Saturday 31 December 2011

Amsterdam free garage rock NYE part w/ Strange Hands (Fr) + Le Pecheur (Fr)

Wishes of a stunning 2012 for everyone and see y'all next year !!!!

Two awesome French psychedelic garage rock bands are giving a special NYE FREE concert in Amsterdam in the house of some friends ... info


The psychedelic garage sound of STRANGE HANDS was born in 2008 in Bordeaux, France. Interested in Psychedelic experiences & 60's music, Lucas, Melvyn & Victor decided to create STRANGE HANDS. The formation of the band remained as primitive as possible. No bass but twelve strings guitar, organ and drums. Their first 7" called Dead Frozen Deer is out on the famous Netherlands record label Fistful Of Records last year. Then let the flower grow in your mind !

Strange Hands - Living-Dead (directed by Dispersion) from Dispersion on Vimeo.

****LE PECHEUR****

" A big part of Le Pécheur's appeal is their deep and confounding mystery. What we can tell you is that they're french and psychedelic, and if they're not actually involded in the occult, they sure as hell sound like it"-CLASSIC ROCK MAG-Oct 2011
On le jeta donc, l'énorme Dragon, l'antique Serpent, le Diable ou le Satan, comme on l'appelle, le séducteur du monde entier, on le jeta sur la terre et ses Anges furent jetés avec lui.

Debut album MEDIEVAL DREAMS - Azbin records (Dec 2011), 7 inch split with JC SATAN on PRT Disques (Nov 2010-sold out)