Monday 10 October 2011

Richard Skelton - Black Combe

Richard Skelton music is in the magic or tragic realm like opposite pools that are obsessive dependent of each other or two colliding parallel universes, its like entering the most beautiful enchanted forest and you know you are being watched, life and death are expecting you and something terrifying will happen but you still gaze at the forest and think how beautiful it is.

"Black Combe" his delicate as silk, emotionally raw, full of repetitive resonance grief and epic fragmented soundscapes, scars embedded in rich melodies that are honest and pure and as all Richard Skelton mesmerizing intimate signatures, its so beautiful but always with a sentiment of infinite loss like a funeral anthem for a loved King that has dedicated his lifetime to please and create in the hillsides of Northern England and now is about to embark on a spiritual healing journey.

Richard Skelton has recently released his complete works in a box titled "Skura" with 20-disc, 90-track and 12-hours. "Black Combe" emerged from a disc of unreleased material and is now available for a full listening with many other releases at Aeolian Edition Bandcamp.