Wednesday 1 June 2011

Zack Christ - Lucky Pork / Far East Side

For the past few month i've deep down the noisy garage hole and lo-fi sounds and was quite disconnected from the electronic music world, this week i was caught by surprise with the debut Ep from the Danish producer Zack Christ that is dubbed as post-dubstep or beats but in reality is something much more surprising and interesting, it was obvious that the whole dubstep army at some point was going to mutate into IDM, Broken Beat and Glitch.

I never thought i would see a day where i would listen to something that would get just for a tiny similarity to one of my all time favorite albums, 2007 Vladislav Delay "Whistleblower" the dub glitch infused techno minimalistic micro abstract orgasms.

Lucky Pork / Far East Side as all in it but with a hip pop beats school that makes it more muscled but its a wide open window to one of my favorite music genres "Glitch", the only possible way to explain this is fire crackers in the ski falling in slow motion or Jackson Pollock dripping masterpieces.

So the question is, is a Vladislav Delay successor found ?? judge it for your self and whatever the answer is this is one of the most sublime electronic releases i heard in a lonnnnnng time.

Zack Christ - Lucky Pork / Far East Side by Moodgadget

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