concurrent with the old geographies and topographies.Nimk

Crossing a city of sounds
From June 26th until July 26th 2009 in Mons , Belgium
Open from 12am to 6pm, closed on monday. Free entrance.

For its seventh edition, City Sonics invades the city center of Mons with over thirty installations and environments. Once more, the festival questions sound and matter and listens to its stories about us and others, about here and there, about the sounds of the world and their sweet opposites.

On twelve locations, “indisciplinary” artists offer creations and dialogues with visitors of all ages and categories. This temporary enchantment of the city is poetic resistance against the dark planetary times that are upon us and the chaosounds that aggress us daily. Sound is a fantastic medium that addresses our body and senses: there is no need to be a music lover or contemporary art expert to enjoy these works of sound.

The path chosen by the sound pirates of City Sonics invites you on a stroll through space/time, created by these works in what becomes a space of permanent metamorphose.

For the past twenty years, Michael Joaquin Grey has been creating work that extends and plays with the boundaries of art, science and media. His investigations center on the development and the origins of life, language and form - as related to natural and complex systems. Critical moments in natural phenomenon and culture are objects in his work, as are the prepositional states of change between matter, energy, behavior, and meaning. Grey's creative dialogue engages epistemological and pedagogical creative limitations of the tools and processes we use to observe, learn and play with our world.

Watch | Past Proprioception (2007) , excerpt

Grid Index is the first comprehensive visual lexicon of patterns and grid systems. Based upon years of research, artist and musician Carsten Nicolai aka alva noto has discovered and unlocked the visual code for visual systems into a systematic equation of grids and patterns. The accompanying CD contains all of the grids and patterns featured in the publication from the simplest grids made up entirely of squares to the most complex irregular ones with infinitely unpredictable patterns of growth, as editable vector graphic data files. Use it to map out the underlying grids of any image or form and to create recurring geometrical grids in graphic design - an essential reference for designers, visual artists, architects, researchers and mathematicians.

More info @ Raster Noton

We are very pleased to present you with the new album from The Fiery Furnaces! I’m Going Away is an album of 70’s sunshine-glazed piano pop, filled with cascading note slides, head-nodding grooves and some of the sweetest melodies in their seemingly endless arsenal of musical ideas. Indeed, I’m Going Away, which is easily an instant classic in the band’s expansive repertoire, is The Fiery Furnaces like you’ve never heard them before, providing amazing new insight into the work of this effortlessly innovative duo. Thrill Jockey

Mp3 | The Fiery Furnaces - The End is Near

This striking new video for the Wild Beasts forthcoming single, Hooting & Howling is just in. Hooting and Howling is the first track from the Wild Beasts forthcoming album, Two Dancers.

You can also download a free remix of the song by Debukas ahead of release, right now. Check out details below to download

Watch | Wild Beasts - Hooting & Howling

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Tuesday 16 June 2009

Sonic Youth,Charlesque,5 Days Off Media,Snow Angel,All Tomorrow’s Parties,Samm Hodges,U-Ram Choe,Whatever Works,LJ Kruzer

Sonic Youth have unveiled the video for “Sacred Trickster,” opening track off their new album "The Eternal".

Watch | Sonic Youth - Sacred Trickster

In a black & white Paris, little creatures with paintbrush decide to brighten up the city...

Reulf is student project from University of Paris VIII directed by Quentin Carnicelli, Charles Klipfel & Jean-François Jégo as part of our graduate program in Arts and Technologies de l'Image.
Music composed by Robert le magnifique & Olivier Mellano.

Watch | Reulf

Frozen, 5 Days Off MEDIA
2 - 26 July 2008
Melkweg Mediaroom, Paradiso

In the Mediaroom at the Melkweg multi-channel sound pieces can be experienced over an advanced speaker setup, accompanied by sound in a "frozen" form: Images and sculptural objects made using sound as input. These artworks use audio analysis and custom software processes to extract meaningful data from the sound signal, creating a mapping between audio and other media. Frozen will feature digital prints as well as four "sound sculptures" created using digital fabrication technology such as rapid prototyping, CNC and laser cutting, which allow for the direct translation of a digital model into physical form.

Frozen arose in collaboration with the Norwegian artist and curator Marius Watz, whose Generator.x project investigates the implications of generative systems and computational models of creation. The recent exhibition Generator.x 2.0: Beyond the Screen brought together artists and architects to explore the potential of this new mode of creation.

Besides Watz's own contribution, 'audio sculptures' will be on display by Andreas Nicolas Fischer (DE) & Benjamin Maus (DE), Leander Herzog (CH), and Daniel Widrig & Shajay Booshan (UK). These sculptures are based on audioworks by Freiband (Nl, Frans de Waard), and Alexander Rishaug (No). Frozen

A girl from a strange family falls prey to her doppelgänger in this surreal animation that resulted from a collaborative script by John Malkovich for Sony.

To set the scene: a girl looks from a window onto a snowy vista, where she ventures to make a row of snow angels. That is until her doppelgänger buries her in the snow and returns to the house, which is populated by circus folk; a midget, a fire-eater, a contortionist and ‘her’ mother who wears a bandage over one eye. The girl is then sent upstairs call the other girls for breakfast, who turn out to be identical to her, and all dressed in gymnast outfits. Meanwhile outside a groundsman and his dog discover the original girl and begin to dig out the snow. The girls lead the doppelgänger down to breakfast, where her mother takes off her clothes to reveal the same gymnast outfit beneath. Then at the urging of the fire-eater, the midget attempts (and fails) to throw a strawberry into the mother’s mouth much to the glee of the onlookers. The doppelgänger runs to the window, through which we can see it is now Spring and the groundsman stands to reveal a white lilly on the spot where the original girl lay.Short of the Week

Watch | Snow Angel - Online Script Project


FEATURING: Belle And Sebastian / Grizzly Bear / Sonic Youth / Battles / Portishead / Daniel Johnston / Grinderman / David Cross / Animal Collective / The Boredoms / Les Savy Fav / Mogwai / Octopus Project / Slint / The Dirty Three / The Yeah Yeah Yeahs / The Gossip / GZA / Seasick Steve / Iggy And The Stooges / A Hawk And A Hacksaw / Fuck Buttons / Micah P Hinson / Two Gallants / Akron/Family / Jah Shaka / Saul Williams / Shellac / Patti Smith / John Cooper Clark / Lightning Bolt / Roscoe Mitchell / The Mars Volta

Coming Soon from Warp Films

In an out-of-season holiday camp on the coast of England, alternative music festival All Tomorrow’s Parties serves up a heady combination of alternative music, crazy golf and chalet-living; all curated by a single band or artist. This post-punk DIY bricolage uses material generated by the fans and musicians themselves, on a multitude of formats and over the history of ATP, to capture the uncompromising spirit of a parallel music universe. All Tomorrow’s Parties was created by All Tomorrow’s People and Jonathan Caouette. Ourtrueintent

Watch | All Tomorrow's Parties

Fantastic reel from Samm Hodges , awesome combination of graphics and sound.

Watch | Samm Hodges/Mothlight Design Reel '09

U-Ram Choe work engages a fanciful dialog of aesthetics and machinery, and explores themes of biological transformation, flight, and movement. In his recent work, large-scale metal and plastic automata materialize with such a delicacy and weightlessness that it seems to take on the shape and silhouette of an organic life form. Motors, heat and light sensitive materials add to the intricacy of Choe's kinetic sculptures.

With Choe's incorporation of scientific nomenclature into artwork titling systems, walking into the gallery space can be reminiscent of touring a prehistoric exhibit at a natural science or history museum-there are certain elements of recognition: mechanical diagrams, text descriptions of habitats, visible evidence of fins evolving into wings, and even propellers. The warm biologic livelihoods of machine-creatures become the subject in Choe's work. These dynamic forms bear emotion and have anthropological roots, despite their streamlined metallic sheen. Narratives authored by the artist complement his 3-dimensional designs and drawings. Wikipedia

Whatever Works is an upcoming 2009 comedy film written and directed by Woody Allen. The film is a black comedy featuring Larry David, Evan Rachel Wood, Patricia Clarkson, Kristen Johnston, Ed Begley, Jr., Michael McKean, and Henry Cavill. David stars as Boris Yelnikoff, an eccentric, misanthropic physicist from Greenwich Village who becomes entangled with a young girl from the south (played by Wood) and her parents. The movie was filmed in New York City, marking Allen's return to his native city after a four-film sojourn in Europe. "It's very classic Woody Allen but it's still different than anything he's done," revealed Wood in a December 2008 interview. Wikipedia

Watch | Whatever Works

LJ Kruzer and Uncharted Audio present the Tam Variations, eight engaging experimental versions of Tam, a piece which features on Kruzer's forthcoming album Manhood & Electronics. Each variation is the end result of methodical sequences of sound processing exploring all the possibilities of computer manipulation of digitised sound data - stretching, squashing, restretching and resquashing giving the concertina'd timbres of Tamz; filtering, distorting and reverberating backwards and forwards to create the rough textures of Tamx and Tamxr; modulating brown noise with the source audio to give Tamb; and simple stretching and reverberating resulting in the billowy melancholy of the collection's opener Tam814.

The Tam Variations are available for free as 128kbps mp3s, and name your price for higher quality formats only here. Manhood & Electronics is set for release as a CD and download on Uncharted Audio on June 29th 2009.

Watch | Tam - LJ Kruzer Video

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Sunday 14 June 2009

Let's Lounge,Hello World,Emotional Sensing,Dried Up,Yi Zhou,Dan Black, Christien Meindertsma, The Limits Of Control,The Nightseeing Map

Netbook Lounge Chair by Martin Ballendat

Mp3 | 9dw - Posse
Mp3 | Boozoo Bajou - Same Sun [ Prins Thomas Diskomiks ]
Mp3 | Bugge Wesseltoft - Eve Nin [ Les Gammas mix ]
Mp3 | Chateau Flight - Instant Replay
Mp3 | Curtis Mayfield - Do We Wap Is Strong In Here [ Ashley Beedle Re-Edit ]
Mp3 | Earl Zinger - who killed saturday night
Mp3 | Melvin Van Peebles - Sweetback's Theme
Mp3 | Micatone - Traces
Mp3 | Omni Trio - Renegade Snares [ Fould Play VIP Mix ]
Mp3 | Romanthony - $ luv
Mp3 | Season & Sygaire feat. Randolph Matthews - Cowboys & Angels
Mp3 | Truby Trio - Cruisin

Download full Let's Lounge

Hello World! is a large-scale audio visual installation comprised of thousands of unique video diaries gathered from the internet. The project is a meditation on the contemporary plight of democratic, participative media and the fundamental human desire to be heard.

On one hand, new media technologies like YouTube have enabled new speakers at an alarming rate. On the other hand, no new technologies have emerged that allow us to listen to all of these new public speakers. Each video consists of a single lone individual speaking candidly to a (potentially massive) imagined audience from a private space such as a bedroom, kitchen, or dorm room. The multi-channel sound composition glides between individuals and the group, allowing viewers to listen in on unique speakers or become immersed in the cacophony. Viewers are encouraged to dwell in the space.

Watch | Hello World! or: How I Learned to Stop Listening and Love the Noise

Philips Design has developed a series of dynamic garments as part of the ongoing SKIN exploration research into the area known as 'emotional sensing'. The garments, which are intended for demonstration purposes only, demonstrate how electronics can be incorporated into fabrics and garments in order to express the emotions and personality of the wearer.

The marvelously intricate wearable prototypes include 'Bubelle', a dress surrounded by a delicate 'bubble' illuminated by patterns that changed dependent on skin contact- and 'Frison', a body suit that reacts to being blown on by igniting a private constellation of tiny LEDs .

Watch | Probes; SKIN dresses

A short film by Jeremy Casper, Stuart Bury and Isaiah Powers

It a thesis project for Jeremy Casper and Isaiah Powers BFA in animation.

Dried Up is a story about the character of a person who through opposition is true to his own belief and character. He does what he knows he must do to bring life to a town even though others tell him it is pointless.

Watch | Dried Up

My heart laid bare by Yi Zhou (35mm film and 3d animation). featuring charlotte gainsbourg; music by chester french. see more of yi zhou's work Here

Watch | My Heart Laid Bare

Music video produced and directed by Chic & Artistic

Watch | Dan Black - Symphonies

Super cool pouf's by Christien Meindertsma

The Limits of Control is the new movie from filmmaker Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers, Down by Law). The film is set in the striking and varied landscapes of contemporary Spain (both urban and otherwise). The location shoot there united the writer/director with acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle (In the Mood for Love, Paranoid Park).

Isaach De Bankolé stars in the lead role for Mr. Jarmusch; this marks the duos fourth collaboration over nearly two decades, following Night on Earth, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, and Coffee and Cigarettes. The Limits of Control also features several other actors with whom Mr. Jarmusch has previously worked, including Alex Descas, John Hurt, Youki Kudoh, Bill Murray, and Tilda Swinton; and actors new to his films, including Hiam Abbass, Gael García Bernal, Paz De La Huerta, Jean-François Stévenin, and Luis Tosar.

The Limits of Control is the story of a mysterious loner (played by Mr. De Bankolé), a stranger, whose activities remain meticulously outside the law. He is in the process of completing a job, yet he trusts no one, and his objectives are not initially divulged.

His journey, paradoxically both intently focused and dreamlike, takes him not only across Spain but also through his own consciousness. Imdb

Watch | The Limits Of Control

This NIGHTSEEING Map is representative of many noteworthy lighting design projects viewable by the public in New York City. Guidebooks to New York City dutifully recount the names of buildings, the details of structural engineering feats, and the intricacies of construction materials. While it may not be unusual for a tourist to point to a notable skyline tower and evoke the architect, how many can supply the name of the lighting designer responsible for bringing that building to light? This map showcases NYC’s illuminated buildings and the lighting designers responsible, from architectural masterpieces to the cutting edge, hip and night!

Whether you’re new to the city, a frequent visitor or a seasoned New Yorker, we hope you find this NIGHTSEEING Map to be a worthy companion as you explore the city. So, with guide in hand, enjoy New York City’s nightscapes from dusk to dawn. Ies Nyc

Elena's Graphic Photo

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