Sunday 10 June 2012

Strange Hands @ Pacific Parc Amsterdam 07 July + The Happy Deamons

Strange Hands are back on tour and will stop in Amsterdam for a night of rock n roll @ the one and only kick ass Pacific Parc to present their fresh debut "Dead Flowers" out on Shit Music For Shit People and Azbin.

Full stream from the wonderful debut LP from Bordeaux's 60s psychedelic London based Strange Hands, after the 1st very successful EP "Dead Frozen Deer" on the Dutch label "A Fistful of Records" and intense tour all over Europe including our living room the highly anticipated debut from Lucas, Melvyn and Victor is out and my first impression is that recording was so well made that really captures the band super energetic nature. Really looking forward for another night of Audiopleasures with the support from the Amsterdamers garage rockers The Happy Demons

Watch | Strange Hands - Love Illusion