Sunday 6 March 2011

Ringo Deathstarr 05 March @ Irrational Library Patronaat Haarlem

Ringo Deathstarr was a foking show, loud and noisy as, it was smashing.
Despite all the tec problems it was a blast, Elliot was trying to get sound but is guitar was dead, nothing was happening, someone brought a cable and reconnect pedals and amplifier and the sound came back with loads and loads of feedback, Elliot said to the sound guy, please can u make it louder ? there was a strident sound crawling the café and Elliot faced the public again: " Sorry, we are touring and this is the best we can do" and then BANG there was magic in the air !!!!! The audience went completely crazy, hectic jumping and shouting and incredibly part of the show, i was on stage banging on the tambourine, there was a dude playing bass and also saw lorelei on stage singing with Elliot the amazing Ringo frontman. EPIC !!!!!!! Probably one of the best concerts i've seen in Patronaat since Dutchess Says ... and if you no what that means !!!!! it was the best birthday present ever !!!!!

Ringo Deathstarr left a trail of love and noise in Europe and they are coming back around summer time ...

listen in full to their amazing dedut album "Colour Trip" here

Ps. The girl in white, Lorelei is a friend of mine and it looks like she's one Ringo's Deathstarr :)

Before Ringo was a very cool band with awesome looks and sound, Rockabiliers The Optic Nerves

And before the bands was my 39th birthday party. btw... got a fact to share: No hangovers with Golden Tequila !!!! Bang Bang Bang