Monday 28 March 2011

"Erik Satie et les nouveaux jeunes"

"It was expected that arbouse Recordings label, party over ten years the discovery through the world of music news, come to look to Erik Satie this precursor. As such, Cyril Caucat (label founder) approached Ornella Volta Chair of Archives Erik Satie (Paris). Since 2000 took place between Paris and Rodez an exchange of letters that eventually leads to disc as a tribute to composer. 'Les nouveaux jeunes' from all corners of the world (Chicago, New York Stockholm Berlin, London, Paris ...) will be heard through their music of Erik Satie news .. . Without forget the other side of modernity: its humor seriously. It was actually 'Esoterik' provided that 'Satierik'. Just to play with Satie recordings arbutus appealed to Illegal, a organization dark and full of mockery in the words of a journalist.
"Erik Satie et les nouveaux jeunes" is a disc-shaped tribute to composer Erik Satie (formerly pressure "les nouveaux jeunes" is Erik Satie used for these contemporaries such as Darius Milhaud, Francis Poulenc (school's of six). A number of international musicians today were asked to rework directory Satie, propose designs or re-interpretations." Arbouse Recordings


CD1 : Library Tapes – Kyle Hawkins – Minotaur shock – Max Richter – Chessie – Danny Norbury – Julia Kent – ww.lowman – Akamatsu- Part Timer – Rachel Grimes – That Summer – Monokle – Sylvain Chauveau – Fred Longberg-Holm – Steve Peters

CD2 : Rafael Anton Irisarri & Goldmund – Pan American – Moinho – Hauschka – 0 – Beatrice Martini & Robert Lippok – Peter Broderick – Rachel Grimes – The Boats – AstrĂ¯d – Eluvium – Dustin O'Halloran – Nils Frahm – Mr Potier – Steve Roden – Inlandsis