Thursday 13 October 2011

The Mad Caps - The Mad Caps

Seattle be ware of newbies in the city of Emeralds The Mad Caps, Ted Rader and Jon Real come from behind and share the enthusiasm to the Rock N' Roll cause and together scrapped the wildest blues grooves and sexiest rockabilly with a Las Vegas grinding flavor and a dirty rancorous garage punk allied with sonic swinging riffs, pounding drums and psychedelic vibes, foot clapping, finger slaking and powerful rough vocals that move from slow jams to energetic down hill blizzard smashing everything that comes on their path. ELECTRIFYING, top album and certainly one of the most exciting bands to follow *****

The best use you could give to 5 miserable bucks after you listen to this.

Watch | The Mad Caps - Tube Top

" Rock it, Share it, Buy it." The Mad Caps