Thursday 1 December 2011 Presents: Global Scene Amsterdam

San Francisco based is globetrotting various Capitals is search for new exciting vibes.

The documentary only scratches the surface from the real Amsterdam culture but gives some good references about the music, venues, promoters and its basic functioning, it was quite cool to see some friends and super cool bands like zZz and The Pignose Whilly's.

The city is so immensely multi-cultural that someone i can't remember right now called it the Miami of Europe, the music and venues are so wide and open minded that would be almost impossible to explore the whole picture on a couple of minutes but captures the essential to a basic understanding, Amsterdam is the kind of city that if you want you wont stop for a single second 365 days a year and im talking in quality !!!

Watch | Global Scene Amsterdam - Ep. 1 - An Introduction
Watch | Global Scene Amsterdam - Ep 2 - City in Context