Friday 28 May 2010

TimBehrendt, Joy Division, Bloody Beetroots,Nicole Blommers, How to Destroy Angels, When You're Strange, Washed Out, Huskey Rescue, Notre Jour Viendra

2nd benefit party for theTim Behrendt Foundation!
Club Home
11 June Amsterdam

Let's party for a good cause !!!

The foundation was started to give young people with cancer a chance to rest on a farm in Spain and named in the memory of Tim Behrendt who passed away last June with Cancer.

Manuel Zeeman, SwitchST(d)ance and Nanog will provide la musique

The entrance money will be for the foundation, for guest lists, info about the party or donations pls email: info(at)timbehrendtfoundation(dot)org

Unknown Pleasures a Celebration May - August 2010
The Life and Work of Ian Curtis and Joy Division
Macclesfield Silk Museum
July 29–August 7

"This exhibit brings together a wide range of material - posters, handbills, handwritten documents, and other memorabilia - for the first time. Much of it comes from the fans - a testament to Joy Division's continued i...mpact. It also provides a history of pop graphics, from punk through to the early 80's."

Director Richard de Peyer says: "Macclesfield has never had the opportunity to celebrate Ian Curtis' work in a way which benefits the communities of the town and also attracts music fans from far and wide. This summer seemed like the right moment to do that."

The show includes photography including a rarely seen image by Mark Reeder, as well as press cuttings from the time and film footage, including unseen glimpses of the band in concert."

Bloody Beetroots Twist & Turn Vol.1 ( Small pieces of history )

Yeah, get ready to Rock n Roll !!!! Awesome compilation by the Bloody Beetroots featuring among others The Dammed, Uk Subs, The Buzzcocks, Iggy Pop, Joy Divison, Ramones etc... listen Here

I found Nicole Blommers work like so many others, random searches, flying from one link to another until i find something truly exciting.
When i saw her first Photography's i knew i was on the something but was totally caught by surprise with the extension of her work.
Nicole is not only a great Photographer but also a Street Art "Fanatic", worked in radio for six years, started with fellow enthusiasts the music website 3VOOR12/Arnhem-Nijmegen, freelance writer for independent style magazine Glamcult and to wrap it up also part of the Amsterdam Street Art that will have the first event in two weeks time
By coincidence she is Dutch and we leave in same city, Haarlem just a few minutes from Amsterdam. In a few weeks time we are going to know more about her bits and pieces in a Audiopleasures interview and she will make a mixtape for "mY Indie Soul"

How to Destroy Angels, the new super hyped Trent Reznor project with former West Indian Girl frontwoman Mariqueen Maandig has announced that their first Ep will be for free and will be available on the fist of June.

Watch | How To Destroy Angels - The Space in Between

"The first feature documentary about The Doors comprised of entirely unseen archival footage. Narrated by Johnny Depp and directed by Tom DiCillo."

Watch | When You're Strange - A Film About The Doors

Ernest Greene aka Washed Out from Georgia is another of my favorites bedroom pop makers ever since i heard "Feel It All Around" for the first time.
There is a new video and free track to give away that is perfect for the summer days ahead.

Washed out will be in Amsterdam during the Glo-Summer night pop together with Small Black and I got you on tape on the 3 june @ Trouw

Watch | Washed Out- New Theory
Mp3 | Washed Out- New Theory
Mp3 | Washed Out - Feel It All Around

Excellent new music video by Helsinki cinematic indie band Huskey Rescue, "They are Coming" is taken from this year album "Ship Of Light", the video was directed by Pete Riski. You can get the single "We Shall Burn Bright" for free at their Site

Watch | Husky Rescue - They Are Coming

Notre Jour Viendra, with Vincent Cassel and Olivier Barthelme. Directed by Romain Gavras, the man behind the camera on the music videos Justice-Stress and more recent M.I.A.-Born Free, expect violence and nudity

Watch | Notre Jour Viendra

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Gavin Russom DFA Records Interview

Gavin Russom is a psychedelic electronic music producer known for is brilliant releases on DFA Records and for making his own synthesizers.
The first time i heard is music was on one of the first DFA compilations, its was totally different from what i was used to hear and i became captivated with the sound by Gavin and Delia Gonzalez, it was like a mind trip full of psychedelic elements, you don't know exactly how to react to it, if lay back and enjoy the ride or just jump with no direction.
Gavin is also known by is side projects like Black Meteoric Star, The Crystal Ark and Black Leotard Front.

Do you see yourself as a soundsculptor, artist or musician ?

If I had to choose one word that categorizes the way I approach creativity I'd say I'm a composer.

Your interest with music instruments, where does it come from ? Runs in the family or was something of your own ?

It's something I've been interested in since I was a child. There are a lot of musicians in my family but the interest in building musical instruments has just been something important to me. A lot of the ideas that I developed in terms of instrument building came out of conversations I had with my cousin Mike Kelley (Kelley Polar) during a period of intense musical collaboration we had in our teens.

Why and when have you decided to start building your own synths ?

When I was studying composition in college I reached a creative impasse where I had been so involved in high level ideas about creating music that it became difficult for me to approach musical instruments anymore. The only thing I could relate to were modular synthesizers and percussion instruments because each achieved the direct approach to sound that I was searching for. I began building percussion instruments in college because I didn't have the resources to build synths. After I moved to New York I had the resources to begin synth building and began to teach myself.

where did you learn the skills ?

I began with books and reprints of manuals from the 70's. I taught myself with a lot of trial and error. Later I worked with Jeff Blenkinsopp at EARS NYC and learned a great deal more.

The pulse, sizzle and raw electric charge are some of your creations, could you tell something about these machines ?

My interest in synths grew directly out of my interest in magic and the idea that creativity and channeling have a lot in common. I think of the machines as instruments that directly translate electricity into sound based on the interventions of a human user. I wanted to make machines that would allow me to work with sound in the fluid way that I experience it.

What have you discovered in hip hop that made you interested in electronic music ?

The use of machines to make sound that sounds like it was made by machines.

Which albums/artists wave influenced your music the most ?

A partial list: David Tudor, Supermax, Jack Frost (and all of his other pseudonyms, Adonis, Sleezy D etc.), Henry Cowell, Conlon Nancarrow, Meredith Monk, Bukkah White
Guy Picciotto, Darby Crash, Albert Ayler,

Where did you meet and how important was DFA and James Murphy in your live and music ?

I sent out a mass email to everyone who had ever emailed me and forgotten to Bcc's mailing list that I could fix and design analog synths. I had taken a year off of work to learn how to build synths and was unbelievably broke. James Murphy is the only person that wrote back so I went over to his studio where there were piles of vintage gear which I started to repair. I moved from that to designing mods and new circuits for James and Tim Goldsworthy. They came to see Delia and I play and offered us a record deal and things grew from there. That meeting is certainly very important because they got what I was doing at a time when most people weren't even close. I'm not sure where I'd be if that hadn't happened.

You've built some "Gavin Made" synths for Lcd Soundsystem and Black Dice, how did this happen ?

That grew out of my work in the DFA studio.

Delia Gonzales and Gavin Russom are both musicians and sculptors, where does the collaboration begins and what was the concept ?

Delia and I met in 1998 almost immediately started working together. We both had a lot of things we wanted to do and had a vision of building an alternate universe. We worked together extremely intensively until 2007.

"Causal Friday" by Black Leotard Front is a track that i still like a lot, Who were they and what happened to that project ?

Black Leotard Front was a dance company that included Delia, myself, Artist Christian Holstad and gallerist Daniel Schmidt. We made dance performances and sculptures and recorded 2 singels, "Casual Friday" and "Hey Coach! (I Read Your Diary)". The second of these was lost before it could be pressed. At some point in 2006 we went our separate ways.

Black Meteoric Star and The Crystal Ark are two of your side projects, what are the separating lines ?

Black Meteoric Star uses a very specific set of gear. The Crystal Ark is a collaboration with Viva Ruiz and also includes contributions from Alberto Lopez, Matt Thornley and Lizzy Yoder.

You have two nicknames, "Wizard" that is related with your creation of synths and interest in magic practices and "Bad Boy", this have to do with the fact that you do the music you want, the way you want ?

I guess that's what that has to do with. I think it's something a journalist invented. None of my friends call me "bad boy". I personally find it hilarious.

You moved from New York to Berlin, Did it changes your music perception and creative process ?

Certainly the 5 years I spent in Berlin influenced my creative practice. It reawakened my interest in dance music among many other things. Berlin was a great place for me to go into a creative cocoon and transform a lot of the energies that grew up in New York. A note, I moved to New York in November of 2009.

where does you and your music fits better ?

New York. I am a New Yorker.

What are you listening to these days ? You have some recommendation ?

Man Recordings in Berlin is doing great things as is Nation records in Chicago. Laurent Garnier's new Alaska production is fantastic.

Sunday 23 May 2010

Off Center, Alma, Ellen Allien, Dani Brubaker, Toro y Moi, Graffiti Analysis, Bad Tits, Something In Construction, !!! , One Dot Zero, mY Indie Soul

Off Center Festival 26-29 May
@ Melkweg Amsterdam

This week starts in Amsterdam the first edition of the Off Center festival, the organization proposes to bring to this great city, innovative cutting edge electronic music, contemporary dance, visual art and film.

Gorgeous animation by Pixar Spanish Director Rodrigo Blaas.
Alma (Soul), a young girl becomes intrigued with a mysterious toy shop.

Watch | Alma

Bpitch label owner and fashion designer has releases a new album and a new video. With "Dust" Ellen Allien is reaching for a broader audience with some very fine Indie electronic tunes.

Mp3 | Ellen Allien - Sun the Rain (Edit)
Watch | Ellen Allien - Our Utopie

Part Choctaw Indian and part Californian, Dani Brubaker grew up by the code of the American Native Indian which venerates children and embraces freedom of self-expression, Its impossible not to be touched by her photography, the simplicity, depth and naturalite of the children comes from her roots and then developed while working for more than a decade with a award winning advertisement art director.

Bedroom pop multi instrumentalist Chaz Bundick aka Toro y Moi have released a new music video and a new free track called "Leave Everywhere"

Watch | Toro y Moi - You Hid
Mp3 | Toro y Moi - Leave Everywhere

"Graffiti Analysis 2.0 is a openFrameworks application that tracks motion of a graffiti tag and represents it digitally in three dimensions, accompanied by particle effects, somewhat stylised generative animations are generated,a project by Evan Roth with software development by Chris Sugrue, "

Watch | Graffiti Analysis 2.0: Digital Blackbook

Death from Above 1979 dance-punk duo were finished 4 years ago, Bassist Jesse Keeler achieved great success with MSTRKRFT, drummer Sebastien Grainger announces the release of his new project "Bad Tits" with Josh Reichmann, the first insight comes with the music video Bankok Hilton taken from the Ep Garbage Night, Sebastien and Josh met during a Toronto garbage workers strike.

Watch | Bad Tits - Bankok Hilton

London label Something In Construction is offering a massive collecting of summer indie tunes called Better Pop Music including Washed Out, Phoenix, Air France, Caribou, Memory Tapes and Class Actress. Download

Dance-Punk collective !!! (chk chk chk) have anounce the release of a new album, "Strange Weather, Isn't It?" is will come later this summmer on Warp Records. The first singel AM/FM is availabel for listening Here

Onedotzero are seeking innovative short films, installations, interactive work and live audiovisual performances to showcase at the bfi southbank, london, uk, 10-14 november 2010. the five-day festival is the first stop on onedotzero's extensive worldwide network of events.

onedotzero_adventures in motion has been the largest dedicated digital short film festival in the world since 1999. over fourteen years the programme has expanded to embrace a wide range of digital motion arts and is acclaimed by artists, audiences and creative industries alike for providing a platform to explore new ideas and fresh innovation through curated compilation screenings, features, exhibitions, live av performances, club nights, presentations and panel discussions.

submit now ! this is your chance to showcase your work on an international platform and it is completely free to enter!

mY Indie Soul # 33
Electronic, Indie, Alternative, Electro, Electroclash, Industrial, Electropunk

Fresh new music from 2010 : Librarians, Jahcoozi, Ellen Allien, Lcd Soundsystem and Holy Fuck
Bombay Bicycle Club had a great album last year and my radar missed it
R.I.P. Poney Poney, Probably their best remix, now called Jamaica
The first track i ever heard from Warren Suicide
kick asssssssss Le Tigre, Chicks on Speed and T.Raumschmiere
and the always "EPIC" Kap Banbino

Download and Listen

Librarians - Present Passed
Jahcoozi - Barricaded feat. Barbara Panther
Ellen Allien - you
Lcd Soundsystem - All I Want
Holy Fuck - Red Lights
Bombay Bicycle Club - lamplight
Ryskee - Leave Me Amor [ Poney Poney Remix ]
Warren Suicide - The Girl Stood There
Benny Benassi vs Iggy Pop - Electro Sixteen [ The Japanese Popstars mix ]
T.Raumschmiere - Brenner
Le Tigre - FYR
Chicks on Speed - The Floating Pyramid over Frankfurt that the taxi Driver Saw when he was Landing
Kap Banbino - Hunger Texas

Friday 14 May 2010

Compost Records 15, Noisia, Dan Oara, Maxim Zhestkov, Chateau Marmont,The Vader Project,Laura Gibson and Ethan Rose,Jose James,Bomb It,Sperber,Mixtape

Compost Records 15 Years Tour , Amsterdam 04 June Melkweg
Rainer Trüby (Compost) / Shahrokh (Shahrokh Sound of k. Compost-Black) / Roland Appel (Compost-black / sonar kollektiv)

The electronic Munich label founded by Michael Reinboth in 1994 had also a major importance in my first years while exploring electronic music.
It all started with early Ninja Tune, i was really drown to Jazz and beats, Trip Hop, Downtempo and then the German broken beats arrived, it was a very importante and logic shift in what i was listening at the time.
The Compost Legacy as an unbelivebel roster of talented people and some of my favroites were, Jazzanova, Beanfield, Native Force, Fauna Flash, Les Gammas, Forest Mighty Black, Rainer Truby Trio and Michael Rütten etc...

Listen | Compost 15 years

I was waiting for this video for some time and this week the collaboration between the Kick Ass Dutch drum n bass trio Noisia and German filmmaker Alexander Lehmann finally was released, lucky me that i have a beamer home and can watch this the way it should be seen, big screen loud sound.

Watch | Noisia & Mayhem ft. KRS One - Exodus

London based fashion photographer Dan Oara

The new masterpiece of Maxim Zhestkov Russian based creative director. It gives you time and space to imagine your place inside a 1960's Sci Fi Thriller, very elegant and the sound design is delicious.

Watch | Recursion

Great return from Parisiann space-disco quartet Chateau Marmont, since they remixed Midnight Juggernauts track Into the Galaxy in such a kick ass away that ive been a huge fan. The second EP, Nibiru will come also with a awesome remix from the DFA "Wizzard" Gavin Russom.

Mp3 | Chateau Marmont - Nibiru
Mp3 | Chateau Marmont - Monodrama [ Gavin Russom Remix ]

"The Vader Project originally premiered at Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles in May 2007. From there it traveled to Star Wars Celebration Europe in London in June 2007. July 2007 brought 10 new helmets to the Star Wars Pavilion at the famed San Diego Comi-Con International. Then in July 2008, 13 Japanese artists joined forces with the existing Vader Project when their helmets premiered at Star Wars Celebration Japan.

Dov Kelemer & Sarah Jo Marks are Co-Curators The Vader Project and Co-Founders of DKE Toys, one of the largest designer vinyl and art-toy distributors in the world, exclusively representing over 100 companies, artists, and designers. Kelemer started the business selling Star Wars memorabilia more than 15 years ago. With The Vader Project he has finally found a way to meld both his passions. Marks divides her time between managing DKE art exhibitions and all DKE promotions including STUFFED."

Gorgeous music video, Boreas Borealis is taken from Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose 2010 album "Bridge Carols", drone folk.

Watch | Laura Gibson and Ethan Rose - Boreas Borealis

One of the voices that i like the most since i've heard it for the first time, in the collaboration between Fly Lo and Jose James on the track "Vision of Violet".
Jose second album "Blackmagic" is produced with the help of Flying Lotus and is out on Gilles Peterson Brownswood Recordings.
"Blackmagic" and "Made for Love" are sensational.

Mp3 | Jose James - Blackmagic
Listen | Jose James - Made for Love

"Bomb It is the explosive new documentary from award-winning director Jon Reiss investigating the most subversive and controversial art form currently shaping international youth culture: graffiti.
Through interviews and guerilla footage of graffiti writers in action on 5 continents, BOMB IT tells the story of graffiti from its origins in prehistoric cave paintings thru its notorious explosion in New York City during the 70's and 80's, then follows the flames as they paint the globe. Featuring old school legends and current favorites such as Taki 183, Cornbread, Stay High 149, T-Kid, Cope 2, Zephyr, Revs, Os Gemeos, KET, Chino, Shepard Fairey, Revok, and Mear One. This cutting edge documentary tracks down today's most innovative and pervasive street artists as they battle for control over the urban visual landscape. You'll never look at public space the same way again.
BOMB IT has shot in Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Tijuana, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hamburg, Berlin, Cape Town, São Paulo, and Tokyo"

Watch | Bomb It

From the German based Illustrator/Graphic Designer Sperber Illustrationen

Audiopleasures Mixtape

Mp3 | Burns - Kiss N' Hold
Mp3 | Crookers feat. Soulwax & Mixhell - We Love Animals [The Love Supreme mix ]
Mp3 | Danton Eeprom - Thanks For Nothing [ Etienne Jaumet mix]
Mp3 | Double Dagger - Pillow Talk
Mp3 | Elite Gymnastics - We Fly High
Mp3 | Golden Silvers - True Romance [ Penguin Prison mix ]
Mp3 | Holy Ghost! - Say My Name
Mp3 | Marina And The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot [ Lovers & Gamblers Precious Little Diamond mix ]
Mp3 | Owen Pallett - Lewis Takes Off His Shirt [ Dan Deacon mix ]
Mp3 | Sid Le Rock - Still Life
Mp3 | The Pony - Check The Door
Mp3 | To Rococo Rot - Horses

Download full Audiopleasures Mixtape

Thursday 6 May 2010

Amsterdam Street Art, How to Destroy Angels, BLU at Deitch Gallery, Flying Lotus,Up There,Lazer Crystal,Cherri Wood,The Fall, Born Free, The American

The line-up from the first Amsterdam Street Art festival in June: Flying Förtress, Orticanoodles, Dale Grimshaw, Pez, Recal One, The London Police, Faunagraphic, Nol, Kosher 74, FAKE, Farkfk, Ives.One, Galo, Indigo, Chase, Bue the Warrior and Hugo Kaagman.

First full track from the new Trent Reznor project How to Destroy Angels,
collaboration with his wife, former West Indian Girl frontwoman Mariqueen Maandig.

Listen "A Drowning" via Pitchfork

This week found another awesome BLU mural

Watch | BLU at Deitch Gallery - New York - September 2009

Free track taken from the new Fly Lo Album 'Cosmogramma' out now on Warp Records.

Mp3 | Flying Lotus - Do the Astral Plane

A wonderful documentary about a lost art and a group of painters who put advertising way up on the side of buildings.

" I wrote this documentary along with my friends Malcolm and Christine, as part of The Ritual Project sponsored by Stella Artois " Up There

Watch | Up There

Great track and video from Lazer Crystal, ‘Love Rhombus’ is taken from their debut album ‘MCMLXXX’ on Thrill Jockey

Watch | Lazer Crystal – Love Rhombus
Mp3 | Lazer Crystal – Love Rhombus

" Cherri Wood is a young illustrator based in Minnesota. Her watercolor and ink studies explore the complex subtleties of the human form, roving the depths of feminine distress and despair. Describing her pieces as “a cluster of ink explosions,” she splashes the paper and canvas with diet coke and tea and smudges it with willow charcoal and graphite. Artwork frequently contains quotes and dialogue culled from a plethora of classic plays and short stories, narrating each work in their own special way. "

new music video taken from the new album from Manchester legendary Post-Punk band THE FALL !!! "Your Future Our Clutter" is out on Domino Records

"Your Future Our Clutter is The Fall at their most rampant, most forward moving, bone shaking best. With nine tracks that rock like raw fury, we see The Fall heading into their next decade with the same intensity with which they started."

Watch | The Fall - Bury! PTS 2 + 4

New campaign by the foundation "Born Free" against homeless animals.

Born Free believes wild animals need their wild habitats; their home, nothing can compare. Habitat loss is caused by deforestation, war, expansion of human populations and agriculture, climate change and much more. Where habitat loss occurs, species (whether large carnivore or amphibian) are forced into ever-decreasing, fragmented areas which in turn decreases prey numbers, water availability and species’ range. Additionally, human-wildlife conflict increases as encroachment occurs resulting in major problems for wildlife and local communities. Ultimately, habitat loss leads to wildlife population decline and extinction. Born Free

" The American" new movie from acclaimed Dutch director and photographer Anton Corbijn.

" Alone Among Assassins, a master craftsman Jack. When a job in Sweden ends Than Expected more harshly for this American abroad, he vows to touch His next assignment historian Larry That Will Be His Last. Jack reports to the Italian countryside, Where he holes up in a small town and relishes Being away from death for a spell"

Watch | The American