Sunday, 25 September 2011

Mark Johnston Abstract Paintings

" Mark Johnston is among those who believe it is still possible to say something meaningful and exciting by applying paint to canvas. He chooses to work within the long tradition of landscape painting that has flourished with particular vigour in this country. His landscapes are largely abstracted, yet there is in them the same identification with the spirit of place that permeates the great line of English landscape artists, from the Norfolk school through Turner to the St. Ives School, notably Peter Lanyon."

Influences from abroad include Rembrant and Whistler with their masterly use of light and atmospheric qualities along with more recent painters such as Cy Twombly , Antoni Tapies and Anselm Kiefer who interest Johnston with their alchemy and freedom .Mark Johnston also pays a lot of respect to the 1950’s abstract expressionists, in particular Franz Klein and his 1950–61 black and white's. “These paintings contain real force, movement and compositional strength. The raw brush strokes show true justice to materials.” Paul Tierney