Tuesday 28 June 2011

J.C. Satan - Sick of Love 2010

I can't remember a year that i've said so many times in just a few weeks this is probably one of the best records you will be lucky to listen this year. J.C. Satan's debut is filled with garage bangers, early progressive rock mixed with gorgeous melodies and surf sleazy beats, dark lo-fi vibes and bit's of glam fuzz drowned in dreamy echoes of psych pleasures in the midst of catchy guitars and cracking sonic bass lines, just stunning !!!!!! J.C Satan are three guys from Bordeaux and two gals from Turin that collided in Bordeaux and the record "Sick of Love" was born. This release marks the Reno/ Amsterdam record label Slovenly 100th release and for sure will please the lo-fi garage fans as much as the noisy shoegazers guitars addicts.

Mp3 | J.C. Satan - Can You
Listen | J.C. Satan - Superhero

Thank you J.C. Satan for making the track "Can You" available for the Audiopleasures readers and you can get the album at Slovenly