Monday 23 February 2009

Man on Wire,The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello,From Inside, Igor, Polymath, Munk,Who Made Who,Paul Kalkbrenner, Bon Iver,Circlesquare

On August 7th 1974, a young Frenchman named Philippe Petit stepped out on a wire illegally rigged between New York's twin towers, then the world's tallest buildings. After nearly an hour dancing on the wire, he was arrested, taken for psychological evaluation, and brought to jail before he was finally released.

Following six and a half years of dreaming of the towers, Petit spent eight months in New York City planning the execution of the coup. Aided by a team of friends and accomplices, Petit was faced with numerous extraordinary challenges: he had to find a way to bypass the WTC's security; smuggle the heavy steel cable and rigging equipment into the towers; pass the wire between the two rooftops; anchor the wire and tension it to withstand the winds and the swaying of the buildings. The rigging was done by night in complete secrecy. At 7:15 AM, Philippe took his first step on the high wire 1,350 feet above the sidewalks of Manhattan...

James Marsh's documentary brings Petit's extraordinary adventure to life through the testimony of Philippe himself, and some of the co-conspirators who helped him create the unique and magnificent spectacle that became known as "the artistic crime of the century."

Watch | Man on Wire

Nominated for an Oscar and for a BAFTA award, Jasper Morello is a short feature made in a unique style of silhouette animation developed by director Anthony Lucas and inspired by the work of authors Edgar Alan Poe and Jules Verne. In the frontier city of Carpathia, Jasper Morello discovers that his former adversary Doctor Claude Belgon has returned from the grave. When Claude reveals that he knows the location of the ancient city of Alto Mea where the secrets of life have been discovered, Jasper cannot resist the temptation to bring his own dead wife Amelia back. But they are captured by Armand Forgette, leader of the radical Horizontalist anti-technology movement, who is determined to reanimate his terrorist father Vasco. As lightning energises the arcane machineries of life in the floating castle of Alto Mea, Jasper must choose between having his beloved restored or seeing the government of Gothia destroyed. Set in a world of iron dirigibles and steam powered computers, this gothic horror mystery tells the story of Jasper Morello, a disgraced aerial navigator who flees his Plague-ridden home on a desperate voyage to redeem himself.

Watch | The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello

From Inside is a feature length animated film written and directed by John Bergin. The film is currently in production. Based on the epic graphic novel by John Bergin, From Inside is is the tale of Cee, a young pregnant woman who finds herself on a damaged train slowly transcribing its way across a bleak, apocalyptic landscape.

Watch | From Inside

Directed by Anthony Leondis. With John Cusack, Myleene Klass, Robin Walsh. Animated fable about a cliché hunchbacked evil scientist's assistant who aspires of becoming a Mad Scientist himself and winning the annual Evil Science Fair.

Watch | Igor

Polymath Current reel showcasing , recent After Effects and Lightwave work.

Watch | Polymath 2009 Reel

Munk is touring LIVE in Europe now. Mathias Modica has been joined live by Pollyester, Den Mono and Doc Dohle.

Watch | Munk - Disco Clown (Live)

Who Made Who Second pre-release single for the upcoming album "The Plot" out on Gomma March 23rd 2009

Watch | The Plot

Official video for Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner´s - "Sky And Sand" - the hymn of the movie "Berlin Calling".

Watch | Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner - Sky And Sand

"The Wolves (Act I & II)" From the Jagjaguwar release "For Emma, Forever Ago" Directed by Matt Amato for The Masses Filmed on location in Fall Creek, Wisconsin January 2008

Watch | Bon Iver

Dancers is the first single off Circlesquare’s new album, Songs About Dancing and Drugs. Bienvenido Cruz directed, shot and edited the video inspired by Robert Longo’s series, Men in the Cities. The video features dancers Miles Faber and Vincent Noiseux (from So You Think You Can Dance Canada), Julie Chapple and Alison Denham.

Watch | Circlesquare - Dancers

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Sunday 22 February 2009

Let's Dance,STRP,Concert Update,Amsterdam Tips,Cine Qua Nonsence,Record Friend,Amstel Antiques,Music Kat

Mp3 | Bloc Party - Mercury [ Lapse mix ]
Mp3 | Cazals - Poor Innocent Boys [ The Shoes mix ]
Mp3 | Digitalism - Echoes [ Siriusmo mix ]
Mp3 | Friendly Fires - Paris [ Aeroplane mix ]
Mp3 | Gooseflesh - Wet [ Zero Cash mix ]
Mp3 | Hot Chip - Hold On [ D.I.M mix ]
Mp3 | Muscles - Sweaty [ Shazam mix ]
Mp3 | Proxy - Raven [ Les Petits Pilous mix ]
Mp3 | Royksopp - Happy up Here [ Datasette mix ]
Mp3 | Sebastian - Momy [ Erol Alkan's mix ]
Mp3 | Supabeatz - Sexo Perfecto [ Bloody Beetroots mix ]
Mp3 | Tv on The Radio - Crying [ Telepathe mix ]

Download Full Let's Dance

2 - 13 April - Klokgebow Eindhoven
Music / Art / Technology / Robotics / Live Cinema / Performance

03 Apr - Laurent Garnier - Morgan Gueist - Michael Mayer - Yuksek - Woolfy
04 Apr - Aphex Twin vs Tim Hecker - Squarepusher - Venetian Snares

Full program Here

< Concerts Update >

Paradiso Amsterdam

13 Mar - The Long Lost
17 Mar - Animal Collective

23 Apr - Bonnie " Prince " Billy
29 Apr - Yeah Yeah Yeahs , Tiga , Fake Blood
30 Apr - Miss Kitten & The Hacker

04 May - Sheerwater , Great Lake Swimmers
05 May - Beirut ( Sold Out )
07 May - Andrew Bird
11 May - Franz Ferdinand ( Sold Out )
13 May - Pj Harvey ( Sold Out )
27 May - Deerhunter

Melkweg Amsterdam

26 Feb - Lux Interior farwell party

02 Mar - Friendly Fires
04 Mar - Prodigy ( Sold Out )
06 Mar - Ellen Allien
18 Mar - Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group ( The Mars Volta )
26 Mar - Peter, Bjorn and John
27 Mar - Major League Drum n Bass
Noisia (Vision, Ram)/Lenzman (C.I.A, Sgn:Ltd) / Bad Company Uk (Bc Recs, Virus) / Limewax (L/B Recs, Freak) / Counterstrike (Algorhythm, Position Chrome) / Pamb & Harsh (Major League) Mc Dart (Major League)

10 Apr - Boys Noise Label Night
Boys Noise , D.I.M. , Shadow Dancer , Les Petits Pilous

21 Apr - Holy Fuck
30 Apr - Extrawelt

04 May - Ingrid Michaelson
07 May - The Veils
09 May - Art Brut

Patronaat Haarlem

05 Mar - Zita Zwoon
07 Mar - Yuksek
14 Mar - Vive la Fete

03 Apr - Brodinski
05 Apr - Venetian Snares
17 Apr - Aphrodite

09 May - Ane Brun

Here are a few tips from nice shops where in Amsterdam you can buy , Dvd's , Books , Records and Vinyl

Cine Qua Nonsence - Staalstraat 14
This is a great shop , full of " Hard to Find " and collector cinema related items.

Record Friend - Sint Antoniesbreestraat 64
Tricky entry but very good collection of Jazz , also regular new records from more modern beats.

Amstel Antiques - Amstel 110
Funny place , with this name i would never guess that you could buy vinyl here.
Lots of Jazz , Soul , Funk and very accessible prices.

Music Kat - Sint Antoniesbreestraat 3-G
Nice place to find , Records , Books , Posters , Pins and other related music stuff.

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Saturday 21 February 2009

Amsterdam,Anneke Wilbrink,Danielle Vidal and Roger Cosme Esteve,Gertrud D,Colette Curfs,Chris Berens,Frank Koolen,Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt

Today the whole mighty sun , graced us with a gorgeous sunshine afternoon.
Amsterdam was as usual literally filled with people from the four corners of the planet , while walking specially in the center and more popular areas of the city , i could listen to all sorts of different dialects.

Anneke Wilbrink ( Detail )

The first stop was at Ayacs young art gallery , in exhibition were the paintings of Anneke Wilbrink , absolute marvelous paintings , they look like to have a architectural edge , they are complex at the first glimpse , when you look closer you will really sense the beauty of the detailing , its like shadows of a lost city from where are growing all these exotic and sensual never seen flowers.

Its a clear invitation to come close and get inside abstract and at the same time nature.

Continuing of my saturday art exploration , there were a few more interesting exhibitions still to find.

Danielle Vidal & Roger Cosme Esteve Galerie Witteveen

Gertrud D Gertrud D Galleries

Colette Curfs Art Singel 100

Chris Berens Jaski Gallery

Frank Koolen W139

The Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo

" A Semiconductor " film by Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt shot at the NASA Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley, California, USA

The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic ever-changing geometries . All action takes place around NASA's Space Sciences Laboratories, UC Berkeley, to recordings of space scientists describing their discoveries . Actual VLF audio recordings control the evolution of the fields as they delve into our inaudible surroundings, revealing recurrent ‘whistlers' produced by fleeting electrons . Are we observing a series of scientific experiments, the universe in flux, or a documentary of a fictional world?

Watch | A Semiconductor

Random pics from today.

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Friday 20 February 2009

Solitary Bench , Soundtrack

Solitary Bench by Teatro de Ciegos para Sordos

Would you believe that i found this picture because of Corto Maltese ?
There was i looking at a picture of a lonely bench , a struck of luck i thought , sometimes i find myself wondering around Amsterdam looking for empty spaces or just lonely things , i find them so attractive , its like they have a live of their own , outside our perception , they are so mysterious and i so badly want to enter that outer ring and drown on that imaginative and complex possibility.
Marta says she's not a photographer , i have to disagree , if u can transform something so vulgar , like a lonely bench in a empty park in such a strong statement , sometimes we all experience what is like to be a empty lonely bench , waiting for someone to seat and feel that its not only a empty bench after all , its full of live waiting to be understood.

Its not only Photography , it's art in is quintessential and honest .

More wonderfull pictures from Marta Here

" Affection is a shy flower that takes time to blossom " Jane Austen

Soundtrack for a Solitary Bench

Mp3 | Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker - hymn to the idea of night
Mp3 | Eluvium - I will not forget
Mp3 | Fennesz - The Dead Perfume For Winter
Mp3 | Helios - Dragonfly Across An Ancient Sky
Mp3 | Jacaszek - Orszula
Mp3 | Julian Neto - VI (Featuring Keith Kenniff)
Mp3 | Lawrence English - Waves Sheer Light
Mp3 | Lost In Hildurness - growth
Mp3 | Pan American - Are You Ready
Mp3 | Set Fire to Flames - This Thing Between Us
Mp3 | The Beautiful Schizophonic - Music For Lonely People
Mp3 | The Dead Texan - Beatrice, Part Two

Download full Solitary Bench Soundtrack

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Tuesday 17 February 2009

Let's Lounge,Daft Punk,Mary and Max,Kap Bambino,Patti Smith,World Press Photo,Planet Orange,Artderailed

Let's Lounge Blue Nature

Mp3 | Aim - Cold Water Music
Mp3 | Boozoo Bajou - Under My Sensi [ Les Demons Flowers Mix ]
Mp3 | Charles Webster - Be no One
Mp3 | Coldcut - Rubaiyat
Mp3 | Eddy meets Yannah - Solid Ground [ Crazy P mix ]
Mp3 | Gryboy feat. Bart Davenport - Genevieve
Mp3 | Jazzanova - What a Women [ Instrumental ]
Mp3 | Kid Loco - shes my lover [ Bang Bang mix ]
Mp3 | Reeclose - Deeper Waters [ Frost & Wagner mix ]
Mp3 | Thunderball - On The Sly
Mp3 | Tosca - Orozco
Mp3 | Troublemakers - Get Misunderstood

Download FullLet's Lounge

Watch | Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland - "Aer Obama"

{Mary and Max} is unique. A claymation animation by Academy Award–winning filmmaker Adam Elliot (Harvie Krumpet), it tells the simple story of a 20-year pen-pal friendship between two very different people: Mary Dinkle, a chubby, lonely 8-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Melbourne, and Max Horowitz, a 44-year-old Jewish man, who is severely obese, suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, and lives an isolated life in New York City. It is very much a triumph of emotion, insight, and eccentricity—a complete delight.Animation's ability to capture the intricate complexity of life has never been on display in as absorbing fashion as with the storytelling of this Australian filmmaker, who truly makes you forget what you are watching.Sundance

Watch | Mary and Max

Directed by Anthony Dickenson ,produced by Pulse Films,(c) and (p) 2009 Because Music.

Watch | Kap Bambino - Red Sign

Eleven years in the making, Patti Smith: Dream of Life is a unique and intimate portrait of the renowned singer, songwriter, poet and activist. Patti Smith s music, poetry, and politics are fearless, funny, raw, and original.
Photographer- director Steven Sebring creates a beautiful collage of images, memories and performances illuminating the complexities and capturing the essence of this distinctive, legendary icon. The film follows Patti Smith s punk-icon roots in the 70s through the trials of daily life and untimely deaths that have formed her life and art. Smith tells the story of her early days in New York City, the people that we dearest to her (her late husband Fred Sonic Smith, Allen Ginsburg, Robert Mapplethorpe, and others), her family, and the political causes for which she so deeply struggled.
Through beautiful cinematography, (both black and white, and color), Sebring captures the essence nature of this vital and relevant American artist. Amazon

Watch | Patti Smith: Dream of Life

The international jury of the 52nd annual World Press Photo Contest selected a black and white image of American photographer Anthony Suau as World Press Foto of 2008

Video by Pavlov Medialab .

Watch | Planet Orange - Drip Drop Dripping


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