Thursday 17 May 2012

Fenster live @ Goethe-Institut Amsterdam 15 May 2012

Have tons of good memory's about this night, great band, building, wine, friends and it was relaxed, laid back, fresh and luckily not another boring vintage party that seems to be drowning Amsterdam out of reality, anyway we had all the good stuff that really matters in one go. Spotted the Berlin based chamber dark-pop trio Fenster on Subbacultcha's mail, the concert took place in a superb Baroque room with magical views to the front canal and back garden all served with really cheap and good wines at the Goethe-Institut. The concert was delayed because unfortunately the band got robbed of some of their possession while unloading their gear and that sucks big time. Despite this incident the band was motivated and they were absolutely tremendous, it looked like all the sunshine that seems to have disappeared from Amsterdam was now all inside that room, i never heard anything from the band until that day except for a two track EP but i was seriously blown away with their creative energies and also simplicity, Fenster is poetic, dreamy and just like a surreal theatrical play where you get dragged by its minimal but strong percussion rhythms surrounded by silky voices, echoes, melting bass lines and layers of gentle guitar. Fentser live is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and the band debut LP Bones is now out on Morr records and here you can STREAM the whole album cause is seriously cool.