Monday 27 February 2012

Exhibition : God Save The Queen, Punk in the Netherlands 1977-1984 Utrecht Central Museum

" God Save the Queen will be on display in the Centraal Museum from 3 March 2012 to 10 June 2012. This exhibition covers the period from 1977 - 1984 when Dutch youth decided to break free from a dire situation of crisis, high unemployment, housing shortage and nuclear bomb threat. Having lost all faith in the government, it was time for them to take charge. They occupied empty buildings in the cities, and in these squats started small new businesses. Their motto being ‘Do-it-yourself’. This young generation also gave music and art a boost of new life: punk got rid of the artificial symphonic rock of the seventies, and artists once again dirtied their canvas and clothes with paint. Over the past years, the eighties have received great interest worldwide. The revival is clearly noticeable in music and fashion and, internationally, there have been various exhibitions high-lighting this decade. Until now, such an exhibition had not yet taken place in the Netherlands."